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(Edit. Sorry for the resubmission to Chess Game of the Gods group. I deleted it the first time upon finding a few errors but they have been corrected for proper submission. Again, my bad)

Equestria, such a peaceful land. Barely knowing of any conflict or strife, besides the occasional god of chaos and changeling queen bent on conquest. But what about the other lands, the ones we have yet to see? Not every race is as peaceful as the ponies.

When Discord vanished, no pony knew where he went. He could've been anywhere at any time. Only a few knew the truth of what happened. Pyotr was one such person to know, if only for a few brief seconds. Now lost in a land of which the likes no other have explored, what is a now ex-underground fighter like Pyotr supposed to do? Diamond Dogs are not keen on having intruders in their lands.

(A/N. Inspired by Rust's story 'The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog' I bring my story to the table in an effort to compete with his. New edit: Thanks goes to Antrxx of Deviant Art for my awesome new cover art. If you're reading this, all my thanks goes to you)

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hircine is an elder scrolls refrence


Thanks for being the first commentor for my story. I hope for your continued enjoyment of this story

oh almost forgot. cheese for everyone!

Feel I have to ask the obvious, since this has basically nothing to do with the chessverse at large, why add it to the group?

The entire point of the Group is to coordinate crossovers, adventures, and world events between the stories. Since this is taking place in an alternate universe, it's not going to have any of that.


Basically what I'm saying is why did you place it in an alternate universe? From what you're saying you're going to be exploring parts of the world outside the map and its plenty big enough to include your story without having to deliberately separate it. I'm just honestly confused why someone would want to be part of the Group while deliberately making themselves separate from it


Alright, did some nudging around and I fixed it. Hopefully things go better this time around.

892239 Sorry if I came off as harsh, I was just honestly confused about the 'alternate reality' thing, doesn't make sense to me. From the way I see it, being in the Chessverse means you're accepting the rules and events already established and writing your story around and alongside them, rather than disregarding everything else happening because you're in a "different reality". But, again, that's just my opinion and for future reference just because I have an opinion on something does not mean you are obligated to listen to me, we are all equals here :twilightsmile:


Don't apologize, I need someone like you finding those mistakes. I didn't truly understand the purpose of the group and dived in without looking it over. If you should spot any other mistakes, then feel free to let me know.

892298 Don't worry too much about mistakes, I dived in head-first as well with only the barest understanding of what I was getting into. I actually sent Rust a PM asking if my unwritten story could be fannonized into the Ballad, compared to that there's not much you could actually do wrong.


That's actually what I did but I think he got the wrong idea. And he's gone away for a bit with no internet ability so contact is currently unavailable. Besides, more than likely the message would be buried underneath tons of other messages he gets daily.

mortal kombat
Round Two FIGHT! :P

oh god it's trixie :ajbemused:

why did you cansle this fanfic:fluttercry:. it was one of the best i'v read in a while. or is this just temperary

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