• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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The Soul

Three days passed after the journey into the chest, and the ones affected returned hiding the wounds on the mind, Twilight kept an even closer watch on her charges, she kept them from venturing at night without her or the girls, not even the castle, Celestia had new regalia made, as well as taking at least one other pony with her at night with a light source, while Shining with the help of cadence dealt with the nightmares, waking up at night sobbing into the pillow, or simply screaming, Luna tried her best to combat the nightmares, but they were numerous and often horrific, however, the children perplexed her as she could not find their dreams, despite making sure they were sleeping, but try as she might, she could not find them.

Isaac found a nasty surprise in his pocket that morning the day before they were set to leave for ponyville, the knife had followed him out, though despite Twilight and Celestia having wielded the items from the chest, they did not retain them, the knife is bound to him, that night he glared at the knife once everyone fell asleep until he couldn't take it anymore, using the map and Holy Grail, climbed to the balcony of the tallest tower in canterlot.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH," Isaac shouted, throwing the knife off the edge of the tower, the blade glinting in the moonlight until the darkness swallowed the shining blade, but when Isaac reached into his pocket, the wooden handle of the blade touched his hand.

"Any louder, you'll wake up the adults," Eve said, having followed him up using the Lord of the Pit.

"We were THIS CLOSE," Isaac said, holding his fingers a tiny bit apart, Eve didn't say anything, the dark look on her face echoed Isaac's fury, which caused him to throw the knife off the edge again however that didn't help, only infuriated him.

"HEY, WATCH WHERE OUR THROWING THE DAMN THING," A voice came from below the edge, soon Samson landed heavily on the balcony.

"Did all of you follow me?"

Isaac didn't have to wonder long, the rest landed lightly on the balcony, each one having a pair of differently colored wings.

"What now, after the shock wears off, I doubt even Twilight will want to keep us, let alone the rest of her friends after they see the effect of the chest on her," Eve said, looking around, seeing Isaac looking off the edge at the ground below and the way he was looking at the ground was making her nervous, that is until a soft voice caused everyone to jump as they never heard it before.

"You are being stupid, She followed you into the chest willingly, you should have seen the look on her face when you died, that is not the face of someone who doesn't care, and would abandon you," Eden spoke, his soft voice firm.

For a moment the rest of the children looked at him, at least until Isaac broke out laughing at his idiocy, which started causing the knife to vibrate, but none of them took notice of the knife on the ground as they all joined in, causing the knife to glow and screech, before exploding apart, cutting the laughter short as the glowing shards reformed into a long sword.

"Whoa, never done that before," Isaac said stepping closer to the sword slowly.

"Shame we lost the knife, but I guess a sword is a nice trade-off," Samson said.

Isaac crept forward until he was an inch from the sword, it didn't move or even twitch like it was waiting, but Isaac and Company knew better, the vast array of pain they knew always had a sadistic edge to them, so closing his eyes he knelt to pick up the blade and when he did the effect surprised him as a warmth filled him, so he gave it an experimental swing, the glowing edge lifted off the blade as he swung, the blade passed harmlessly through all the others, but when it hit the wall, it left behind a nice sized gash in the wall.

"Holy shit, Screw the knife, that thing is way more awesome," Cain gushed, staring at the glowing blade, while Isaac was more worried about the current problem.

"How are we supposed to hide it, I'm pretty sure that we can't just put it in our pockets," Eve said.

"nor can we hide it in the chest, because I refuse to put a weapon like this in the chest, I think we should just tell Twilight about the sword in the morning," Isaac said.

The others nodded in agreement and started back towards their sleeping rooms, but before laying down to sleep for the night, they shed the items, except for the sword which Isaac clutched to his chest, trying his best to keep it hidden from all eyes.

Unbeknownst to the children or the mane six, two pairs of glowing green eyes watched the children from the balcony to their sleeping quarters.

"You cannot be serious Byx, we are here to collect intel on the pony capital, not on a snack mission," a female voice clicked sharply.

"It won't take long, besides we aren't taking from ponies so I doubt they'll notice, so calm your chitin Psyker," Byx replied in low clicks.

He waited until the telltale sounds of snores came from the children, and struck however his greed would soon be his undoing, for as he opened his fanged mouth to feed on Isaac's soul, instead of the pink vapor that Love is known for, Isaac produced this sickly green, red and pink sulfurous gas, despite the awful flavor he couldn't stop, the millennia of suppressed negativity forced itself down his throat eager to fill the new empty vessel, things got worst when the dark magic found the hive-mind deep in his psyche and started to leak into it, though it was a slow process, and making matters even worst being Unable to contain the darkness, Byx was starting to burn as his eyes had burned out of his head and his chitin was cracking, letting more of the dark corruption feed into him through his injuries, feeling the corruption quickly decode the magic that held the hive mind together, Psyker committed the worst crime a changing could, she forcibly broke both their connections to the hive mind, then quickly cast a potent sleeping spell on Byx finally cutting off the flow of dark corruption, but the damage was already done, where his eyes should be were burned out holes and his wings should be was completely burned nothing but cracked chitin and blistered third degree burns underneath.

Psyker knew he needed medical attention, so she committed the second act against her hive that counted as treachery, she would go to defect to the eastern changling hives, but before she started her journey, Byx said something before falling completely asleep that made her pause.

"We must warn the other hives before Chrysalis ever reaches the children."