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Six years ago, the first kaiju emerged from deep within the ocean and rampaged through sixty square miles of the Pacific Northwest, including the town that used to be my home. In the months that followed, we found out we weren't the only ones to be attacked—across the dimensional divide, our friends in Equestria suffered even more cataclysmic losses than we did. Even after our two species came together, we couldn't stop the beasts from coming, nor could we save any city they chose to destroy. We were at war—and we were losing.

But then, two years after the kaiju war started, billions of dollars and millions of wasted lives later, we figured out how to get back on top. We fought back. We started winning. And it was all thanks to six teenage girls, a little bit of magic, and their technicolor talking pony clones.

Okay, yeah, I should clarify: there was a lot of magic involved.


A Pacific Rim crossover several years in the making, first published in my printed anthology The Voices Are Telling Me to Hug You.

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haha you finally finished it good

The Voices Are Telling Me to Hug You

How'd you come up with that name, and what does it have to do with Pacific Rim?

Wait. I vaguely remember you talking about something like this in a bronycon hotel room in like... 2013. Is this that story?

The anthology's name is just a fun but meaningless title. Didn't feel like going with the "[My Most Famous Story] and Also Some Other Stuff" model of anthology titling.

Long version: Couch wrote a bit of the 2013 version, then he got some art done a few years later and we both thought it looked awesome, then I came up with the core conceit of this story (EqG humans and FiM ponies being perfectly drift-compatible with their interdimensional twin), and eventually I drafted half of this during my ill-fated NaNoWriMo attempt at 2018 and finished the rest for printing in my anthology and now, finally, publication here.

Short version: ... yeah, pretty much.

Nice turn-about there. While I can't say I'm ever rooting for the world-destroying monsters, I have to admit a part of me is always satisfied to see the brash, cocky hot-shots taken down a peg or so.

You had my curiosity, now you have my full undivided attention

I honestly never thought I'd see the day an MLP/Pacific Rim would come out and be as jaw-dropping as the movie.

Might be two chapters now, but I want to be there when the next one hits! Tracked, faved and saved!

Uh, damn, this is good. One of the most gripping action sequences I've read on the site. And considering I was going into this wondering just how the hell you were going to translate a property focused so heavily on visual spectacle to the page, that's saying a lot.

Yeah, dimensional counterparts and giant robots that run on the synchronization between two people is one of those combinations that cause crossovers to break down. At least it's polite enough to give the two franchises equal billing...

Exquisitely choreographed combat. Eagerly looking forward to more.

I'll be honest, I never really got into Pacific Rim. Heck, I never even saw the movie. I just kind of rolled my eyes at the premise, then nodded along when my friends told me how awesome it was.

I may need to rectify that.

Exquisite variations on the theme of rising from the ashes with the intent of getting even with the guy who set the fire. Thank you for some exquisite writing. Here's to properly chastising the folks who think it's funny to sic giant monsters on unsuspecting realities.
... Hang on, that's technically you. :twilightoops:

I was wondering if that subtext would come through. Getting to write a super-violent ponyfic that was a meta-commentary about super-violent ponyfics was half the fun!

I'd upvote it twice if I could.

Better than the source material. After the final Bronycon, I'm glad to have had this highlight.

I’m having some confusion about how old these humans are. We are told that pony AJ only comes up to the middle of her human counterpart. But then we’re told that Sweetie is only slightly taller than Belle. So she’s only 13 years old or something?

Also, “the thousands of little pony refugees?” Ponies are actually fleeing Equestria? I thought the Kaiju attacks were only happening on Earth. Then at some point, Seattle had been given an exclusion zone around the high school portal. When were the rest of humanity clued in about Equestria and the portal?

The only other thing throwing me for a loop is the naming conventions. My guess would’ve been that humans would take the half of the names that are more “ordinary.“ Like Jack, Dash, and Belle. It won’t work for all of them, but it would be a good general rule. But since that’s not the case, I’m not sure how the reader is supposed to intuitively keep track. I had to keep double checking.

But the rest of this reads fantastically! I’m grateful that TotallyNotABrony boosted this with his blog. It’s past 1 for me, so I’ll read the rest of this tomorrow night.

Kinda hard to keep track of who's who.

oh hey i finally finished this it was good horse violence but you killed Sunbuttoffscreen so 0/10

ty ty ty i strive for fairness

I’d need to have The Brain of pinkie pie to come up with the amount of words to describe how awesome this is:pinkiehappy:

Somebody should turn this into a short film /Animation

Somebody or pony needs to take The fight through the rift

Thank you very much for sharing Monsters Of Our Own. I made a blog post about how I was extremely impressed by how Aquaman kept true to the worldbuilding and characterizations of both sets of source material. You made what should have been a discordant chimera of a crossover into a natural feeling unified story. Bravo!

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