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is this pretty much dust on the wind but from ironys point of view?

Actually, no. There will be some commonality. But this is a separate story.

Is this a total rewrite, where some stuff may change from Phenrys' original? Because I notice you're starting with just chapter 1.
(Obviously the same in broad strokes, as indicated by the presence of the Anthro tag and that Phenrys is editing)

Not a total rewrite, but more of an update. Much of the first part of the story doesn't require too much work. It will be later where the bulk of the changes will be.

i can easily say this story is starting just as good as i remember.
yep this is going to be a super good ride in a really fast car.

um they realised they said their pony names right?

waiting to see how this plays out Pondering a minor discreoancy if I understand the Five score universe rightly though Lightening Dust is another exception Irony is changing now around April 24 when its accepted pretty well that May 1st is the day Discord attacked

8416321 Nope nope nope...

Irony was Twilight's Captain of the guard. He wanted her out of the way early. More will be revealed as more chapters are published. 3 to go for this week. One a day.

the real names are coming threw.

the change has started and irony has made her armor.

irony is just hitting the 1/3 point of the change, thing are going to get interesting now.

erm can irony even have bacon in her um anthro form? ....he IS a girl at this point right?

No, she's full Earth pone, even as an anthro.

no pork or beef, but chicken and fish are ok.
i had forgotten about Kaitlyn.

Chicken and fish are only ok for pegasi. Earth ponies and unicorns are pretty much strictly vegetarian.

you sir are 110% right i forgot that detail.

Huh, we don't recall reading the first iteration of this, so this will only be fun!

Hmmm, trying to remember who was with Trixie at that time...

armor get!
Good thing support was readily available...

hehehe, she saw it coming, D tried to prepare, and still shrieked!

Halfway there!
Now to convert Kaitlyn to be a brony too!
Keep going! ;)

Hmm, I normally don’t read pony fiction with humans in it, but this one caught my eye. Mysteriously appearing cutie marks, resurfacing pony names... very strange. Also, Henry/Irony seems like a really likeable character :twilightsmile:

This has been a very intriguing read so far, with lots of realistic, yet unexpected problems :twilightsmile:
I wonder how one can drive a car with equine anatomy of legs though :twistnerd:

Ah, make-up sex. Well they have reason to celebrate we guess.
So irony has slipped past the identification phase, wonder how quick they'll catch on..
Establishing a circle of trust is good, but that won't end up helping too much when a majority of the trusted are ponies too...
Keep going! ;)

The bomb is prepped and ready to drop!
But at least they're kinda spread out across the week, but without a human sponsor things are going to get hairy quick.
Tom and Jack... Do we know these two from elsewhere? Seems kinda familiar...
Keep going! ;)

i can't believe i had totally forgotten about Irony 3rd life.

this story brings back so many memory's of my first few weeks on his site i am truly amassed.

First story I read that is a part of the Five Score Universe, and I have to say I'm really enjoying it so far.


There are two more chapters ready to go, will be released monday and tuesday. I'll be going through the rest of them soon, and I'll have the story caught up with what Phenrys has written of this story, then I'll be pushing it onwards. Hope you enjoy the story. I have another Five Score story in Dust on the Wind, and then there's Kitsy's take, which is called Five Score: Velvet Nightfall. There's actually quite a few standouts among the stories inspired by the original Five Score Divided by Four. Hope you enjoy the reading!

Oh dear, why was Kate captured? She's not due to start showing for at least half a day, right?
The plantation vision is interesting. What was Twilight trying to do?
Keep going! ;)

Activate Berserker mode!
Interesting to see she already has increased strength and stamina. Swinging a mace around like that is no easy task, and adrenaline can only go so far...
Here's to hoping they don't print that phone, that could cause trouble...
Keep going! ;)

Great! So they have evidence of her transformation ability, and soon enough some indication that that's not exactly normal.
It's really interesting a vet can just take off for a whole week. Something tells us it's going to be a bit longer though...
Keep going! ;)

O my i know of several story's based around the five score story line.
that is if you want to look for them.

I must give credit ware it is due.
this story has some kick ass battles in it and we are just getting started.

Sparky Brony you have some vary large horse shoes to fill with this story friend..

"You can call me Irony, Irony Shieldbreaker.
Irony is the original bad ass and she is just getting warmed up as several will learn do not mes with family or mamma Irony will find you.

Well Flash done screwed up, but at least he somewhat came to his senses before it became impossible to use human-oriented tech...

Ability get! This will be helpful...
Interesting, will Maddie get suckered into joining their little adventure group? They're a State away, but...
Keep going! ;)

Stocked up for the short term, now to bunker in and see what the world is doing...
Actually, we wonder how much longer the doc can hang out unnoticed, he's been awful accepting of his situation...
Keep going! ;)

Hmmm. Wonder who Jake was? We had a feeling something was up when his age was mentioned. Will the pony ID thing work if they see a much older photo?
Dream walking is a useful skill, perhaps it can be used for locating ponies?
Keep going! ;)

Haha Hahahahaha out of the blue, a clop!
Well, at least she completely accepted her sexuality. At first we worried it was just a dream.
Speaking of Flash, have they tried calling him again yet?
Keep going! ;)

reading this story for like the 6th time is just so much of a flash back to my early days hear on Fim.

wow i cant weight for things to get in to the action that is coming up.

i find it funny that the first five score story i found and fell in love with is dust on the wind, this story was the second, and with time velvet night fall.
over time i was allowed to give a small amount of input to theses story's thank you to the authors.

this story is going to get so good over time and it will have a few sad moments also. one of them centered around no spoilers from me. i am vary interested to see how this story plays out as it is under new management now.

i had forgot just how fun Mindy is.
this story is going to start picking up action soon if i remember wright.

But what about his truck he just up and abandoned?

Finally getting synced!
Prepare for drama!

the dream sequence with Moon Shadow.
i am vary surprised the at the time this chapter first came out at just how true this is going to be as it plays out.
eeyyyeeepppp action is getting ready to happen.

It's picked up later, by somepony who can drive it.

Good news! My person in a high place managed to begrudgingly help stop pre-emptive extermination!
All according to the master plan...
In other news, spoilers! armor is getting closer to being finished, yeah?
Keep going! ;)

Soon enough Moon will realize just how accurate her premonition is...
Keep going! ;)

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