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Sunset Shimmer has lost her wife, and with her, direction in life. Luckily Rarity is the type of woman who anticipates these sorts of things. All Sunset has to do is follow directions, and everything should work out just fine.

An entry for the annual Orofic contest!

Special thanks to ara for the cover art!

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Despite the heavy matters, that was surprisingly well done. Good job.

However, you've just given me the idea of an immortal Sunset Shimmer that exists as a singularity in the entire multiverse, destined to out live her Rarity and doomed to search for the next dimensional duplicate. Completely separate multiverse from the Sunset/Twilight/Sci-Twi one, of course.

Now this needs a sequel. Also, any more Sundowner or Twiguard?

Okay, so this is the first entry that's made me tear up. Was bound to happen sooner or later, given the nature of the contest. The whole thing was just beautifully sad, and you captured Sunset's grief so well. Good luck with the contest, and I look forward to seeing you in the Top 5.

This indeed needs a sequel.

Jesus, this was real good.

We've talked enough about the story that you know what I'm going to say it anyway cause it's nice to keep it in a comment. I really enjoy your prose; you have a knack for focusing on small sensory details -- the elevator jumps when it gets to its destination! The skirt hugs the secretary's hips! -- that give your stories a very definite sense of realness, they ground the characters a lot. In a story like this, where the subject matter is heavy and has to be treated with care, it really makes it more poignant.

Characterization was great; Sunset is a bit of a blank slate in the show, but here she definitely carries the story. Rarity, too, was a standout, and kept getting better the more she stood there. I liked the subtle touches, the way she was absolutely feeling a bit uncomfortable in places, but still knew what to do.

I dig the ending a lot, honestly. The big moment at the mountain with Rarity legitimately made me go 'ah fuck what oh god shit' and then race to the ending to see what was gonna happen next. It's a very heartfelt story, and overall spectacular work, man. If this doesn't reach Top 3 in the contest, something really weird has happened.

Aaaaand now I really, really wanna see what happens next. *wiggles* Something we may never get to see. Ether way, this was a really good one, and as other have said, if this doesn't hit at least the top 3, I'd be shocked.

Ara #7 · Sep 16th, 2019 · · 1 ·

I'm not into dudes, so I hope my fellatio wasn't too shitty.

Beautiful. Captures grief extraordinarily well. Have a like and a fav. Excellent work.


I hope the first thing Sunset does when she gets back is beg for forgiveness.....

Author Interviewer

Fuck, dude, this is beautiful.

This was beautiful. I honestly can’t say wether I would want it to have a sequel or not as I both do and don’t want to read it.

Site Blogger

Jesus, this was good.


It is. It really is.

It also seems deliberately designed to deny you any closure, even the closure of tragic missed opportunities like It seemed that it was going for until the Letter.

Immediately after that we get a cliffhanger that is most likely never going to be followed up on. And it's a hopeful one. Which contrast sharply with Sunset ripping Rarity's heart in two in the last scene.

So you end on this weird emotional funk.

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