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This story is a sequel to For Want of a Horseshoe

Shining Armor's younger sister is many things: studious, awkward, devastatingly brilliant, neurotic, and occasionally, the rebellion's unwitting premier magical researcher in the fight against Nightmare Moon.

What she is not, is an alicorn from the future.

No, this Twilight Sparkle is not Shining Armor's younger sister.

That doesn't mean he's not going to tease her mercilessly, After all, she is still Twilight Sparkle.

A side story to For Want of a Horseshoe. The events herein happen concurrently with Chapter 7. The other stories in this series can be found below.

1. For Want of a Horseshoe
2. A Big Brother's Duty <-- you are here
3. Healing

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Revenge: It crosses timelines.

Heck, it's even better when dealing with multiple timelines, because you get to do it more than once.

LOL...loved this. xD sister inlaws even across timelines know how to get the colts where it hurts

Darn it. The only flaw with the story is that it’s too short. I want more cross dimensional conversations!

I need more of this.

I don't tell Cadance about your Horstler magazines.

...That's probably meant to be the pony-ised version of something, but I have no clue what the original human name might be.
Probably because sex mags are all but obsolete now, since the Internet provides instant access to so many more fun images and stories.

Some of them actually apocalyptic in nature.

Discord's one, though I don't really see him as openly cruel - he'd prank ponies, make them act like ferrets and stuff, but actually straight-up harm them? Not likely. Any harm would be indirect; his wacky movement of the sun and moon would mean crops wouldn't grow, leading to starvation, for example.

Tirek's definitely one; how long can ponies live without magic? Especially foals or the elderly, or the sickly? Their culture and civilisation is also entirely dependent on their magic, so that's another threat.

one more example that pretty firmly debunks the whole 'alicorns are harbingers of dark times' myth

What, Flurry? You mean the alicorn filly that almost buried the Crystal Empire in snow? How does she debunk that myth?

Twilight's smile grew fond, and she giggled. "I'm sorry, that was cruel of me. I really shouldn't even hint at things like that—I have no idea if what happened in my timeline will happen here."

I bet Pinkie asked her to do it as payback for having her holding the secret for the whole day in the main timeline.


...That's probably meant to be the pony-ised version of something, but I have no clue what the original human name might be.

A reference to Hustler magazines. The pun was too good to pass up.

What, Flurry? You mean the alicorn filly that almost buried the Crystal Empire in snow? How does she debunk that myth?

If the myths paint alicorns as responses to coming dark times, it probably doesn't also paint them as the cause of the dark times. Twilight considers that whole misadventure as just part-and-parcel of raising an alicorn foal.
Besides, she's only a cute l'il superpowered baby! Maybe just keep her away from ancient artifacts until she's older.

I do have a cut scene from the previous story where Twilight Prime and the local Twilight talk about the mechanics of time travel. Not sure if there's a whole story there, but maybe!


I bet Pinkie asked her to do it as payback for having her holding the secret for the whole day in the main timeline.

It was all Twilight, but you bet that Pinkie was tickled pink when she heard the story.

Is this going to have a sequel?

Probably not a direct sequel, but I do have a deleted scene from For Want of a Horseshoe that could easily become a similar story: Twilight Prime talks to the local Twilight, and they nerd out a bit about time travel. No idea if I'll actually write it, but it's in the ol' ideas bucket.

Good story. I missed seeing the first one, but read it to read this.

Very interesting, quite good. Alternate histories like these always put me off slightly; most of the time you disconnects like here, where Twilight never meets her friends, and that always is just incredibly sad. But at least this little story about NMM makes it so that it's still open for that to happen, just a bit later.

Made me stay up past my bedtime by nearly two hours to finish everything. :derpytongue2: That's usually a mark of quality.

Firstly, I'm suddenly in love with the idea of Raven as a spymistress. Secondly, I now wanna know more about this Lady Morning Shine incident.


long rant about Sunset Shimmer

sir, this is a Wendy's story about Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor in an alternate timeline

Heeheeheehee… Seems somepony knows something about the story she's about to be told. Perhaps not the details of the big reveal itself, but perhaps that there's something embarrassing among its contents.

