• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Nine souls freed

A ray of sunlight filtered in from a nearby window, right on the face a small, and now clean child, of course living for an untold time in the dark flickering light of the basement and beyond made him an extremely light sleeper when it came to light, so when the ray of sunshine fell onto his face, he was awake in an instant, and because of the trauma, he immediately started panicking, from the I.V. bag in his arm to the bright light which reminded him of Angelic Isaac's holy light attack, but as his heart rate started to skyrocket, he realized that the light didn't burn him and the I.V. bag was giving him whatever was in it, he felt the medicine in his blood, thanks to being spun many times.

"hello there, I don't know what you are, but your body seems to take to the medicine, my name is nurse red heart, what's your's child?" a young mare said to the boy, who once again, felt his heart jump straight to his throat when he saw her, because all he thought was that conquest had found him, so his heart once again was hammering immensely, only to once again calm down, when he noticed that this horse's mane was not black, nor were her eyes the cruel darkness that conquest's horse had, instead her coat was white, her eyes a brilliant sapphire and her main was pink.

"Isaac, my name is Isaac." Isaac introduced himself, now sure that he wasn't going to die, but he soon realized that he was missing something, so he started to search frantically, even went all the way too try and force himself to throw up, sure that he had swallowed it, but nothing came up, not even bile.

"whats wrong?" Red heart asked with worry, noticing the way he tried to force himself to puke.

"My D6, where is my D6?"

"I believe princess Twilight has it, she wanted to figure out the magic properties of your dice."

Isaac settled back into the bed which for him was the softest thing he had ever slept in, he figured that once he is out of this what feels like a hospital, he'll get his D6 back, he'll get it back from this Princess twilight sparkle.

"you'll be here for a few days though, you and your friends are horribly malnourished, I don't know what caused it, twilight nor the others that brought you would tell me, but I can tell by the scans we did on your bodies, whatever happened should have killed you many times over."

You have no idea, by our own hands or theirs, we died hundreds. Isaac thought with irony.

while Isaac was resting in the hospital, Twilight was currently in her lab, looking over the relics that the children had brought with them when they appeared in around the map, after blasting the lock open with the elements they reached out to the nine souls in the chest that were innocent enough to cross the portal, but with the lock no longer sealed she felt that the children were only the start.

"Hmm, so far the only object that I can decern safely is this dice, I wanted that bird, but as soon as I touched the girl, It came alive and some of those pecks hurt." Twilight thought out loud as she wrote down notes as she threw the dice again, it rolled until it faced six, and then glowed as the plates around it transformed into cups, plates and a single razor-sharp, almost vorpal, knife floated for a few seconds, then shot off towards the hospital, which surprised her, the first roll simply transformed all the books around her into other books she had in the library, Luckily they weren't rare books.

Pegasi were known for their reaction times considering that Lightning and other such things were ever present, but the knife that flew through the air, it almost took a certain pegasus' wing right off, if it had not been for the whistling sound that it made.

"RAINBOW DASH?!" Twilight called, Causing the pegasus, to look down at her friend.

"What was that it almost took my wing off," Rainbow Dash said, landing next to her.

"I'm sorry, I was testing this magic dice, and it summoned that knife, I didn't know it was gonna shoot towards the hospital."

"Why the hospital?"

"I think it has to do with the children, I brought the other things, Disgusting as they are."

With that they nodded and ran towards the hospital, the knife got their first, by smashing through window thoroughly scaring the hell out of red heart who had brought the children food that they thought suited them, she was in the process of waking them, but the knife did the job for her, they all thought they were going to die, but Isaac being the first one to wake, was able to quickly explain that she was a doctor, and she wasn't about to kill them.

"Ah, so we did escape, but what is mom's knife doing here?" The boy with the eye patch said.

"I suspect that the one who took our stuff, she used the Dice, but this is the first time I've seen an item summoned to us, what's your thought, Cain," Isaac said.

"Look, no pedestal, I think that now, Item's brought over will come to us instead of us going to them," A girl with blond hair said, cutting in.

"so what your saying is that without the pedestals binding them, they simply come to us since we are from the chest?"

"Seems that way, since mom's knife almost never showed up outside of Devil rooms and Treasure rooms, hell we had to pay with our life to even pick up the knife from the devil," Cain said, looking around at the other children while Red heart stood off to the side since they seem to know what's going on.

"Well Isaac, since you were the first to wake up, I think that you should claim it." The blonde said again.

"well, Magdalene thanks for the nomination, but let's take a vote, who here thinks I should take the knife?" Isaac asked, looking around at the others, all of them nodded, with that Isaac reached out to the floating knife, as it brushed his fingers it immediately engraved his name into the blade, and settled into his grip, of course with it now claimed, he set it down on the table near his bed.

Twilight and Rainbow dash appeared at the hospital, hoping that the children were awake, on one hoof, Rainbow wanted to know why the kids were covered in blood and other things, Twilight wanted to ask about the magic artifacts, so when they entered and asked for the kids, they were directed to the room, when they got there, they saw the kids talking to each other, but as soon as they saw Twilight and rainbow they immediately shut up.

"So, I suspect you're asking yourself why you're all here, well its hospital where we-" Twilight was lecturing before she was cut off by a boy who had an irritated look.

"We know what a hospital is, so don't speak down to us, also where is our shit?" A boy with long hair and a headband interrupted.

"It's here, I brought everything," Twilight said after she recovered, surprised that they were fluent in their language.

She brought out everything starting with the foot, she floated it over to the child with the eye patch, who instantly attached it to himself via the gold chain, next came the heart, given to Magdalene who promptly took a juicy chomp from the heart, next came the razor, which was given to the dark-haired girl, who had a seemingly harmless hairpiece, but she knew better, next a dark book was given to the child with a fez on his head, who took it careful not to open it, finally came Isaac who got his Dice back.

"Alright, so since you can speak, what are your names?"

"I'm Isaac," Isaac said.

"Magdalene, Maggy for short," Maggy said

"eve." The dark girl said flatly.

"Samson." The kid with the hairband said.

"I'm Judas." The one with the fez said.

"I'm Cain." The boy with the eye patch said.

"I'm Lazarus." The boy with a simple haircut said.

"My name is Azezal," The winged child said, his red eyes setting all of the mares in the room on edge.

"..." The palest child said nothing instead stared at them.

"his name is Eden, but he doesn't say much, so don't bother starting a conversation," Isaac said for him, which earned an uncharacteristic glare from Eden.

"Well my name is Twilight Sparkle, and this is one of my friends rainbow dash," She introduced herself, the children taking in her purple coat, and wings, plus the horn which made them wince, and the pink streak in her hair, before looking at the cyan pegasus, her rainbow mane striking the children as odd, since down in the chest there were a few things that were rainbow, and only one of them was decent.

"well met," Isaac said.

"I know you just woke up, but I have to ask, why were you covered in blood when you appeared on my floor in my castle?" Twilight asked.

"Where are the rest of your friends?" Isaac asked.

"busy, why?" Twilight responded.

"go gather them because I only want to recollect this one more time, and trust me, we have tales to tell."

With that, Twilight sent Rainbow off to collect the rest, hoping that the story could shine some light on what these mysterious children went through, and why they were so secretive about their past.