• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Starlight and Spike stared at each other in shock, not because Twilight exercised her political power, but because she had given both her and spike permission to kill as they saw fit, Starlight had to know what had happened to Twilight.

Starlight went to find the children, who had the body of the dead changing in a gardening sack that was next to the Shovel that Isaac found with Ansuz.

"Alright, I want straight answers, what happened to Twilight, before I left she wouldn't even consider the idea of killing, but now that I'm back, she gives me and Spike permission to kill whoever we see fit to do so," Starlight said carefully watching the blade in Isaac's hand.

"She saw what we really are, and despite that, she still loves and protects us," Isaac said with pride.

"But what does that have to do with this?" Starlight asked, holding out the Letter in her magic, which Isaac took and read, his eyes widening.

"It means that Chrysalis is as dangerous as Mom, and Twilight is taking no chances," Isaac said, handing the letter over to the other two.

"Who is Mom and where is she right now?" Starlight asked with worry.

"Mom was both prisoner and warden, before Twilight came and liberated us, as to where she is, still trapped deep inside the chest, never to escape."

"Okay, but why is Twilight suddenly giving out orders to kill, you've answered everything except the original question."

"We'll explain everything, but first let us get rid of this thing before it soaks through the sack and gets blood all over the floor again."

Starlight looked at spike who nodded, and with a glow of her horn she Teleported everyone to a secluded clearing in the woods, she watched as the children dug a deep hole and simply threw the sack into it before filling and padding the dirt down.

The children Sat down on the thrones and explained everything that had happened since they had arrived in Equestria, from the monster attack to the Rescue mission that Twilight embarked on, Starlight listened in silence her expression slowly morphing into grim understanding, while Spike was hooked on every word, having grown up in a library with the darkest comics he could get his hands.

"Whoa, so how long were you guys trapped in the chest?" Spike asked.

"Satan lost count at about eight and a half Eons," Isaac said as if it were no time at all.

Starlight looked at them carefully considering how much Knowledge of dark magic they knew, but after a couple of seconds of silent deliberation she decided that it wasn't worth it, they are loyal to Twilight so whatever magic they knew could only be helpful to Twilight.

"How much do you know about Equestria?" Starlight asked the children.

"Nothing," Eden said causing everyone to jump.

"Then spike and I will teach you while Twilight is away," Starlight offered to the children who accepted the offer right on the spot.

Satan paced back and forth in his throne room, for the first time in his immortal life he felt antsy, and he didn't know why other than having his freedom to be wherever and whenever he pleased, but something was nagging at the back of his mind like there was an itch he just had to scratch.

He had tried everything to get rid of the itch, from watching the children, to watching Grogar work, but nothing could stop the itch, and it was irritating him to no end.

Finally, he decided to just meditate and find in his mind where the damn itch was coming from and how to satisfy it, he sat down on his throne and closed his eyes, separating mind his mind and body, Suddenly like a spotlight he pinpoints where the itch is and why it was so damn persistent.

The "itch" is a power he never thought possible for him, it flabbergasted the dark king because right there front and foremost is the power of Creation, being the one who received the power to give form to the formless, and shape to the shapeless he knew that most forms of magic have very strict guidelines.

The first rule was that Power and material can't simply pop out of thin air unless you were a god or given this power by a god, not for long because the Backlash of creating something from nothing is extremely strong, usually destroying the material body.

The only one he knew that could wield Creation at its full strength was his twin brother, Michael but he lacked the capability to give it shape or form, which prides himself on, but here he has both the power of Shape and the power of Creation, and it baffles him as to why he was given it after so long being in the dark.

Returning to his physical body, a sudden idea struck him. As he checked the surrounding outskirts of Ponyville for the millionth time and found something worth seeing into, a group of eight teenage dragons was lurking in a nearby clearing, he decided to listen to them.

"I'm telling you, that town is ripe for pillaging, so many weak ponies to eat and valuables to steal," the pitch-black dragon said to his companions.

"Yeah it's not like the pathetic pony princesses are watching, we already burned six villages down and they had nothing, but this one, look at that huge crystal castle," A dark green one said.

Suddenly the leader, a Burly brown swamp dragon, Slammed the Green one's head into the ground before slapping the Dark green one in the face with the spines on his tail.

"You blithering idiots, that village is Ponyville, it's the second seat of power for the ponies, which is why if we are to raid it, we have to be sure that the purple princess is gone," He explained to his companions.

"Briar is taking forever though, she said she'd be back before sunrise but at this rate, it'll be daybreak before we launch the attack," the smallest dragon among them said.

"I am precisely on time, I had to take extra time to see about a new development that had happened, thankfully it was nothing, simply the purple idiot taking on some weird creatures, they won't hinder our raid," Briar reported.

"Then it's about time we get moving, we'll start with the castle and kill that little upstart," The leader said with a toothy grin.

Satan Grinned with exhilaration, here an opportunity presented itself for him to exercise his newfound powers, but not directly as he didn't want to start another war in heaven situation though the release of grogar and the next step of his plans would definitely be pushing it.

He got started by first recreating the soul from memory, Archangel souls are a bit tricky to recreate when your not God, but thankfully he is the firstborn in heaven.

"Rise forth, Apollyon, archangel of the bottomless pit."