• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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The nine Children looked at the mares in suspicion, the last time they had a caretaker, well look where it ended them in, but because they did not know what this world was like and if their regular immortality and indestructibility persisted outside the chest, so they huddled together, and after a few brief whispers, they decided that they would let the mares take them in.

"Since I'm the only one with wings, I'll go with Rainbow Dash," Azezal concluded, with rainbow nodding, giving him a grin.

"I'm the strongest out of all of us, so I'll go with Applejack," Samson said, leaving Applejack to wonder how much stronger.

"Rarity it is then," Magdalene said.

"I guess Fluttershy's place is my home," Lazarus said.

"I hope Fluttershy doesn't mind me as well," Judas said, looking at Fluttershy who nodded to let him stay with her.

"Looks like I am living with pinkie pie, Lucky me," Cain said.

"It looks like that leaves the three of us with Twilight," Isaac said looking at Eve, Eden.

"That's fine, I've got the room at the castle," Twilight said.

Nurse red heart came in holding an X-ray of the children's bones, and the results shocked them to the core because the bones looked like they had been stretched, broken, and twisted far too many times for anything to survive, but no matter what they returned to their original positions.

"Well, your bones are as healthy as they can be for your condition, but you gonna need one more week in the hospital to correct the malnutrition, and purge any lingering chemicals that might be in your system."

So a week they stayed, chatting to each other, and to Twilight and the girls, mostly Twilight and Fluttershy, who pinned them for omnivores as soon as they saw them, they wanted to know their dietary requirements, well Fluttershy did, but Twilight wanted to know about the less gruesome artifacts that Isaac and the kids came across, a week passed in the blink of an eye and the kids were released.

"Alright Isaac, I have good news for you, and bad news for you, which do you want to hear first?" Twilight said to the kids who were sitting on the Hospital beds, ready to be up and walking.

"Bad news I guess," Isaac said, Ready to bolt, should his worst fear come to life.

"Before we can settle you in, we have to go to Canterlot and Meet the Princess, that's bad because Canterlot isn't the most welcome of places for those not of pony origin."

"Oh, what is the good news?"

"She is alright with you becoming fully-fledged equestrians."

"Huh, well then, so what I'm getting here is that we are going to the capital of your kingdom, where they hate people that are not of their species, to meet your leader sweet," Isaac said with a grin, amazed that this was the worst thing his next week would entail.

"We're gonna need clothes since we have nothing to protect from the elements," Eve stated.

Hearing this, Rarity immediately gasped and ran off, causing the children and the others too look at where she was, before looking back at the kids with confused looks that were mirrored on their faces.

"Well, that happened, so how much time do we have until we have to leave for Canterlot?"

"three days."

"So where did Rarity run off too?" Maggy said.

"She is probably making your clothes," Twilight answered.

"How long do you think that'll take?"

"IM BACK!!" Rarity cried, with nine pairs of clothes in tow, surprising everyone.

"well, that was quick,"

"Well darling, I have been making them since we agreed on who staying with who."


The children took the clothes, Eve got a black dress that went to her knees and shorts of the same color, Maggy got a pink dress of the same length with matching shorts, Judas got a purple vest and red shorts, Isaac got a simple tee shirt and blue shorts, Samson got a red shirt and black shorts, Eden's clothes were simply white, Cain's were cloudy grey, Lazurus' shirt and pants were pink, and finally Azazel's clothes were pure black, with wing slits on his back.

"Wow, it has been a long time since I've worn clothes, these fit perfectly, how'd you manage that?"

"Well darling, having to repair the capes of the CMC and make costumes for children on countless Nightmare nights, Children's clothing is nothing."

With that, the children hopped off the beds and left with the mares that they choose, being children and with the main six, the town did not panic, but they did regard the children with suspicion.

"So, what's next, now that we're free?" Isaac asked Twilight after they had parted ways with the others.

"Well, since your children and our lands are still a mystery to you all, I think it would be best to send you to school, to learn our history."

