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After Adagio Dazzle's acclaimed villainous performance, three ponies have turned up at the Almighty Author of Life's door to audition for the next fearsome new villain roles. Initially excited to show off their stuff and become worthy successors, they turn displeased at the announcement of His Almightiness setting a new rule:

Any villains who are evil because being evil is fun are no longer allowed. From now on, all villains must have tragic backstories of being rejected and be reformed by the Mane Six in the end.

Vector belongs to DashieSparkle

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Comments ( 21 )

I'm happy to see that these characters are aware of how awful they are as characters. Also Adagio your slipping, We got Cozy and she's pretty awesome.

Also Aria is best Sairat

Comment posted by TheApexSovereign deleted Last Thursday
Comment posted by zzzzzz deleted Last Thursday

Yeah I have to agree.

That ending got me. I did not expect that, and I applaud you for it. :rainbowlaugh:

More seriously though, in a weird way, this story puts some voice to how I actually feel now about the characters of Starlight, Stygian and Tempest: potentially good, even great, concepts wasted by the repetition of this "I'm sad and full of pain, and that's why I do these things!" You CAN have a villain with a tragic backstory, don't get me wrong, but you have to actually put in some real good effort to make them sympathetic instead of pathetic, and make their tragedy come across as effective instead of "woe is me."

"I have to have a point to make one." Starlight muttered under her breath before He continued.

Well said, Starlight. And that's a sentence I didn't anticipate writing when I got on the computer today XD

"For the love of Celestia..." Fizzlepop muttered, just barely resisting to urge to tear her mane out. "So let me get this straight... I get rejected by some kids once , don't even bother trying to make new friends or even see a doctor about my unstable magic, immediately turn to villainy and agree to team up with a tyrant to betray my kind and subjugate my home on the off-chance he'll maybe fix my horn?"

And this is what I've been saying all along about Fizzlepop/Tempest. I have no sympathy for a pony who turns her back on her entire kind, and goes to shack up with a mad slaver, to put her own people in cages and chains, all because he might, maybe fix her broken horn? :facehoof: Tragic villain of the year right there...

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Last Thursday

Thanks, mate. My personal favourite gag to write was the Storm King being a janitor.

That was a really good joke, too.

Poor Larry. XD


I was going to ask where the Storm King fit in, since he doesn't get reformed...and then you introduce Larry. Wonderful.

This was actually pretty great. Though, what's up with these deleted comments? That's not a good sign.

Are you... using Bible quotations in a fanfic comment section?

Insults and bullying. Something I don't tolerate in any comment section.

I did, but surely you can understand why that would get you some incredulous responses?

yeah I understand. I just think is funny in some twisted way to make someone have to look up what im trying to tell them

You can report those, you know.

...That's not exactly twisted, but okay.

Either that or Fizzlepop starting to explain how she got her broken horn and scar before the Author interrupts her.

That was a really good joke too. Especially all the noodle implements involved.

Fizzle should probably be grateful. An Ursa Minor-inflicted scar is significantly less embarrassing than whatever happened there... :rainbowlaugh:

Silly ponies. Didn't you know that redemption is nothing more than a magic wand that you can wave over characters and instantly cure them of all guilt, culpability and consequence? It's not like it's a deep and meaningful process requiring remorse, repentance, soul-searching and, above all, change. All it requires is a switch to be flipped and *Bing* instant good guy. Heck, you don't even have to act any different - keep doing selfish, mean or just plain monstrous things to your heart's content, and it won't matter. After all, you're redeemed and that means you can't do anything wrong. Besides, it doesn't matter because, as we all know, having a sympathetic backstory automatically absolves you of any guilt for your despicable actions.



So, unrelated, I liked this story.

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