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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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PLease continue!!! I love this!!

I don't want this to end with him getting killed by it. WHat if he purifies it with the sex? Ridiculous, but its a thought.

Cant wait for more.

IS it inspired by The Ring?

Anybody else think the ghost was inspired by The Ring?

Cause i think so.

Can't find the complete original artwork :fluttershysad: , it was a commission?


Oh yea, a commission for the Spoopy ghost horse. I'm gonna post it at some point on Derpi!

I saw this a long time ago and now ive been graced with it again. thank you

Not sure how you could have seen this a long time ago considering I just wrote it but that's cool. Maybe you have future powers or something XD

He is talking about my meme

I meant the image, not the caption XD

oh, im not talking about your story (which is a work of art btw) I was talking about that persons image.

the ring right? that's your inspiration? f so AWESOME! i am betting you a spot to be featured in my first story that the mare's name is Samara (also the ghost girl's name in the ring)

Well truth be told her real name is actually Sadako Yamamura. Samara was given for the U.S version of the ring. But seeing this is a mare which means older I think it's more inspired from Sadako. Still nice 1st chap. can't wait for more XD

What in God's name is this going to turn into

Great so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

needs more spoopy porn, but considering that this is’t a one shot that can be forgiven.

All in good time. Not gonna spoil anything but the first chapter is mostly set up for what's to come, have another two chapters or so planned for this puppy!

as a writer you have failed you should have written “mostly set up for what's to cum,”

Eh close enough its still made clear that this is likely a combination of the two but congratulations you get to be featured in my first story! And i know exactly how since my story partly involves the grid(TRON) i could use your username as being spoken by one of the various programs and have your oc as a background character

my shipping senses are tingling! button is gonna fall in love with samara/sadako isn't he? i do love a happy ending

A couple things to address:

Said spooky mare does have a name, it just hasn't been revealed yet

"Happy ending" is highly subjecting and suggestive, guess you'll have to stick around to find out

The subsequent chapters, while crudely drawn up, aren't on my forefront of upcoming works. Please be patient and know that they'll get there!

A few things to clarify
As you said her name isnt revealed yet so i am forced to refer to her by her closest match for descriptor/name(in thise case samara or sadako)

My personal definition of a happy ending is honestly slightly cliche both partners falling in love and living happily with each other(usually resulting in marriage) and all the while partaking in the usual...ahhem "activities"(wink wink) that a married(or even engaged) couple would partake in.

I can wait for those chapters after all i am getting my fix of fimfiction updates following that story the maretian(i suggest you read it it is awesome)

also an addendum to that last comment is that you really should prioritize stories to work on one at a time as working on all at once is just a clusterfuck its like trying to fly 8 different missions at once in kerbal space program and keeping each one alive

This is shaping up to be a good story I wonder if Button will end up trap in the painting.

Spooky Ponuts

If I ever start a psychobilly band, I'm totally stealing that name.

Weird boner is in full swing and "Spooky Ponuts"? this should be fun

what time when the next chapter come out?

Uh, probably a month or so? Depends really, I work a full time job and writing clop is just kind of a hobby. I think if you give it a fav or follow me it'll update you once I post the next chapter. 🤔

Love the avatar BTW, Dio is best pony

I must say one thing: MOAR


Noooow... I am curious about this, this looks interesting. The tags aren't horrible, I see nothing in the spoilers that'd turn me away, so... For now, I'll track this and see how it goes. Color me interested in how these two will progress their little... get togethers, hehe.

Good work on this first chapter.

Looking forward for more :rainbowwild:
Guess ghoul-pony has something different in mind or at least a different approach. :rainbowlaugh:

This is great! Absolutely hilarious! The entire concept just makes me giggle like a madman.

Glad you like it! I'm honestly struggling with the temptation to sprinkle in a few silly bits here or there later in the story ;>_>

See, it's shit like this that's gonna make me write a good ending and a bad ending

I hope you're proud of yourself >:c

There is a certain category of art/writing/whatever that I call "creepysexy." It's an erotic situation involving a creature that would be terrifying in any other situation. It is, unfortunately, quite rare, and so I'm quite happy that you've written something to fill the void. :yay:

Whoever you are, know that I love you.

I would actually be really interested in this continuing, I mean it's weird, but it's interesting at the same time, plus you write really well, so it's a good read, I'd like to see his reactions during the next day, or maybe the next night when he maybe expects it to reappear.

Well there's certainly going to be more to cum come, so stick around. May eventually do two different endings for it, one "good" and one "bad". Also thanks for the compliment, I primarily write Fantasy/Adventure but moonlighting as a clop-smith is pretty damn entertaining!

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