"ah, in the meantime I think I'll sleep today," Isaac said, with Eden and Eve nodding in agreement.

With that, they walked in silence till they got home, which was empty seeing as Spike was off doing something else today, Twilight noted that she may want to tell him about Isaac, and the others and that he will be living with her till he can take care of himself, but that could wait, instead she wanted to study the knife he had since it's not often she came across a magic weapon.

"Well, let's take a look," Twilight said out loud to herself as she picked up the knife with her magic, and took it to her lab.

She spent the next several hours Examining, testing, and swinging the knife, she found that the blade is immune to all forms of damage, it's completely indestructible and so sharp that it is capable of cutting through even metal like it was nothing, the thought of the monsters that needed this thing make her shiver as she looked up, wondering what Isaac faced, but she did not have long to find out, because a few feet away, the chest started rumbling, and in a fountain of blood a large snake came from the chest, smashing through the ceiling and out into ponyville, but that was not the only one, for soon the chest tipped and another one, slinking along the floor leaving a trail of feces, blood and gnashing teeth, came out of the box, following the flying one, leaving Twilight nonplussed at the appearance of the monsters, but she did not have long to wonder because soon, Rainbow dash came through the hole that the Flying monster smashed through.

"Twilight what is that thing?"

"I don't know, I never saw a monster like that!" Twilight cried out, she was about to panic when a voice came from behind her.

"That was Larry Jr. and the hollow, they came from the chest, my world," Isaac said wearily, he thought he was free from this, but seeing the blood-soaked walls and floor made him sad, so sad that tears sprang from his eyes in torrents.

"THOSE WERE WHAT YOU FACED?!" Twilight cried

"yes, but they are both of the weakest bosses, there are worst."

"how do we beat them?"

"don't worry, we'll take of it," Azazel said, flying down to Isaac.

"with your brimstone, my knife, and eve's whore form, we'll make short work of them," Isaac said, making Twilight look confused, wondering why a child would have a 'Whore' form, but she did not have long to wonder because screams started to sound from ponyville, and Isaac and Azazel were gone.

"Where'd they go?!" Twilight asked Rainbow.

"I think they went to confront those monsters," Rainbow said.

Twilight and rainbow ran for the front door, where they saw the three children circled by the monsters, but before Twilight could teleport she saw Eve raise the razor blade over her head glowing, the light stripping her body of all its skin, revealing the tendons underneath, then black skin regrew starting at her feet, with jagged horns coming from her head, the dead bird that held her hair sprang to life, going and pecking at the eyes of the flying one, soon the sound of scratching metal fill the air as Azazel unleashed a blast of red energy from his mouth, blasting the middle of the monster, but a new head sprag from the broken pieces, soon though the flying snakes came down ready to bite them in half, only for Isaac to throw the knife at one going through all the pieces, causing it to explode in a shower of blood and flesh, the other missed because Azazel took the attack, getting a chunk bit out of him, but as soon as he landed, a cloud of darkness came out of the wound and went into the mouths of the monsters, causing them to stop, then explode in a shower of gore, leaving behind two greyish cyan hearts which they gave to Azazel, the pedestal, however, held the pentagram, the dark energy reassembling his arm.

"Azazel should get it, he did the most damage, besides I already have the knife," Isaac said.

"That's okay, I have my whore form for damage, plus this thing," Eve said holding out the Razorblade, as they were chatting, Azazel took the Pentagram, which appeared around his neck, but things were about to get worst, for they did not notice the blue-haired stallion that had arrived, seeing the children covered head to toe in blood and gore, he returned to the Taxi that held a pink alicorn.

"what is it, honey?" the mysterious alicorn said.

"three little monsters are in ponyville, I didn't see Twilight, but they were covered in blood, and other things, We need to get to Celestia immediately!!!" the mystery stallion said as he was hooved over 350 bits and told the driver to get to canterlot as fast as he could.