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This story is a sequel to For Want of a Horseshoe

Several months have passed since Luna relinquished the throne of Equestria to her sister. She's spent those months working hard to undo the damage she did during her years as Nightmare Moon.

Tonight, she's looking forward to nothing more than going home and sleeping. Unfortunately, her plans are derailed when she runs into a few familiar ponies, and one unfamiliar one.

This story takes place in an established continuity. The other stories can be found below. Reading them isn't necessary, but will add more context to the story.

1. For Want of a Horseshoe
2. A Big Brother's Duty
3. Healing <-- you are here

Cover art provided by Little Tigress: https://www.deviantart.com/moonlightfan/art/Brewed-Awakenings-829482332

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Well, i like it.
I hope in future Luna reconcile with Celestia.

I would love to hear more about the “Children of the Night”.

Wroth #3 · Feb 6th, 2020 · · 2 ·

"For whatever little it is worth," she continued, "the only executions carried out under my watch were against those who made an attempt on my life directly

So against heroes who fought against an unjust monarchy takeover? Kinda just glossing over that like that makes it better?

I mean when you think about it in context she's literally saying "Yeah I killed ponies who were trying to end my tyrannical reign of terror who made efforts to heroically slay me to put things right again'

Those ponies need medals and things sent to their families for generations, and she's using their deaths to try and make light of "Oh I didn't kill 'all' the rebels"

Wait, I'm confused; is this the same Twilight that crossed over from the "prime" timeline, or is the Twilight seen here the one from this particular timeline.

Twilight just giggled, while Moondancer threw her hooves in the air. "Yes! Thank you!" she cried. "I cannot believe we gave up an entire pronoun! It's so useful!"

Hear, hear!

This is local Twiggles, I'm pretty sure. :twilightsmile:

Yep, this is the local one.

This is such a great story Cupid I hope there will be Moore

Rokas #9 · Feb 7th, 2020 · · 1 ·

"Eugh," Moondancer spat. "Eugh! Maybe if I wanted to sound like a yokel. No thank you."

Wow. So Moondancer here is also a total snob and elitist POS.

A nice little story. The character interactions in this are well done and interesting. Looking forward to seeing more in this world.

Glad to see more of this verse, and another good story too.

Brewed Awakenings


This is an actual, real-world business near my house, you realize.



I actually looked up "punny cafe names" because I was coming up blank. Apparently "brewed awakenings" is an incredibly popular name.

I like to imagine that it's just one of those multiversal constants.

So, any plans to hit up the other alternate timelines?


This Twi reminds me about Sci-Twi


Will you continue writing stories about different timelines or this timeline

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