• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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The chest

Author's Note:

Sorry about the time it takes for my chapters to come out, I meant to write this before but I got to caught up.

if there is one thing Isaac is thankful for, it was the chaos card, it had gotten him out of many situations that normally would have sent him back to the start, but right now it was gonna come in handy once more, with that last thought he threw it with all his might and just like before, as soon as the very corner touched the monster it blew up in a shower of gore.

"What was that and why did it just blow up," Twilight asked, carefully examining the gore, and then the card embedded in the wall.

"Chaos card, also for the instant kill of nearly anything, some bosses are immune, since it only kills their first stage," Isaac replies.

"Where the hell did you even find a chaos card," Judas asks.

"with mom's knife, the mind, godhead, and sacred heart, we ain't exactly gonna lose this, so I figured id go find anything of use left behind."

"Alright, this is the last stretch the chest, I can you tell right now that something in the chest is changing it, But first we have got to escape, we can figure it out later," Azazel says before they all jump into the chest, but when the darkness cleared, something wasn't right, instead of the wood and gold of the chest, it was just a platform, and in the center was a pentagram.

"Isaac, where are we," Celestia asks as she brings forth a bright light, but the dark around them ate it up.

"Mega-satan, but this is not where we should have come," Isaac said, as the children dared not move, eyeing the pentagram.

"No, your next destination is the chest, but first a deal must be struck," Greed said.

"Greed, why am I not surprised that you're mixed up with this, but very well there is no escape, let's call forth your master, and you guys stay back, I don't know what's gonna happen next," Isaac said, as he walked into the center of the pentagram, it filled with blood like Isaac remembers, then turns until a click echos in the dark.

"Isaac, my old friend, what do I owe the visit? A voice boomed before two huge red eyes lit the darkness.

"Hello, mega-satan, we're supposed to be in the chest not here, what have you done to the levels?"

"Nothing, but Something else in here is pissed that you escaped, but your not the only ones who desire escape, because my old nemesis has already flown the coup, no angel rooms anymore and all its items at once, greed helping you to escape, you opened the way out of this hell and they look to you to guide the way out, but we can't leave on our own, we're shackled to this place, we need a vessel, and that's where you come in, you can carry our vessel out of here."

"So, we're dragged here to help you escape....... alright, how do we do get a vessel for you?"

"one last deal, You take me with you when you leave, and you'll gain the powers of the chest, any item at any time, when the deal is struck, A vessel will appear for you to take."

"and I get to keep my soul?"

"Yes, I'm too old by now for that, we both are, if I take your soul, ill be left behind, and besides I already know that you're completely free."

"very well Satan, I'll take your deal, I'll take you out of here."

With the deal struck, Mega-satan turned to dust, in the center of the stage was a heart, which Isaac took, upon which a ray of light shined down.

"Well, things just got interesting, we just released God and Satan into this world, great," Isaac said as the group stepped into the light, blinding them before they found themselves in what looks like the chest, but unlike the regular chest, this one had rotting wood and worn gold, the air choked with the smell of decay, Twilight and Celestia wanted to ask about the decay, but from the look on the children's faces, they didn't know what was going on either.

"The portal is that way, cmon," Eve said, A rainbow glow coming from a few doors down, everyone running for the portal, but as they made it into the portal room, Isaac saw something red come right at them, a small red target.

"EVERYONE GET DOWN!!!!!!" Isaac shouted, pushing everyone off to the side as a thunderous explosion shook the ground.

"WHAT NOW!?" Eve shouted.

"Don't shoot, it is us," Samson said with a raised voice.

Suddenly a candle lit up, a ghostly face looking down on them, a monocle on his face, normally the sight of a ghost would set Twilight on edge but after everything, she just couldn't muster the energy, nor could Celestia, but the ghost's face lit up when it saw them.

"Hello, guys, hows the surface world been, by the way, sorry about letting Larry and the hollow out, the damn monsters have been assaulting the damn portal since it opened, however only one boss can fight at a time, and thanks to this being the chest, we got sweet items to defend ourselves," the ghost said as it led them to a huge fire, the portal softly glowing next to them, but the ponies wanted to know more about what's going on and this being is extremely familiar with the children.

"nice, but wheres Apollyon, blue baby, Lilith, and the forgotten," Isaac asked.

"patrolling right now, they are making sure that there aren't any bosses lurking in the dark, surprisingly though the angels and devils have been behaving,"

"yea, stuff has gone completely to hell, the uterus turned rotten, on top of the fact that It lives wasn't there to face us, instead the devil gave me the Polaroid."

"by the way, what are these things?"

"They have names you know, don't be rude."

"Right, sorry I'm used to the other ones, so what are your names," The ghost said.

"I'm Twilight, this is Celestia, and that's my brother shining armor, what's your name," Twilight replied gesturing to them as she spoke.

"I'm the Lost, and unlike these guys, I die in one hit, I also cannot persist outside the chest, because I'm just a spirit," the lost explained.

Silence reigned, the children laughed and joked with the spirit, but the adults simply stared into the fire, the events catching up with them, Twilight leaned into Celestia, while Shining simply stared into the fire, a recollection coming back to him.

"That's crazy, you have a child of your own." that swirled in his head, next to the way he almost murdered six children, but his musings were cut short when a white wing draped across his back, and he looked at Celestia who's face was etched with the fatigue of the mind, bolstered by the crown of light she is immune to physical fatigue, soon though the sound of laughter was heard the small group of children, this got the adults attention, because there they were sitting on the far side of the fire, Isaac sharing what he saw in canterlot with the others, Azazel bragging about how he took down the boss monsters, even down in this dark stinking hell, the children could smile and laugh.

"I was hoping I'd never see any of you again, and before you three ask, this succubus is my eyes, while I can't see you, it tells me what it's looking at," a young female voice said behind them, they turned and again had she been there at the beginning the blood-soaked bandage on her eyes would have caused some sort of reaction, but the fact that the children regarded her as a friend allowed them to breath.

"hello Lilith, took a few hits," Isaac commented, as she sat down at the fire, while the lost stood up, and started off into the dark.

"Got careless, and the bloat landed on me a couple of times, but I got the health to tank it, I also heard that these ones are taking care of you, besides its time for you guys to leave," Lilith smiled.

"It was nice to see you and the lost again, tell him next time he comes back, alright," Isaac said as everyone but Lilith ran into the portal, stripping them of all the power-ups they carried with them except the ones that they came with, but only the children kept theirs, the three ponies left them behind.

"You didn't Tell them, did you," A dry voice said from behind her.

"No, I know its selfish, but I couldn't tell them, not yet," Lilith said to the skeleton behind her

"Apollyon and Blue baby finally faded completely, they were destroyed by something in the Coliseum, I'm not too far off either, we can't hold this portal forever since our soul sheets were destroyed, we're semi-mortal now, each time we die we fade a little more." the skeleton rattled.

"I could tell, I'm not too far off, However, we got to rely on the lost, his sheet is the only one that is untouchable by the new boss of this chest," Lilith said, looking down at her semi-transparent hand.