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"You think you know me..."


For over one and half millennia, Princess Celestia and Luna have sacrificed everything in the name of their destiny as both rulers of Equestria, but also raisers of the sun and moon. From losing lost ones to the sands of time to never having a love life, the two sisters have always put their duty first.

Now with Twilight Sparkle taking over both their former duties, the two sisters have enjoyed their retirement to its fullest while engaging in many activities they previously couldn't do. However, when a new friend of Luna's asks her out there are questions that arise that make both alicorns wonder if they truly are free from their destiny and the curses that come with it.

(A one shot I made on my way to PAX EAST)

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Comments ( 15 )

I thought this would end bittersweet but it came out warm and wonderful. I enjoyed this.

Very nice story. I'll admit, I'm more used to the two as alicorns, so I'd kind of rather they stayed that way. That being said, I like how you handled them "going back to normal" here.

Nice work. I shall be adding this to one of my group folders, if you don't mind. :)

That was a nice story. It had a much happier ending than I was expecting.

Wasn't expecting that ending, but it is pretty sweet. I never gave thought to the idea of Celestia and Luna not being born alicorns, or Luna not being born a unicorn.

Munro #5 · March 3rd · · ·

did not see that one coming xD
good and sweet story, so much to think about

Now all that's left to worry about is Twilight having a panic attack over being the only immortal with her mentor and mentor's sister no longer being there for her forever.

At least she'll have Discord?

Also, immediately thought of Dick Grayson when I saw Nightwing. Maybe he has a brother named Robin.

Interesting good story, doesn't fit my personal headcanon but that's irrelevant. I would have expected Celestia and Luna to be taller than normal, though maybe Twilight has gotten taller since she took over so the sisters are taller than average still?

Baree #8 · March 3rd · · ·

Bah. Very unsatisfying to my inquisitive mind :D. I'm glad for the sisters, it just feels a bit too deus ex for me. "Something" heard us after we thought about certain issues for the first time in millennia and the next night, *poof*, normal.

Maybe for me personally it would work better as a longer story where they have more time (for example to discover that, yes, they are aging again). Give them more time to go for it even if they don't know yet, a period where there is doubt (am I aging or is it hopeful thinking?) and then the relief when something happens that leaves no doubt.

Of course, it's your story and you didn't write it for just me. So take everything here with a grain of salt :). It was well written and heartwarming.

Una #9 · March 3rd · · ·

In the end Luna and Celestia may be free but are they not condemning Twilight to the same fate? Even worse really, considering Twilight will always be truly alone. They both know what it's like but left her alone anyway. In my opinion I think the sisters are being selfish.

this story was deep i guess the word i can use there is a lot on my mind that i want to say but i dont know how to type it out anyway
i think this story was great this is the best story i read this year keep up your great work

This was a nice story. Glad to see that it had a happy ending, even if it was a bit of an "easy" one. Still, sometimes it's just nice to see a character's prayer be answered.

(Now if only mine could be too...)

Joking aside, thanks for the story. :twilightsmile: I am glad that I read it.

What's "PAX EAST"?

Great story, with some cool lore. We know from the old journal that the act of raising the sun and moon rejuvenates alicorns, so it makes sense that once the Regal Sisters give up doing that, they would begin aging.

Walking out of her chambers, she looked across the hall to see Luna’s door already opened. ‘ Guess she’s already awake. I haven’t seen much of her for the past few days. I guess that ‘gaming’ club she joined is really making her busy. Not that I blame her, I should come by one of these days. It looks fun.’

I see what you did there.:rainbowlaugh:

Your stories often have a certain darkness to them & I'm glad that it didn't end as I feared.

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