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There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.

Those were the rules laid down by the Jedi Order long ago, and for one Jedi Knight, followed strictly to the letter. Unfortunately for her, (Or perhaps fortunately depending on your perspective of things) her student isn't quite so keen on the code. Restrictive, she calls it. Marooned on a world on the Outer Rim (Totally not her fault, negotiations just went sour, after all!) and in the midst of the Clone Wars and with perhaps very little chance at being found, Twilight Sparkle begins to wonder if the Code's entirely correct in it's laws...

Valentine's Day One-Shot. Twixie Pairing.
(Rated Teen for Star Wars style violence, langauge, and light kissing)

(Co-written with Shadowmane PX-41 and Eagle-Paladin of Shadows. Give them a shout, eh?)

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 25 )

Damn. that was well done. Get's a Fav and like from me. I see myself as a grey Jedi, so I can relate to this really well.

I love how you portrayed Trixie and Twilight here. It was believable and flowed well. And I praise you for proper use of flash backs to help tell the story. So many writers don't get it right, so well done.

Not sure if I originally planned it to be a very flashback heavy piece, but that's just the way it ended up really. The flashbacks telling the story, showing us how the characters got here and where they are now.

And you really think Twilight and Trixie played off each other well enough? I thought at more than a few points, they both ended up sounding quite bitchy and unlikeable.

Twilight and Trixie can be a bit bitchy. It's part of their characters. Before Twilight came to ponyville and met her friends and even a bit after that, she was kind of a bitch. bossy and a bit of a know it all.

Trixie had grown such an ego she started believing her own hype, it probably started out as just a way to wow and dazzle the crowds but became a case of narcissism. so yeah, I think they played out very well in this one shot and you stayed true to their characters.

Fair point... Now, it just makes one wonder how they got Knighted. Twilight, well, she's very regimented here and sticks to the Code... But Trixie, she's arrogant and shows quite a few traits that probably wouldn't get anyone Knighted if the Jedi were going by personality...

QuiGon-Jin was knighted but he wasn't overly liked but much of the council and higherups in the jedi order due to his rather strong opinions. But all it takes is one or two of the more powerful or influential jedi to indorse them and they can get knighted. it's happened before and while it's true Trixie has some anger issues Those can be tempered with training and meditation which is kind of a Jedi staple.

Fair point, it happened with Anakin after all.

I forgot about that, and he is extremely impulsive.

Are Gray Jedi an actual thing in one of the continuities?

Actually, yes. Here's Wookiepedia's entry on them.


Great story! I would love to see you continue in this universe as Anikin’s fall is so major that I wonder how Equis survived the Dark Times?

Good fic, and I admit I never quite explained why the Sith Code works as a mantra for self improvement so I will now.

Once again ignoring the first and last lines.

Through passion I gain strength: Your passion, your desire to reach your goals drives you to become stronger so that you can achieve them.

Through strength I gain power: The strength given to you by your passions gives you the power, or the ability to achieve your goals.

Through power I gain victory: The power granted by your strength and passion lets you achieve your goals.

Through victory my chains are broken: Success gives you your final victory, freeing yourself from the confines and restrictions, and making yourself stronger as a person.

All kinds of bits of the Star Wars universe that are all messed up now. Like lightsaber crystals. Previously, a lightsaber actually utilized two separate crystals. One that actually powered the blade, and the other that was a color filter. The color filter also could’ve been made from a variety of things, including gemstones. The only thing from this that was kept what’s the condition of a crystal affecting the shape of the plate. If a blade Crystal is compressed, it will pulsate. If the blade Crystal is damaged, then the blade will show being all flickery (like Kylo Ren’s blade). Otherwise, there were some Jedi in the past with red lightsabers because that’s the color they chose. And that was even the reason why Mace Windu had a purple lightsaber, because he was given a purple crystal from his original people. Now it’s getting spiritualistic for all the wrong reasons.

Huh, interesting factoid. I didn't really know a lot of this aside from the thing about how the Crystal was made and it's condition affecting the Saber's blade.

Yeah. The Sith has red blades as tradition and because their lightsabers and Crystals are usually made crudely, not by making a crystal “bleed”. I find that to be dumb because the Sith are already dark, they don’t need to be edgy. And if people find Kylo Ren’s Light saver to be done because of the fact that it has whatevers at the side, let us not forget that the night sisters had similar lightsabers.

True, and I quote from Wookiepedia...

"The forked lightsaber was a variant with only one smaller blade. One such lightsaber was utilized by Jedi Master and General Roblio Darté, whose weapon had two blue blades. With only one secondary blade, the secondary emitter was angled at 45-degrees from the main blade. Another wielder of this variant was a Gran Jedi."

The thing is, I'd like to have implied the Code was changed for the better with Shaak Ti's last thoughts on how the code might need to be amended, so it's entirely possible in this universe, the Jedi Order never fell to the Sith and changed for the better. But it is an interesting prospect, seeing Equus dealing with the Fall of the Republic and the Galactic Civil War eras.


It all depends on if that damn frogg would allow for the change. According to the book of episode 3 he basically admitted that he kept the order locked in the past and that is what doomed the order. With an immortal “goddess” in Celestia having been around the Republic it does make you wonder just what changes she would have shepherd.

It does beg one to wonder what changes Celestia would inflict on the Order. Of course, the biggest problems would obviously be Darth Sidious and getting Anakin away from him, and the other being Mace Windu, as he has to be the most stubborn Jedi I've ever seen.


If I had any writing ability I would love to explore this idea of Celestia having been around to be an influencer during the fall of the Republic. The closest I can get is this universe but unfortunately due to events the ponies are in the weaker position.

Twilight is a better Jedi Master then the actual Jedi.

Sadly, for quite a few reasons, that's really true considering what over half the council was like. Plo Koon, Shaak Ti, Obi-Wan and Yoda, perhaps a few others are probably some of the only Council Members I can really say to like nowadays after the "Framing Ahsoka" incident. (If I get her name wrong, forgive me on that. Not exactly easy to spell.)

No, you got it right.

Ah good... I'm never confident on spelling that name just because of how unusual it is.

This reminds me of how Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were like. They were both confrontational in ways like Trixie and Twilight are in the story. SIGH

From firmly Lightsider to Grey? Interesting change, but given the flashbacks, not entirely unprecedented. Well done!

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