• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Broken Mirror

bolstered by the strength of Celestia wearing the crown of light, twilight with the Godhead, Samson with mom's knife, and Eden with the soul and sacred heart, the group of twelve easily defeated room after room, and boss after boss, that is until they finally reached the door to mother.

"this is it guys, the nightmare only gets weirder from here on out, especially for you three, for now, though we rest," Isaac says to the group behind him.

With that, they all nodded, each collecting wood from the various fires around the floor since it has been fully cleared, before long they all were sitting around the blazing fire.

"do any of you know how long you nine sat in this hell," Twilight asked, noticing the fatigue on their faces.

"thousands of years we sat in this place, we thought we escaped, but it seems that no matter where we go, we're cursed to always face the evil in this damned chest," Isaac said, throwing a stick in the fire.

"No, you're not actually, Twilight made sure that eight of you would leave if you died, however, she missed one sheet, yours to be precise, now obviously I can't just hand over your soul sheet, but I can part with it for a small fee," greed said, stepping out of the shadows.

"How, when we entered, we didn't see them."

"I'm gonna be frank with you, my old master doesn't want you to leave, and it is gonna be mighty pissed when it finds out your soul sheets are gone, so for the right price I can part with it."

"I got about, 5 cents will that be enough," Twilight asked.

"Sure," Greed said, holding out his hand.

Twilight drops the nickel into his dry hand, and suddenly a sheet of paper appears in front of Twilight, she wastes no time in teleporting the sheet to her friends on the outside, however, when she did so, the entire chest shook, a deafening roar shook the chest, all the while the walls started to crumble and shake.

"well, it's not happy, WE GOTTA MOVE," Greed shouts, as the rooms behind them start to cave in.

"What's going on, this has never happened before," Isaac cried out.

"My old master, it's not happy that you've escaped, it's trying to trap the ones that freed you in here with it for all time."

Without even paying attention to what was in front of them, they jumped into the pulsating hole in front of them, not noticing that there was no boss beforehand when they arrived, now the air was rank and damp, the floor squishy and wet, and to make matters worse, there was weird white parts all over it.

"EW, WHAT IS THIS," Twilight cried when she opened her eyes, her hooves sinking slightly in the spongy flesh.

"we are in the scarred uterus, stay alert, the damage to our bodies is doubled," Isaac said, peering into the darkness.

It took everyone's will power not to vomit, with flesh on the walls stapled together, blood oozing from the walls and floor, the monsters down in this were even more horrifying than the ones above, although Twilight had some kind of idea what the children went through, she had no idea this was it, but still they pushed on, room after room of rotting corpses and bleeding children, that is until they reached the room where it lives was supposed to spawn, instead they found a statue in the middle of the room.

"Isaac, what is that," Twilight asked, seeing a dark smiling statue in the center of the room, two Polaroid photos gently floating

"Satan, but what is he doing here, This isn't hell," Isaac questioned.

"Look there, what are those, they look like photo's," Celestia said, walking up to the set of photos,

"the Polaroid and the negative, but why are they here of all places?"

looking at the others, they nodded and Isaac crept forward taking the Polaroid, however, when he looked down, he noticed that the Polaroid had whited out and instead of his mother and father, he was surrounded by Twilight and her friends, on the back it said 'love unconditional' With that he noticed that the Room around them had started rotting, and the satan statue has gone with only a single beam of light coming from the ceiling in its place.

"We're going up, be wary, this is gonna get hard, especially for you Twilight," Isaac said, while the others nodded.

Twilight said nothing as they stepped into the light, and suddenly they found themselves in a brightly lit cathedral, but it was a gross parody of real daylight, the hard light of the cathedral is nothing like the gentle sun of Equestria, nor is it like Sunsets world instead this hard light basked everything in a pale sickly light, hard shadows were in every corner, the dark blue did not help the fact that the newest enemies, the screeching little babies sometimes had eyes and sometimes didn't, this caused all the ponies to throw up for the millionth time.

"I am beginning to really hate those things, they're everywhere and in every room," Twilight said after they cleared out yet another room filled with the screechers.

It wasn't the last time they would see them though, because the ponies found that even though they had defeated the Sins before, there were still many, many copies, up to and including the one that got them into this situation, with them traveling between rooms as a group now instead of full clearing the floor, just in case something teleports them to somewhere that they do not want to go, in a short amount of time, they reached the boss room.

"final stretch, then we are outta this hell, but be warned the boss on that side of the door is not the real me, that is a bastardized version, you guys already know we are gonna nuke him, but be careful something is changing in the chest and I do not want to find out what it is," Isaac said, before they all nodded and stepped into the boss room, Isaac's intuition saving them as a huge rain of tears hit where they stood, because here stood both a blue corpse and Isaac except, this time they both had the wings from the angel statues.