• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Blood Rights

Cain's arm exploded in pain which caused the girls to scream, Cain had no idea why until he saw the bloody stump of his forearm the shock of the pain coursing through him, and adrenalin let him quickly run to Maggy and hold out his hand, wordlessly she dropped the heart into his hand which he brought to his mouth and started eating, he ate about half of it which restored his forearm.

"Blood magic, guess the distance is what actuates the cost," Cain said flexing the new arm.

"huh, now we wait to see how long this thing is gonna take to regrow and recharge," Maggy said when she got the heart back, noting that she knew how much time was left as soon as she got the heart back.

"Cain, we are going to the hospital," Pinkie said with a serious expression, which left no room for Cain or the others to object.

The girls collected each child and went home following Pinkie leaving only Twilight's charges alone inside the expansive castle, however, they worked fast at cleaning up the blood, it didn't take long for the chamber to be restored to pristine condition.

"Well damn, what now?" Isaac asked eve and Eden.

"We should study about this world, we cannot be caught unaware," Eden stated.

"Well, let us find the library," Isaac said opening a random door and starting their quest for the library.

Unbeknownst to them the map activated and hanging over the castle was a mini Brimestone icon and it was being circled by a stardust cutie mark and a green flame, luckily both of the ones being called were in Ponyville, and answered the call.

"Starlight, where do you think the map is sending us?" A little green dragon asked, stepping into the hallway of the castle.

"Dunno spike but I hope it isn't advanced," Starlight said while shrugging.

Spike and starlight walked into the map room and stared confused at the Wierd icon that currently floated above the castle on the map, that is until Isaac and the others doubled back into the map room.

"Lucifer damn it all, where is the library?" Isaac cursed, Looking around until his eyes fell on Starlight and spike, which caused him to immediately hold the Spirit sword out in front of him while facing her, while Eden and Eve hid behind Isaac.

"Whoa easy there, put down the sword we mean no harm," Spike said holding up his hands in a none threatening gesture.

"How do I know that either of you is not a threat, for all I know one of you might stab us in the back as soon as I put this thing down!!" Isaac ranted, taking a few steps back as Starlight took a few steps forward.

Isaac said nothing as he continued the standoff, Starlight could feel the powerful magic in the blade, she wasn't sure what it would do if this child decided to use it.

"I wish Twilight were here, she'd know what to do," Spike sighed unaware that the children could still hear him despite saying it under his breath.

This perked Isaac and the others up because he lowered the tip of the blade, and asked spike, "You know Twilight, how?"

"Well she hatched me from an egg and raised me ever sense, how do you know her?"

"She and the others saved us, gave us an escape."

"Wait you say 'us' how many more of you are there?" Starlight cut in.

"counting myself, Eve and Eden there are about six more of us," Isaac said

"And where are the others exactly," Starlight asked, wary about the idea that there are six more children with hair-trigger fight or flight reflexes running around.

''I believe that Lazarus and Judas went with Fluttershy, Cain is currently at the hospital with pinkie pie, Samson went with Applejack, Maggy is with rarity and Azazel is currently with Rainbow Dash," Isaac explained which only caused more confusion.

They didn't have much time to discuss this revelation because soon a purple pony stood in the doorway, Spike and Starlight were overjoyed to see Twilight, but the children had different reactions.

"She smells different, she doesn't smell like our mother," Isaac growled in a hushed tone to Eve and Eden.

"We must kill it before it does anything," Eve agreed while Eden silently nodded.

With a battle cry, Isaac ran at the imposter who tried to back peddle but tripped over its own hooves and lost its shape, startling Spike and Starlight, the last thing the changling saw was the flash of the sword before the blade cleaved its head in two, green blood spraying everywhere.

"Great we just cleaned this place of Cain's blood and now we got this thing's blood all over the place, Lucifer damn it all," Isaac cursed, pulling the blade from the dead changling.

Starlight and Spike just sat slack-jawed while the children worked to clean up the green blood, soon all that was left was the body.

"Alright do either of you know where a shovel is because I doubt Twilight would appreciate having a dead creature in her castle," Eve said with all the concern that this was an everyday chore and not a literal murder.

"I think I saw a closet with one earlier, by the way, we should cut the rest up just so we can bury it easier," Isaac said, handing the sword to Eve, who proceeded with the gruesome task while Isaac left to find the shovel.

Starlight and Spike left without a word, hoping to escape the children's attention, they made it to the study easily and Starlight whipped up a small letter detailing what just happened and sent it off to twilight with a spell, hoping that Twilight wasn't in any danger.

The reply was extremely quick, and when Starlight and Spike read it, it filled her with dread instead of calming her.

"Dear Starlight,

I was afraid this would happen, Chrysalis has already made her move, I will explain when I get back for now though, watch the children, and no matter what happens don't blame the children it's not their fault.

It's mine for not telling you before now, help them clean up the body of the changling, I know this is very out of character but a lot has happened while you both were away.

Above all else, Their safety and health are of the utmost importance, keep them alive no matter what, even if you have to sacrifice rouge changelings to keep them alive.

this will count as a royal decree because I hereby give you the right to use lethal force against anything or anyone that dares to threaten my friends or the children.

With love, Princess Twilight Sparkle."