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Serenity Now.

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Before i read this, futa or normal mare?

Normal Mare, No Futa.

Also thanks for the reply

Chapter 2 When?

Eventually ^_^

Some of my favorite stuff :3

Always been dreaming about a boss milf set on catching me. Maybe one day.

Blood rushed to Anon's member, inflating his half-chub into the full-sized, rock hard pleasure rod Ms. Harshwhinny was accustomed to. Back on earth, he knew he wasn't more than slightly above average in terms of size down there, but from what he could tell, he was bigger than most if not all stallions here on Equestria, not massively but enough to clearly make a difference.

Figure endurance would be his outstanding trade... less so... Ahem. Size

That's the dream, m8 lol

Everyone's built differently :rainbowlaugh:

She thirstin for that Anon dong. 🤣

Is this Rgre story?

You must make this into a series it’s only right thing to do

It's a plan ;)

I like this!

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