Any chance of more sequels? The villains are still there and there are also the other timelines

Ah, siblings. We do love needling each other, don't we? My little bro has informed me, in no uncertain terms, that one of the main things he enjoys about my visits home is our little spats. Strange, no?

Well, maybe not as strange as getting revenge on your sibling from a parallel universe's past. :rainbowlaugh:

You write good horse words. Stay classy, my friend! :rainbowdetermined2:


Any chance of more sequels? The villains are still there and there are also the other timelines

More sequels: probably. I have at least one idea. Other villains and timelines: less likely. None of them strike me as especially interesting 🤷‍♂️

Glad you enjoyed!
And I'm a younger sibling--can you tell? =D

Comment posted by ShadowSpectrumSwordtails deleted Jan 10th, 2020

Sibling love. There is few things unconditionally loyal yet so incredibly awkward as real sibling love.

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Like Rokas mentioned above, I missed the first story but went back and read it when this one got on my radar. It was well worth the time investment, for both stories.

Who is Lady Morning Shine? Is that a reference I'm not getting?


I'm pretty sure the joke is that as a filly Twilight played dress up as an alicorn

Bingo. Twilight's embarrassing alicorn OC from when she was younger.

"But... you weren't serious, were you? We didn't really have an alicorn foal in your timeline, did we?"

I figured the first assumption would be more along the lines of, "Our foal didn't really ascend to an alicorn in your timeline, did they?" Since Shining knows she's from the future.
Not to say that what is here doesn't work, though.

"That's what I thought," she said with a final glare. She inhaled deeply, then straightened up and let the breath out slowly. "Okay. Ground rules. You don't mention Lady Morning Shine, I don't tell Cadance about your Horstler magazines. Deal?" She held up a hoof in invitation to shake.


Cadance shot a sly grin toward Shining Armor as she followed Twilight. "You know, I don't believe he has!"

Twilight's eyes flashed. "Well then!"

The deal is off! The deal is off! :pinkiegasp:

Shining Armor...

Prepare for your Doom.

P.S. Since you're Doomed anyway, can you tell me what this Lady Morning Shine is all about? I really want to know what Twi did. :pinkiehappy:

Let's just say that "going through a princess phase" means something a little different in Equestria. Little Twilight's first Summer Sun Celebration left quite the impression.

Don’t bother Shining. Theirs way you run or hide from a woman. I learned the hard way.

A very entertaining read, tackling a topic that has been open to interpretation with nearly masterful dialogue. It started out a bit confusing, but those issues were addressed pretty thoroughly and quickly when moving on with the reading. Well deserving of the like it has just earned!

He looked around, before lowering his voice and continuing, "Come on, you know what I mean. Your Royal Radiance, Lady Morning Shine."

Twilight's eyes widened and, she leaped for Shining Armor. She jammed a hoof into his mouth, and looked around wildly. "Shush-sh-sh-sh!"

Okay, I lost it. You got me.

Well played, brony. :rainbowlaugh::trollestia::rainbowwild::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:


"Remember who cleaned under your bed when you moved out? Except, oh no," she said, holding a hoof to her mouth in feigned dismay, "I made that promise to my older brother. Who I must note," her tone sharpened, "is not you."

Shining paled and retreated. "Erk."

Oh my dog, stahp! I'm gonna die here!


You look just like those old pictures of you drew of Lady Morning Shine!"

There was a yawning, sucking silence as Twilight's expression froze, and she slowly turned to face Shining Armor.


You're doomed, Shiny! DOOMED!

There was the sound of a barely-swallowed snicker. "Gosh," he replied in a clearly-rehearsed cadence, "that sure is batty!"

I now feel the need to search the site for a story about Shining Armor tormenting Flurry Heart with a nonstop barrage of dad jokes.

I would love to see more of this

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