Love is a very powerful thing, it can give one the strength to do what must be done. It can give one the courage to face down ones greatest fears. And it can force you into a do or die situation. For the one you love, what would you be willing to do?

(A story inspired by a friends plight to me one day. One shot. Cover art thanks to ABM for pointing it out and AskHeroicHamburger from Deviant Art for having it)

Chapters (2)
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That was an amazing short story. I had some sad emotion in me near the end. A pat on the back for you.

a touching short story that i can relate too myself, as a beginner in terms of fan fiction writing I was wondering if anyone would take a look at my first story based on my pony persona, anyway 5/5 hope to see more from this writer :pinkiesmile:

This fandom needs more Twimac and you've delivered :twilightsmile::heart::eeyup: even if it's a tad sad at the end.


Thanks, that means a lot coming from you.

752054 You're very welcome. :pinkiehappy:

So, I die in this? Bit cruel. Joking, I want to see more TwiMac.


Thank you, but I think I'm going to need a bit more on the like button to get up there with the big dogs. Thanks anyways! :twilightsmile:

tsk. i liked it, but i wish it was sadder
anyways, here's my read of it:

Thats a sad story... *sniff* *sniff*

Big Mac... died?
What? :applecry:
Well written nonetheless, however.


Not every fairytale has a happy ending. Maybe in the future I'll write another

Big Mac and Twilight adopting Scootaloo? That's original, I must say.


I certainly thought so. I've never heard anything about Scoot having parents so I'd thought I'd play the good guy and give her a loving home. :twilightsmile:

First-person is tough... believe me, I know. It's part of the reason that I have two fic ideas (for Buffy and Avatar: The Last Airbender, respectively,) currently parked in my brain-garage, not moving yet (well, the Buffy one got two chaps up before stalling five years ago, but I digress.) Your use of it in the first chapter though was excellent. It gave the events a great sense of immediacy.

And the last chapter was just fluffy as heck, and there's not a thing wrong with that, at all (Mac would be a great foster dad, and Scootaloo, she's always adorable.)

Well done, indeed.


Thank you. I noticed how depressed people were getting from the first chapter so I decided to throw in a happy ending for those that wanted it. Thanks for the fave and watch!


The link didn't fully make it through, try using the add link button. It may work better

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