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What began as a party between a student and her beloved teacher ended up becoming the moment when Twilight's heart broke into a thousand pieces. She had done it; Celestia had replaced Twilight. There was no pillow fortress big enough to hide all the pain inside her, so she decided to run away and find a place to hide from her miserable life. But after her friends found her, Twilight decided to tell Celestia a couple of things.

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damn good story

The last sentence :rainbowlaugh:

So adorable, and so damn funny.

Batponies are not actually canon. Its a spell cast by Luna to make normal Pegasus' look like that. Rainbiw Dash in that one episode confirms this.

It's not coincidence that you never see them again after Luna became accepted.

Twilight kept drifting between sheets and pillows. Her ears folded, hooves and wings against her head to try to protect her senses from the outside world. She felt like her body was vanishing. “I don’t feel so good.” Twilight extended a hoof towards Celestia. “I don’t wanna go, Princess Celestia.”


Rainbow flied next to Twilight just as she pulled her face out of the bucket and said, “Thank you, you’re an excellent audience.” With another hic, she passed away with her head in the bucket.

this makes her sound like she died

Actually, in one the S8 episodes, one of the "extras" in the foreground DOES have batwings (folded, but still clearly batlike rather than birdlike)

I can't remember which episodes, but thestrals are now canon because of that!

Which episode is the picture from?

I think it's School Daze part 2

Eeyup :eeyup: just a minute after the opening.

Impressive innuendo. Black belt tier even.

:trollestia:x:twilightsmile: OTP

“Not true!? Not true!? So what happened to those things you told me when we were together in bed? Both exhausted after spending hours and hours without stopping – Hic!”

Uh, Twi? Phrasing...

“So many nights by your side, giving you everything a little filly could give. Trying by all means to be at your height to make everything better. Receiving in my little body everything you put inside.”

Hello? Phrasing.

“Lie!? What is a lie, Celestia? Are you ashamed of me after so many years taking advantage of my innocence? If you were a mare to look at me in the eyes back then, be a mare to look at me now, Celestia!”




Everything was fine and dandy until Mary Sue performed alicorn level teleportation :3

This story was both very cute and also utterly hilarious at the same time. Well done!!

...Come on, don't leave us hanging! Who's Celestia's new personal student?

Philomena you troll XD

None of her friends had never seen her so bad.


Rainbow said as she used her wings ton fan two batponies that had fainted.


everything you was holding deep inside you.”


She wrapped her hooves through the slender figure of Celestia. “I’m so sorry, princess.”

Hm you need the gore tag if you go that way ^^;; [put 'around']


No one actually cares. This is a fandom.

I liked this, it made me smile; except I was kind of hoping Twilight would make more unintended innuendos, you made up for that when she thanked the crowd... That got me to snort.

Literally no one cares. Thestrals are rad and canon is only a light suggestion

Well, that's quite a lot of dislikes you got there. XD We Thestrals don't like being told we don't exist. :pinkiecrazy:

If you really want to debate on them being canon or not though, then I'd say that it's neither confirmed nor denied. The only thing that has been confirmed is that they don't seem to live in the Hallowed Shades since it appears to be more of a wasteland than anything.

As far as Rainbow in the Cutie Remark part 2 is concerned, I don't think she looked like a bat pony. Her ears looked like her normal pony ears, i.e. no ear tufts. Her eyes didn't look slitted, even with the helmet on. In fact the only thing she had were the bat wings, and they could just be wing slits, Fluttershy confirmed that those exist in Scare Master.

“I don’t feel so good.” Twilight extended a hoof towards Celestia. “I don’t wanna go, Princess Celestia.”


*Fades away*

It was a mixture of sadness and joy with tears flowing from her reddened eyes, but with a hiccup that made her look cheerful. Her eyes were shaking in every direction at the same time her head was spinning more than the blades of a mill. Her coat was covered by things that Starlight didn’t wanted (want) to know what they were and a stench that even Spike’s feet couldn’t match. A bottle of wine floated around her shredded mane, wrapped in a purple glow that lit up and turned off to the rhythm of the neon on the pub’s door.

“We’re not progressing, Your Highness,” Rainbow said as she used her wings ton (to) fan two batponies that had fainted.

“Don’t be sorry, in fact, I’m the one who should apologize. I forgot how you usually put on some topics, I should have softened the fact that I have another personal student instead of telling you directly. But did you really thought (think) that because I adopted a new student, I would forget about you?”

Twilight is drunk. Expecting a drunken idiot to make sense is a TOTAL waste of time

I know. I was trying to make an Archer joke. First thing that went through my mind when I read it.

Sorry. I'm Utterly Clueless when it comes contemporary cultural references
I remember a few years back, seeing someone who looked sort of familiar on the cover of People magazine
Asked the checkout clerk "Who's that?"
"Taylor Swift"
"Who's that?"


Well, I feel obligated to point out that batponies aren't Thestrals. :twilightsmile:

“I guess it’s true when they say there’s nothing hotter than the sun.”

and with that, Zavala threw himself off the top of the tower to join Ikora and cayde in heaven...

(Ikora had a heart attack when twilight talked about being in celestia's bed with her, and cayde... well we all know what happened to him... fucking uldren)

...you wrote all this heart-wrenching stuff... to make one solitary pun...




Consider me a follower! :pinkiehappy:

9336104 I always figured it was a dialect thing, so I've been saying thestral 'cause it sounds cooler :derpytongue2:

Fixed! Thanks for pointing those, you guys are great!:twilightsmile:

I think that batponies are as much canon as we want them to be, but I'm sure I've seen them in a comic.

But won't be awesome if they lived in an underground Equestria with their very own culture like the crystal ponies and cool, goth-style, upside down buildings? ... Just saying:twilightsheepish:

Her new student? Well, that's--

*Chrysalis bucks the door and jumps into the throne room*
"Boom, baby!"

:rainbowderp:Let's pretend that never happened...
I think it will be better if we say that her new student is Moondancer so we can leave the doors open for a "See that it wasn't so bad Twilght? And now I will help you confess Celestia what you feel about her" sequel.

Hm Your explanation of a spell cast by Luna is LESS canon than batponies existence, you know?
Nowhere in canon is shown anything about spells cast by Luna or Nightmare Moon, while batponies ARE shown on screen, so, really you don't want to go there...

I agree. We have head canon

“I guess it’s true when they say there’s nothing hotter than the sun.”

Mission Passed; Respect +

Rest in spaghetti my vocal cords. Never forgetti

Lovestruck Twilight is the best Twilight. 10:twilightoops: out of 10:twilightoops:. So... how about a sequel?

Don't worry, I have one planned:heart:

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