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Dude I'm so happy you made a story for that picture set!

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Look for Hooves-Art on Derpi. It's far to NSFW to share here :trollestia:

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some good shit. omg... needs more cum in that vag and ass though ;3

Well damn I didn't know you had an account on here tektite. Considering writing some fanfiction?

He's too lazy and just gets me to write shit

The Evil Sausage Pizza Delivery

Oh boy is that a title and a half.

Hell, it all boiled down to her rutting her partner obstreperously for the cameras anyways.

Oh, now THAT is a word. Gonna need to break out the old thesaurus for that!

the notion of a pizza with bones confused and angered her, but that’s what it said.

Look, meme culture is stupid.

That conniving bitch is the real Rarity!’

I mean, I kinda figured.

“don’t forget the tip!”

A pun, really? And I thought MY puns sucked.

prolific pornographic pony posterior-plundering potentate!

Very nice alliteration.

This was different though, not only was Chrysalis of formidable size, phallically speaking,

And otherwise, she's able to look Celestia in the eye and she's, what, twice the size of most ponies?

Your comments, as always, are priceless.
In regards to Chrysalis's size, even without physical alteration, she's about a head taller than most ponies.

please continue this pls!

Hm, a porn-star Chrysalis bangs all of the Mane Six who pretend to be porn stars. Noice.

Hmmmm. It's almost as if that final bit of the story leaves things open for future shenanigans...:unsuresweetie:

Maybe they should all team up and defeat her with the power of "friendship"! Sweet, sticky friendship...

I'm kind of curious what her plan to mess with Celestia might be.

Also, if this continues with the others (at least in theory), Chrysalis would probably find Pinkie the most annoying, just going with it and having fun. Maybe even laughing a little at the cheesy dialogue or something.

Hmmm, I would definetely want to fap to read that kind of story. Especially Fluttershy part...

The amount of shenanigans Chrysalis could employ are nearly endless. Think of the poor matriarch, attempting to "direct" a small contingent of changelings, each of which disguised as an element of harmony, as they act out some depraved scene. Beret impaled upon her horn and wielding a fly swatter, the queen bellows orders at her underlings.

"Fluttershy shouldn't be that loud spoken! Pinkie, you need to have a fatter ass! For buck's sake, you're all idiots!!!"

I don't mean to offend, I mean to only offer some helpful feedback, and keep in mind this is my own opinion.

So in all it's alright, but I found it droning on a little to long, and the descriptive actions were not the best, but in all honesty it's fairly well written. I didn't see any punctuation, or grammar errors, good job.

So what could of you changed? You could of been more descriptive, using different words to increase entertainment value. It may help to add more description, to what the characters are doing and what they were thinking in the midst of it all.

How did they feel, what did the thoughts make them do. Elaborating on these things could really increased the overall entertainment value of your story.

You could of also added more comedy to it; there is nothing better then a funny clop fic that makes you laugh, and gets you turned on.

Story scores

Grammar and punctuation: 6
Comedy: 2
Erotica: 4
Word usage: 5
Descriptive writing: 4
Plot: 1 (but isn't needed with clopfics)
Character dialog: 10 (your characters were in character well-done)

Total enjoyment score: 32\70

Of course, this meant fucking them on camera, typically with over the top dialogue and nefarious laughter.

Let's be honest, this is as close as a declaration of true love for the job as Chrissy is ever going to get :derpytongue2:

Be damned if she was going to be outshone by some hedonistic despot turned prolific pornographic pony posterior-plundering potentate!

MY SIDES!!!! :rainbowlaugh:

There, perched on a stand besides the screen, was a high-definition webcam. ‘Perhaps,’ she thought, ‘the taste of sweet character assassination wouldn’t be that difficult after all…

Don't be silly. Invite Rarity and do her again while being celestia. I severely doubt there's a single pony in equestria that truly wouldn't like that free show :trollestia:

Leech, I simply love you stories. A perfect completion would be Chrissy leaving a healthy clutch buried deep into Rarity. I somehow doubt her protests would be anything if half hearted :ajsmug:

“Breath” is a noun while “breathe” is a verb. Other than that, it’s a good read.

Ok, now wait just a second. That changeling she's leering at, he/she's got potential for certain...acts...

Now that's just silly, she'd never be a Wisconsin fan

Extra large pizza, boneless

I think I hate you

The pizza comes with complimentary spicy may-mays :trollestia:

It practically begged for a story, and I was more than happy to oblige! :yay:

Thank you for taking the time to give me an "ehh". Surely, it was worth your while! :trollestia:

Please do more. This was great.

Don't worry, there'll be more

I'm actually working on a sequel as we speak


Don't suppose you'll say who it involves, will you?


If you read the very last bit of this story, it should give you some notion of what's gonna go down...


Well, this was fun.

... not that kind of fun. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Hot! Nice for hot pics to have hot stories! Great job!:moustache:

Lol. I fucking loved this story. It was hard to fap to in certain parts, only 'cause I was dying at the jokes, but otherwise 10/10. :rainbowlaugh:

That was my intent! Wanted folks to chuckle uncontrollably while having a boner! :yay:

Also, part 2 should be going up next week, so I hope you stick around for it!!! :twilightsmile:

I kind of hope that sequel (if it's still happening) involves the following:
Celestia turning the tables on Chrysalis, causing HER to be the one humiliated instead

adopting a form to bet suit virtually any scene of depravity.


To make matters worse, most of the ponies she’d been paired with were woefully terrible actors.

Changeling calling the kettle black, Chryssi?

“H...Harder,” Rarity stammered, weakly rocking backward to meet Chrysalis’s thrusts. Being talked down to, while having herself stuffed with regal changeling dick, wasn’t exactly something the mare wasn’t exactly used to.

So...it IS something she's used to? Or was that being written twice a mistake?

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This was very entertaining. Thanks for writing it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! Hopefully you enjoy the sequel as well! :raritywink:

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