• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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Sweet suffering

Isaac waited in the hospital for Twilight to return, each second dragging on, he stared at his sheets, mentally preparing to retell the trauma of the hell he escaped, the endless darkness, the biting cold, the agonizing "power-ups" that he had endured ensuring his survival, and other horrors that spawned in the damned labyrinths.

It didn't take long, soon Twilight arrive with the others, The butter yellow, with a pink mane, pegasus named Fluttershy, next came the pure white unicorn, which almost gave Isaac a full heart attack, but prolonged exposure to unicorns made it only brief, her name is Rarity, her indigo mane perfectly kept, Applejack the next one too came in, her orange coat sweaty from selling apples in the hot sun, and her cowboy hat keeping her pony-tail in place, which amused Azazel immensely, and finally A pink pony came in through the door, which surprised the others greatly, from what Isaac could glean from their reactions, this wasn't usually normal, her name, was Pinkie Pie, but when he looked her in the eyes, he could almost feel her reading him, down to every last detail, her pink mane and coat almost dulling.

"Alright, We're all here, now go on," Twilight Said once the hellos were outta the way.

"Twilight, are you sure, I can feel it, I can feel his agony," Pinkie Pie said in an uncharacteristically, serious tone.

"Yes, we gotta know, so we can understand, now Isaac, if you will."

Isaac closed his eyes, prepared as he would ever be, he opened his eyes, looking at his friends, who all nodded, and he began to speak.

"my mother and I lived in a small house on a hill, we were happy, while I played with my toys and drew, and my mother watched Christian broadcasts, but one day, my mother claimed to hear the voice of our God, Claimed I needed to be saved from corruption, and destroyed all my things, but that was not enough, so next I was locked in my room, away from everything my mother thought was evil, but still that was not enough, for the final test, I was to die, sacrificed in the name of her God, but I refused to die, and by miracle, found A trapdoor, and threw myself down into the depths." Isaac said, Monotone, because once he stopped Azazel picked up with more.

"We had no idea what awaited us down there, but we thought that if we could beat back our mother, or at least try, we could be free from the nightmare, but it as the saying goes, things only get worst, and worst they got, because soon we were beset upon by mutant things that carried packs of flies in its face, or small packs of organs that left poisonous blood in its wake, hundreds of these freaks, they were never-ending." Azazel said as the mares looked horrified at the implications, but for them, the worst of the story was yet to come, because he stopped, and then eve started.

"If those weren't bad enough, there were also the 'power-ups' that we had to endure to ensure our survival, we ate things down there not meant for our bodies, but we had to, a placenta, poop, raw liver, spoiled milk, and moldy bread, just to name a few," Eve said flatly, while everyone, except rainbow dash, gagged almost throwing up, while Judas finished the story.

"But nasty things that we should not have eaten were not the worst, no instead it was the objects that we had shoved into our eyes, mouths, bodies, and spirits to give us the unnatural strength and fortitude to endure the misery, but when we thought we were through, we defeated mother with her own bible, it only got worst, for, after her, we went to a place called the womb, to first fight her heart, then ourselves, all while new objects of mutilation were somehow added, but we didn't question it, we merely took them to get to the end goal, but after a few million years, we figured out that we were never to escape, until you freed us from it," Judas concluded, the shadows in the room grew darker, as the mares simply were frozen in shock, at the implied measures that these children had to go through, for what amounted to many lifetimes.

"feel free to destroy us now, at heart, we're evil and accepted hundreds of deals with the manifestation of evil, we've murdered hundreds of angels out of a desire for a thrill," Isaac said to Twilight, who finally came out of shock, and hearing Isaac's desire for destruction, began to cry.

"I will not destroy children, I cannot destroy a child, why would you ask me that?" Twilight said, looking at the floor, tears dropping from her eyes.

"I don't know your world, I wasn't sure if we were going to be welcome in it, where I come from, we were destroyed over, and over again, and often painfully, but I'm sorry," Isaac said, feeling regret for the first time in his long life.

The weight of the child's desire for death weighted heavy on the six, the children looked at each other at a loss, until Eden got up and spoke, a rare thing to happen.

"Show us your world, Do what our mother could not show us what the meaning of life is," Eden spoke, while the others looked at him in surprise, they didn't think that they would have caretakers, or that these creatures would take them in.

Twilight looked at him, before she smiled, dried her tears and nodded in agreement.

"sure we'll teach you, which means that you'll have to have a place to live, so that means you nine can live with me in the castle!!!" Twilight clapped before an orange hoof was put on her shoulder, with applejack shaking her head.

"Look sugercube, ah'm sure you could fit them all, but I think that different experiences would serve them better, each of us will house one, okay?" Applejack proposed while the children looked at each other.

"Fine, but since we have been talking about them like their animals, I think that they should get to choose," Twilight said now realizing that they have been talking about the kids like their not even there