• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Thankfully Satan believed in the human conception of angels, instead of what his father believed in, he shaped the being from dense stone nigh unbreakable, from the deepest pit in Tartarus, next he shaped it into the same visage it had from the chest, save for two things, instead of the shitty wings that he had while inside the chest, he was gifted with grand wings of marble.

enchanted to carry any weight while being weightless themselves, as well as so sharp they could cut the immaterial, incorporeal and even the divine, they would serve as this ones weapons of war, next it was given four arms with hands that could hold anything regardless if an object was suitable for mortals or not, they could hold it as it was simple dirt, without consequence.

finally, Instead of his tiny stature, he was gifted with one that was appropriate for a being of his rank, he was given back the size that was owed to him of an arch-angel, enough to match Celestia herself, which made him a giant of a being, luckily enchantments of silence and stealth were inscribed to hide him.

Next, he put together the soul of the Apollyon, it was tricky business as this particular angel was one of the most powerful in heaven as well as the most destructive, hence the name Destroyer, but he did a good job nonetheless and placed the soul inside the statue with only a binding spell to keep him from immediately turning on him.

Apollyon woke with a shifting grind, giving its wings an experimental flap, before turning its head to the dark king, if it could double-take or blink it would have, but the rough flapping of its marble wings gave enough indication of surprise.

"Satan, why am I here, I believe I died in the chest." Apollyon spoke.

"You were dead, but by the grace of the children they helped me escape, and for that, they deserve my gratitude as well as my allegiance."

"I sense no lies or deception I sense nothing but peace."

"An eternity of desolation will mellow you out, you know this better than anyone, trapped in that tiny shitty statue for so long, unable to bear your full power against mother."

"Speak not of that pathetic excuse of a human."

"True enough I suppose, but I brought you back because I offer you a job, while the children escaped the chest, there are dangers enough in this world that require intervention, and I don't want to become my father so I leave the guardianship to you the destroyer."

"I spent so long adventuring with them they are the only things I have left from the old world, so I accept the job to protect them."

"Good because the thing inside the chest is not happy that the children escaped, so it will be sending its servants out into this world to either kill the children or abduct them by force, however that isn't the problem right now, there are some obnoxious little shits who need dealing with."

Apollyon nodded before Satan sent him to Equestria, while not directly at the camp, just a little way south of it directly where the dragons planned to start their ambush.

It was still nighttime, so Apollyon had time to look around his surroundings as well at his body, he wasn't a vain creature as vanity wasn't included in his creation however he was proud of the work Satan did as he didn't cut any corners with his new body, durable and strong was all he wanted, and he had it in spades.

He was even given the abyss, though it felt different from when it was restricted in the chest, it felt like it was hungrier as well as more alive, he'd have to be careful with it.

The first light of dawn broke and with it, his mission was on track, he felt apprehensive about killing, he was sure there the almighty was watching, and as soon as blood was drawn he'd be stripped of his divinity, but he went forth with faith.

He moved fast and silently, he easily found his targets as they fumbled and crashed through the trees and underbrush, whatever prey they were going to set upon would hear them coming long before they were seen.

He stepped into the light behind them, unfurling his wings ready to jump on the scrawny-looking one, raising his hand ready to stab down, until the ones in front of it turned around and screamed, which surprised him for but second, but being an arch-angel he could read souls, and this one had blood all over its soul, it was just another murderer.

"Briar, I thought you checked for guards, you missed one you bitch!!" he shouted before the stone hand pierced through his chest and obliterated the entire dragon, but the damage was done the others had seen him.

"What is he, that ain't any kind of pony I've ever seen!!" One of the other dragons cried terrible fear gripping its heart.

"Who cares, just kill it," The black one said before launching a stream of fire at Apollyon, the damp forest around him, steaming heavily, but the fire did nothing and simply created a choking screen of mist.

Two more screams were heard before they were cut off prematurely and the survivors were back to back staring into the deepening mist, the black dragon was desperately shooting flame anywhere there was a shadow, but all it did was create more mist.

The fire though was stopped when a wingtip impaled the black dragon, they watched as he disintegrated before their eyes, this was the final straw as Briar broke from the group fear, unlike anything she had ever felt pulsing through her veins.

She didn't know how long she ran, all she knew is that by the time she had stopped she was somewhere in the forest, where it swallowed the light, the darkness made her feel safe at least until she ran into something cold and tall, she looked up and horror paralyzed her.

There it was, the thing that had slain the others looked down at her with neither anger nor pity, its face was blank as it seemed to study her, it didn't impale her with its wings nor did it raise its hands to strike her down.

She was about to start begging for her life when the being finally raised his hand, she raised her hands knowing that it wouldn't do anything but it gave her comfort in her final moments, but the blow never came instead its hand was held out in front of it.

The thing turned and gestured for her to follow and then turned back to the open portal and began walking, after witnessing the devastation she chose not to question it and followed meekly, unsure whether she would survive the next hour or even five minutes.