• Published 1st Aug 2018
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Isaac's Box - dragenfire68

He and his friends have fought for a millennia inside what could only be described as hell, but now, the box has been found, and it has been opened, releasing not only Isaac, but the horrors within.

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The lost

Darkness, that was all Shining could remember at the moment, he had wanted to pay his sis a little surprise visit, but when he got at least a mile away, everything went black, and now he had a throbbing headache, it was cold, and the air smelled of urine and dung.

"ohhh, Where the hell am I?" Shining cursed.

"In the chest, if you can remember that much," A male voice came from next to him, causing him to look into the fierce eyes of a young boy from the looks.

"who are you,"

"My name is Isaac, and you killed me, stabbed me right here," he said pointing at a spot on his chest.

"But how? I don't remember and I certainly don't kill children," Shining said shaking his head, trying to wipe the fog from it.

"You were possessed by Wrath, who escaped from the chest, I don't know how he possessed you, but I do know how he escaped," Isaac said, still staying eye level with Shining.

"Wrath, Possession, Whats going on?"

"look, help me escape and I'll explain everything, but for now, we need to get our butts moving, and find the treasure room."

So Shining got up and followed the small child into the darkness, His Horn providing little light, long shadows were cast on the walls from his light, the dry smokey air that filled his lungs smelled of decay and blood, soon though the next room they enter the door slammed shut behind him and for children with massive heads appeared out of the dark, but something was wrong, stuck in their heads he saw were bombs.

"MOVE!!" Isaac shouted as he shoved Shining aside as the monsters closed in on him, but he was fast, and dodged them while firing water from his eyes, within two or three shots the one in the front died, exploding in a shower of blood, the others following suit.

"what were those?"

"mullibooms, Nasty enemies that run up into our faces and explode,"

Shining shook his head as he followed Isaac once more, deeper into the maze of corridors and monsters, while outside the chest, They mourned in silence, at least until Eden spoke.

"Twilight, your hooves, they are covered in ashes," Eden said causing twilight to look where Isaacs body was before her face scrunched into a look of indescribable anguish, for a second before Eden spoke once more, "It means he's still alive, He has respawned, we never looked back when we died in the chest, but this must be it, because if death works around here, he should have stayed around."

They all looked in shock at the Blond boy, the seven others in shock that he even said anything at all, the mares at the fact that the children were in fact quite deathless.

"You mean that we could rescue Isaac, and bring him back here?" Twilight breathed, not daring to hope.

"yes, at least until he or we die again, we respawn in the chest because our souls are still in there, in the form of paper sheets, if we can take them with us, then we can spawn outside the chest," Eden answered.

"Then show me how to get in there."

"just open the chest, and jump in, the magic will do the rest, but whatever you do, don't die."

With that Eden and the others opened the chest and jumped in, while the others looked at each other before they all nodded and started for the chest before both a white and purple wing shot out and stopped them.

"Go wake my sister, she can run things for a while, and tell raven all appointments are canceled, I'm going with Twilight," Celestia said, her eyes glowing a bright blue like the crown on her head.

"You don't need to risk your lives, me and Celestia got this, I promise so please stay here and guard the chest, so that should anything come through, you can stop it," Twilight asked of them, they looked like they were about to argue, but They stepped back and nodded, while Twilight grabbed Godhead with her hooves, A bright light exploding from around her, when it faded she looked no different.

Twilight and Celestia looked down into the darkness before leaping in, one after the other, the chest lid slammed shut with a final snap, others looking at it with worry, the now empty throne room, but rainbow dash was the first one too get moving, she shot off to find raven, while Pinkie followed, off to wake Luna.

"Was it a good idea to let her go alone," Rarity asked

"Ah saw the look in her eye, she would not of let us go," Applejack answered

"Why not, we're her best friends, why wouldn't she let us go," Fluttershy asked, missing the understanding that passed between Rarity and Applejack.

"It was a personal matter, something she felt she needed to do without our help, she let Celestia come with because she also felt that she needed something to prove," Rarity answered, while Fluttershy continued to try to understand.

"What if it was your brother in that chest?"

"I'd leave him there."

"Okay then, I'll explain later."

Meanwhile, Twilight and Celestia had landed on the Cold dirt floor of the basement, where the darkness around them was a choking void, the faint light from fires burned all around them, the air barely breathable, but that didn't matter, because soon a string of light was emanating from her chest, into the dark void.

"Where are the rest of the children, I know I saw them jump in here," Celestia said, looking around.

"They went on ahead, Look here those are footprints," Twilight said, pointing at the small prints in the dirt, but next to them were a pair of hoove prints.

"Shining, I have words for him, he disobeyed me, and he murdered a Child," Celestia said, Her usually calm visage, contorted in a frightening grimace.

Twilight nodded, her features hiding a burning hatred deep within, she and Celestia then looked at the thread of light that pierced the darkness, they ran into the dark, following the thread as it curved and twisted, until they reached a door frame that had skulls on it, the thread went in and then down, with precaution they ventured in, but the doors did not slam shut, and in the middle of the room, a trap door was open.

"Boss level, either the children or Isaac and Shining defeated it," Twilight muttered checking the Marks around the room, but it proved difficult, with the massive amounts of blood that covered the floor, obscuring most of the tracks.

"Twilight, you know the kids the best, do you know what these are?" Celestia said, holding a stack of eight papers, which twilight ripped from her magic with manic ferocity.

"Soul sheets, these are their soul sheets, with these, they can be free, now we must escape." Twilight scrunched her eyes before an emerald green flame consumed the papers, and turned to ash before it flew down the hole.

"Those were their souls manifested, weren't they?"

"now we must escape, they are free, so now we must find out way out, which means going out the normal way."

"Where is that?"

"in the chest, which means we must catch up to them before they reach their mother, if we don't they get the key to it before we do, and we will be trapped."