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(A/N. A short one shot in hopes that more unused ideas will be brought to light)

They are the greatest beings of causing chaos outside Discord himself. They have left homes, towns, cities and more in ruins in their rampage. But they are not human, nor are they alien. They are simply the basic examples of hunter and prey.

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(Edit. Sorry for the resubmission to Chess Game of the Gods group. I deleted it the first time upon finding a few errors but they have been corrected for proper submission. Again, my bad)

Equestria, such a peaceful land. Barely knowing of any conflict or strife, besides the occasional god of chaos and changeling queen bent on conquest. But what about the other lands, the ones we have yet to see? Not every race is as peaceful as the ponies.

When Discord vanished, no pony knew where he went. He could've been anywhere at any time. Only a few knew the truth of what happened. Pyotr was one such person to know, if only for a few brief seconds. Now lost in a land of which the likes no other have explored, what is a now ex-underground fighter like Pyotr supposed to do? Diamond Dogs are not keen on having intruders in their lands.

(A/N. Inspired by Rust's story 'The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog' I bring my story to the table in an effort to compete with his. New edit: Thanks goes to Antrxx of Deviant Art for my awesome new cover art. If you're reading this, all my thanks goes to you)

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Love is a very powerful thing, it can give one the strength to do what must be done. It can give one the courage to face down ones greatest fears. And it can force you into a do or die situation. For the one you love, what would you be willing to do?

(A story inspired by a friends plight to me one day. One shot. Cover art thanks to ABM for pointing it out and AskHeroicHamburger from Deviant Art for having it)

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