• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Twilight walked slowly back to her friends, the fact that a fragment of Mom had made it out of the chest worried her, until a loud rumbling echoed down the hallway before a pulse of red magic filled the hallway, Twilight started cantering towards the room where she left the children.

What met her eyes caused her to freeze in her tracks, the door and surrounding wall had crumbled with Isaac staring at his hand, the faint whisps of spell smoke peeling away, him Eve stared into space with a dreamy looked on her face, Twilight stepped into the room before fixing the wall and door.

"Why was the wall destroyed and what was that pulse," Twilight asked.

"We got curious about the magic you and Rarity use, and then Rainbow asked if we had any and I called out Hagalaz because it was the first one I could remember but then it got weird, because my hand started glowing, and then when I turned and held it out at the wall, it lit up then crumbled," Isaac explained

"So what was that red pulse?"

"Eve called out Ansuz," Isaac said, which only caused Twilight's face to scrunch up in confusion.

"Hagalaz means destruction and it destroyed all the rocks in a room when used, Ansuz means vision which gives us a complete vision of an entire floor, and if I'm right in my calculations, we won't need the train home," Cain explained.

The red pulse that Twilight had seen earlier rushed past her and back into eve, causing her to jump slightly before she slumped over groaning, holding the sides of her head.

"Remind me to never do that in this castle again, it's too damn big, there are so many rooms, and secret rooms it's insane, whoever built this was a mad person," Eve groaned out.

"hmm, if Ansuze and Hagalaz worked, then I wonder what would happen if we used Ehwaz,'' Cain wondered.

"Judging by the fact that I know every room and tower in this whole castle, I bet we could get back home with Ehwaz," Eve pointed out

This caused the girls to look at each other in surprise, a way back home without taking the train as well as being instantaneous excited them, but the serious look on Twilight's caused them to stifle their excitement for the time being.

"What does Ehwaz do," Twilight asked.

"It means passage, and it let us skip floors or on a rare chance find a special shop in the chest called the black market," Cain said.

"What makes you sure that it will act differently?"

"Well, the items we've held since we first left the chest have been all over the place, the knife is from the devil item pool, godhead and crown of light are from the Angel item pool, not to mention both of them are some of the BEST items from each pool, usually getting them takes many many runs, but out here it seems that items given by the D6 are the absolute best they can be," Cain explained.

"So the natural magic of Equestria will alter how the runes work, that's what you're saying."

"Well, it's already altered how they work, since before we would need the actual rune for them to work, but out here all we need to do is call out the name of the said rune while concentrating on the effect, then the effects happen."

"so It might not just be the runes, I bet that Equestria's natural magic also powers up the magic items you hold."

"Looks like we are gonna have to keep a very close eye on the chest, there are many powerful and destructive items that could completely decimate Equestria if they fell into the wrong hands or hooves"

"Well, its time for you guys to go home, however, I need to go and check in with King Thorax, He mentioned something about a new enemy in Equestria, don't worry I will be back before you know it," Twilight assured when she saw the worried looks on Isaac and Eve's faces, Eden staying neutral.

"Ehwaz," Cain called out, a loud crack echoed, and a shimmering portal opened into the Throne room of Twilight's castle.

Author's Note:

I deeply apologize for taking so long to make this chapter, every time I wrote it, it was never good enough, so I decided that this was it, so that I could move onto the next part of the story.