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Forgive the title! Doing an experiment.

Probably seeing if profanity in a story title gets a warning or take down perhaps.

didn't he already do that with 'spike and rainbow dash f*ck in a showerstall?'. that's been around for months now

do they have colts or kirins

Well, it's what it says on the tin.

Absolutely wonderful, and beautifully sensual.

Great chapter, I love seeing more of this very cute couple together. I wonder what will be next for them? I think it will be Spike proposing or it turning out AJ is prego either one would be super okay with me to be honest

Just what I needed... ;)

Nice work! We get to see the there relationship progresses and not just clip. Maybe next we have to tell apple bloom she's getting a new family member.

"Well, Applebloom, you're gonna be an auntie! We just ain't sure what to yet."

Is it a pony, a dragon, a pony dragon hybrid, or a kaiju?

“...can ponies get pregnant from a dragon's seed?”

That final sentence is enough for me to say this.... I demand a sequel!

Kirin actually are what you get when ponies and Dragons get it on.

Good story. I liked it.

To answer Applejack's question, no a mare probably can't get pregnant by a dragon unless it's like a donkey and a mare making a mule or a griffon and a mare making a hipogriff.

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