• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Dark Design

Although to ponies and the children it felt like days in the chest, the actual time only took around 45 minutes, but that didn't stop the others from worrying after they jumped into the chest, especially the ones with siblings.

"TIA, WHERE ARE YOU," Luna called, that is until she came upon the girls lounging around a guest room in the castle, having moved it from the throne room, but sat in the middle of it, is the chest and from it a deep sense of suffering, anger, and sadness but with Twilight being only an alicorn for a short time, and Fluttershy being mortal, they couldn't sense how deep the pool was.

"Princess, you got to stop looking at it, It will drive you insane if you keep staring," Fluttershy said, as she helped turn Luna away from the chest.

"W-what is that thing, the amount of darkness being emitted from it makes the villains that attacked Equestria look tame in comparison, and why did Tia wake me up during the day, also raven says that there are no appointments made today anyway," Luna asked.

"There is a lot to explain, but right now we gotta wait till Twilight and Celestia get back, they will know more," Fluttershy answered.

If there is one thing that really ticks Luna off, it's being left in the dark, these five know things but they are reluctant to say anything and it includes Celestia and Twilight, but she didn't have long to wait because soon the chest started to rumble and the lid open just a little and from it purple smoke came from the opening, forming in to tattered sheets of paper, which Fluttershy picked up as though it would disintegrate, though the yellowing, tears, and stains would mean disintegration isn't too far off, Luna looked at Fluttershy as she put the sheets down gently, but Fluttershy simply shook her head, the Silence stretched on, but after about a half an hour but soon the chest rumbled and shook, and then finally the lid crashed open and from it, spilled forth the nine children, Shining armor, Celestia and Twilight but then the smell hit everyone, it reeked of blood, and rotting flesh.

"Twilight dear is that what I think it is," Rarity said to Twilight as she stood up, but she simply walked past her, with the children in tow, stunning everypony in the room, she didn't even acknowledge that they were even there, plus the dead stare ahead did nothing to assure them.

"Tia, what is going on, Tia what's wrong," Luna had walked over to her sister who also was coming to, but instead of answering, she stood up and proceeded to crush her jewelry into a small ball, and then walked right out of the room, the dead stare on her face shook Luna too the core, never once did her sisters mask ever crack like that.

"Uh does anypony here know what just happened," Rainbow Dash said.

"I've been mind controlled, I've been infected by Sombra's dark magic, I had my soul sucked out, but the things I saw and heard, will forever scar me and nothing will ever top it," Shining said to himself as he too stood and walked out of the room, and walked right past cadence, being the princess of love, the chest also pulled her towards it, he passed her as though they were strangers, but unlike Luna who could only glean the true intentions of ponies through their dreams, Cadence has the innate ability to understand their feelings better than anypony else.

"They need time to collect themselves, being in the chest weighs heavy on their hearts, I'm counting on you to see what they saw in there," Cadence said to Luna as she came into the room.

"Alright, I guess Its time to share what we actually know, but it isn't that much but it may help, I don't know how Celestia got her hooves on this chest, but when she found she couldn't open it, or destroy it she sent to us in ponyville, where Twilight had even less luck, eventually we decided to use the elements of harmony, and from the chest came the kids, from them we learned of their hell," Rarity explained.

Luna and Cadence sat and listened to the girls as they recounted the days leading up to Twilight and Celestia jumping into the chest to follow Isaac and his companions, though they only had a small idea of what they went through, the thought that the kids asked to die, rattled them.

"they should be asleep right now, I must find them in the dream realm, I must find out more, I cannot stand the suffering of children," Luna said as she stood.

"and we'll be here, in case something comes out of the chest, but please figure out what they saw in this thing."

Luna and Cadence got up and left after that, Luna went back to her room, while Cadence went off to find Shining, while Luna stepped into the dream realm, the flowing dreams of her little ponies all around her, except for nine, a dark blood red emanated from them.

"you're not welcome in their dreams dark prelate," a rumbling voice echoed across the realm as the blood red bubbles that represented the children's dreams opened up to reveal split pupils.

"GROGAR, RESORTING TO TAMPERING WITH CHILDREN, THAT'S TOO FAR," Luna roared preparing to rip this beast from the dreams of these children until she felt the power of something far older than her wrap itself around her holding her in place.

"I am not this grogar you speak of, and these children are under my protection!!!" the voice rumbled again, however in the middle of the nine, two more orbs circled each other, unlike the nine children, Luna recognized who's they were.

"SISTER, TWILIGHT what have you done to them!!!!"

"Sister.... wait, I recognize you now dark prelate, and your magic, your soul looks just like the Shepard of the sun, and this is her reward for keeping her word, a respite for her and the children, but be warned, my dream realms are far more tangible than yours, step carefully, I'll see you there.