• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Time is meaningless in the chest since the dark gloom blocks any and all light, except for Celestia, the crown of light allowing for her magic to penetrate outside the chest letting her keep a connection to the sun outside, which is why when it seemed like hours had passed since they left, she simply assured them that only a few minutes have passed.

"You said that Shining was possessed, and you seem to know this... Thing, how much do you know," Twilight asked Eve.

"Do you see Celestia as a god," Eve asked, causing Twilight to blink before looking at Celestia who had a look of the surprise too.

"Kinda, she protects us from the things that no mortal pony could defeat."

"Alright, our kind had a god, but unlike Celestia who makes rules to help equestrians live together, our god was... Controlling and vengeful when they were young, and he decreed that there were seven sins."

"how controlling and vengeful," Celestia asked, not liking the way this story was going.

"When he lost faith in humanity he tried to flood the entire world, he turned an entire town to salt to cull their 'Sin', and so on and so forth, he mellowed out in the years that followed, but people remembered," Eve said.

"But whats his connection to this 'Wrath' and 'greed'," Twilight asked.

"They are the personification of sinful behavior, behavior that would get a one-way ticket to hell, a place worst then Tartarus, because in Tartarus only the truly unredeemable go there in this world, but in our world, hell is a place where sinners go to be tortured for all eternity, whether they knew they were doing it or not," Eve said.

"I'm merely the sin of wanting more then you have, whether it's wanting more of a good thing or bad, it qualifies as evil nature," Greed said, causing everyone to jump.

"Whats wrath's story then," Twilight asked, causing both shining and Celestia to lean in.

"He is the sin of rage, whether is righteous anger or blind rage, justified vengeance or wanton carnage, rage is rage and it got you a one-way ticket to hell."

"How many are there?"

"There is seven of us."

"You seem mighty enigmatic for being a sin."

"I'm the sin of want, and wanting is not always evil, it can be for the greater good."

"what about the others, can they change?"

"I doubt it, you see, greed is an emotion that can be shaped and experienced by any living creature, as such it can change and adapt, the other six can't."

Twilight was about to launch another question but suddenly pedestals burst into existence as the angel room door opened and Isaac stepped out, right before the entire chest shook, and the angel room collapsed, causing Isaac to leap forward away from the room, the angelic metal that made up the door rusting before falling apart.

"huh, that is interesting, I didn't even get an item from that though, because I doubt that I'm getting any angel rooms after this," Isaac muttered, inspecting the now decrepit door, the mind allowing him to gain the knowledge that whatever power was held inside the room had fled.

"No, But it seems like the entire Angel pool has generated out here," Eve said flatly, causing Isaac to jump in surprise, looking behind him, where his friends, Twilight, and Celestia were standing, surrounded by a bunch of Items that definitely belonged in the angel room.

"You guys are here?!"

"What did you expect you eejit, us to leave you down here?"

"heh, All for one so I can guess why you're here, but why you two, I figured Celestia and twilight would be too busy."

Twilight finally snapped outta her daze from the mention of her name, causing her to rush up to Isaac and envelope him in a crushing hug.

"You're alive, And your soul sheets are safe, I teleported them out of the chest, they are with the girls outside so now all we have to do is escape," Twilight cried, tears of joy on her face.

"As for me, the murder of a child is an act that is vile, enough for me to find and destroy the pony himself," Celestia said, causing everyone but Twilight to shiver at the ice in her voice.

Isaac nodded, looking over everyone until he saw greed in the corner, where he rushed past Samson and did something that no one had seen before, he was able to take the knife from Samson, which he plunged directly into Greed's face until a voice echoed out.

"WAIT," Eden said, causing Isaac to stop with the knife mere centimeters from Greed's forehead, before lowering the knife and turning to Eden.

"what," Isaac asked, breathing heavy.

"He wants to help us escape, even now, Ultra greed is down in the chest, holding the portal out of here, and according to him the others we left behind they are holding it too," Eden explained.

"Very well, but if you betray us, so help me god, ill destroy you so completely, you will never see tomorrow," Isaac warned Greed.

"You have nothing to fear from me child, I only fought you out of habit, but now I see that there is so much more outside than here, and I aim to achieve that, betraying you would achieve nothing," greed promised.

Isaac nodded at the other's giving Samson the knife back, before they all looked down into the hole, before steeling themselves and leaping down into the dark below, except greed, who simply took a shortcut, but not before walking up to the ruined doorway that used to be an angel room.

"So, you too finally rebelled or left, time will tell but let's see if your adversary has the same plans, because if so then Isaac and company will need more then just me to help them, I doubt my old master will simply let his two biggest toys simply leave, but that's something to deal with in the future," greed monologued out loud.