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(A/N. A short one shot in hopes that more unused ideas will be brought to light)

They are the greatest beings of causing chaos outside Discord himself. They have left homes, towns, cities and more in ruins in their rampage. But they are not human, nor are they alien. They are simply the basic examples of hunter and prey.

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This was very amusing, it is always good to see Tom and Jerry, and now with Ponies it only makes it more enjoyable. Fun idea for a story. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I LOVE Tom and Jerry! I'm really surprised at the lack of crossovers there are with them, I could see so much potential.

Tom and Jerry would be Pinkies new best friends/ pets.

:trixieshiftleft:Interesting, we shall come back when u have more:twilightsmile:

Funny idea! Nice fanfic, but it kind of ended on a cliffhanger. I can see that the story is complete, but will anyone add more to it?

I love this story, but shouldn't this be a crossover?

Honestly, I think Ed Edd n Eddy are the biggest CHAOS causers, but great story though:twilightsmile:

That was a nice little one-shot.
I applaud you my good sir/ma'am.

Awesome story. :rainbowkiss:

Damn it, another idea stolen.

Oh well, it is very good and a very interesting crossover choice, with the lack of crossovers, this is great.

Review in a nutshell:

Very good crossover


Actually, I think I will borrow this idea, this time making it a multi-chapter, but later after writing my first story.

Tom and Jerry... yes.:pinkiehappy:

*Sees title*


*Sees picture*

You piqued my interests.

*Reads description and comments*

Holee FUCK!

Nostalgia City
Population: Me


This was great! There needs to be a Tom & Jerry emoticon!


Just cause!:pinkiehappy:

I'm waiting for Tom's owner and the owner of Jerry's mouse hole to come home and find all the Chaos they've caused.
Imagine that, the voice of a women yelling out 'THOMAS! THOMAS! GET BACK HER YOU LAZY CAT!'. It'd be heard throughout all of Equestria.
Even Celestia would be powerless against Tom and Jerry's owner, a giant, slightly-racist-depiction-of-a black women.

i've lived through tom and jerry it's my favorite cartoon

Anvils and falling piano induced hilarity shall ensue!

Glorious comedy from the good ol' days... You sir deserve an Internet :moustache:
Also is there going to be some kind of sequel... the ending is a bit vague...

Excuse me, just there's just one thing that bugged me. I wondered why Twilight was so surprised with Tom and Jerry's anthics when she has Pinkie Pie around her all the time. After all she can't question reality when her own is just as cartoony. Other than that, I really would love some more Tom and Jerry Crossovers!:heart: One with Pinkie Pie meeting them would be epic! They'd be an unstoppable 4th wall breaking trio!


Well, think about it. Pinkie Pie does random acts but still manage to fit with most laws of reality. Tom and Jerry follow a different set of laws. Cartoon physics. They can stretch and bend, jaws actually drop to the ground, and take hits that would normally kill someone. Wouldn't you be suprised if you saw something like that happen?

oh, i plan to do something like this.

could i still now that someone else did it?



well, can i?


The offer lies on the table. All you need to do is reach out and take it

well, in that case.
(takes offer off of table, and places it in pocket.)
i hand you credit for the idea.
pleasure doing business with you.

How did Tom wreck a barn in the blink of an eye, armed just with an ordinary branch? :twilightoops:
*pounds himself in the muzzle* No, no no no! I forgot my ANQ rule - Ask-No-Questions. I always use it for stories like this. :twilightblush:
Anyway, now I see how greatly I underappreciated the power of Tom & Jerry. Great job!

I wonder why many people have'nt thought of doing a crossover of these to.:rainbowhuh:

I actually may use them for a chapter. Also, I thought that I was the Only one who thought that Tom and Jerry would be a cool crossover. I guess I was wrong.

Ps: If anyone hasn't written about them, write the story yourself.

1359911 Easy, knowing Tom's luck, he could of swung the branch at JUST the right angle, with JUST the right amount of force, and hit the RIGHT support pillar or beam, he could easily take down a barn.....:pinkiecrazy:


mean i was hopeing the ruin every city in the mlp world and the griffen and who ever live there.

Hah! That's Tom and Jerry, alright! Love it!

HA take that pinkie pie the they broke the 4th wall better than you
Go tom and jerry :heart:

How is it completed if it says Chapter 1? Just asking.:rainbowhuh:

5230115 Because I couldn't think of a proper name and just wanted this to be a one-shot.

5230905 Okay that makes sense:twilightblush::facehoof:

Ah....I came back to re-read again. you know? i miss it. Childhood.

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