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I like it, very emotional and heart touching.

When you say better, I know you mean made it longer, and more angst ridden, than what actually happened. I prefered Forgotten Friendship precisely because of how they did it.

There was no reason to make it as long winded as the fandom was fused to thinking it should be. Short, and to the point, and that was perfect.

I like the story, don't get me wrong. But I don't understand why people still think writting Celestia and Sunset's reunion like this is a good idea.

some of my earliest happy memories are of my mom singing that song to me

My mother used to sing that to me as well.

Oh, nice! I've got plenty of time to read something quick before I leave.
*Checks Featured box*
A 1600 word Sunset/Celestia reunion fic. That should be nice!
*Five minutes later*
Oh, good. I've got time to stop crying before I leave...

Oh gods the the feels.
Really lovely, thank you.

Read this story while listening to the song, and it hit me right where it hurts. God, the feelings... :fluttercry:
Nicely written! Must say, this is one of the better, if not best, fics I've read. Good job! :pinkiehappy:

Man, I'd never heard of this song until give minutes ago, and now I'm wondering how I lived my life without it.

Thank you

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To be fair, that song is absolutely a cheat code. It's like giving your brain a swirlie in a toilet marked "bittersweet nostalgia".

I think I was disappointed in how they handled it because they did it in the "okay-est" possible way. It was perfunctory, and serviceable, and that was all. The main series managed to evoke more emotion in the episode where Rainbow has trouble saying goodbye to a pet for a few months, than EqG did with Celestia's reunion with her dear, long-lost student.

Not saying my take is better, per se, just that I was disappointed in how they did it.

I've seen a video of Sunset and Celestia reuniting before. It was a comic dub made by Wubcake. This goes to show that Sunset is open to being forgiven. Especially by Celestia.

I read this last night and couldn't post a reply right after. Made me to emotional. My mom also sung me that song when I was a kid. I lost it. Thank you.

It might have been what the fandom demanded it be, if the reunion was the sole point of the special. Since it wasn't, they couldn't make it what so many demanded.

I agree it wasn't perfect. But drawing it for the sake of, well, anything, makes Sunset and Celestia look lame and weak.

I think by the time of their reunion, they both agreed what happened was 100% both of their faults, and not split between them.

I needed some feel good after the day I had, and this hit just right.

So sweet, thanks for writing this.

That was very nice, whether you (using the word generally) liked FF's version of the reunion or not. I don't know who the heartless bum is that gave this story that first downvote. :ajbemused:

I liked in equestrian girls she came back and reconciled with celestia, though I wish the scene was more emotional sometimes. Yours and few others are how I imagine their meeting should have ended.

This song always gets me, :pinkiesad2:. you portrayed the emotions wonderfully.
well done author.

Nice. I like Celestia with the mirror especially.

damn that Dust Storm is a bad one...so much sand in my eyes...

God damn this made me cry, this was a excellent story and it made me sad and happy and I just cant explain it. It always hurts to read Celestia and Sunset Mom and daughter stories but they also make me so damn happy too.

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