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nohen #2 · Jun 16th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Good quality, as always.

Great job! :twilightsmile:

Great job

You had me at Cum Inflation.

Your doing the work of the gods, my boy.

Ok, this looks promising, im gonna keep track of this for now. May i ask how long you plan to make this story?


Sorry. Just forgot to mark the story completed. My bad. :twilightblush:

Ohhh very hot... love how it seems everyone has come to the idea that Velvet and Night Light are tow of the kinkiest, horniest little perverts in Equestria.. so hot.

But still well done, bit of fun roleplay between them, interesting set up for why, and just all around sexy kinky fun.

This is such an awesomely hot clopfic. Thank you so much. :heart:

Hm, not bad. But i cant help to compare this to another story that is similar. Eh overall, it was nice.

I guess 2017 is the year where parent-offspring clop really takes off.


Full Anal Nelson

I fucking died. Somebody get me a tombstone. :rainbowlaugh:

8237196 It's an early start; To that which I will continue!

This fic reeks of Kanashiipanda, from start to finish. From how the characters interact to everything literally. I doubt Kanashiipanda is the one who commissioned this story but the one who did is definitely a fan of Kanashiipanda. And if by some celestia damned coincidence you are not, go look up Kanashiipandas porn comics. This story feels pretty much like it fits perfectly into the universe of depravity Kanashii has created with it's comics. No offense to the author, you did great in writing this, but a comic that shows pretty much exactly what is happening between Shining and Velvet has already existed for at least a year.
I'm just saying, if this is the kind of porn you like, look up Kanashiipandas work.

But this has dialog!!!
But with all seriousness, this story is very kanashii. But that is a good thing! After all, that is some hot slut smut comes from:raritystarry:
Royals and family!

That was the first thing I thought of as soon as I read the description and saw the pairing.

Definitely not complaining, though. I love that guy's work.

Not only is this an affront to God, but to make sexual contact with the rear area is just wrong! I'm sorry but I need to downvote this. This site has been defiled with sexual deviants for too long and I alone must stand against the tide.

I'm taking a gamble that you are being sarcastic yes?

'full anal nelson'
I'm not ready

Another amazing piece of work!

I absolutely agree. Some of the dialogue even seems hentai quote-esque, just like kanashii's always is,

Ah, it's good to see the Sparkle Family and the Father's Day tradition keep going. I love sugar daddy Night Light, and seeing him bed Cadance has always been a kink of mine.

I will join you in Father's Day fun shortly.


It isn't a secret who commissioned it considering it stands in the description. But the one who commissioned it wasn't the one who asked for this part, and not even the mention of the paternity mark. The Kanashii like resemblance pretty much was my own doing. I used it as a reference material seeing as I thought a perverted Night Light, Velvet, Shining, and so on, would fit in perfectly with this kind of story.

As a side note paternity marks are hot and I probably will someday write a fic like that. Heck, I could imagine writing a fic in which Night Light impregnates the Mane 6! :rainbowkiss:


I stand with you against the tide!

Its good to know there are other pure Christians on this site to stand with me on my holy mission to save these poor, misguided perverts.

Go suck priest-cock.

Oh wait, you are probably too old for a priest to be interested in.

That is really hurtful and offensive. You need too apologise rightnow.


You know, I like being a misguided pervert! :pinkiecrazy:

calling people " poor, misguided perverts. " is also 'hurtful'

Apologize back.

No. You first. You're the one making unwanted comments here and personally attacking me. That is rude.


We do not need to Escalate things. Both of you apologize so it doesn't spiral out of control.\

obvious troll is obvious

Naisu, Naisu.

Verrrrrrry Naisu.


Towan, this has to stop, my library can't be filled with only your stories. I have to have some variety in what I read. :unsuresweetie:

Damn, I was honestly hoping for the chapter for shining and velvet.

"The naughty mare positively drooled as she was moaning in bliss, and Night Light was not off better seeing how her tight pucker was massaging his rod like a pro, making the cock pulse deep within her, as he enjoyed the pleasurable fraction his every movement provided. "

it should say "friction"

I hate anthros/furries, that don't have fur, if they come from an animal that normally does...I did not see this in the cover art without some further inspection to see those little triangle like shapes on her elbows and on her shoulder.

PHEW! Tragedy avoided!

8239622 I second that!

Like how I don't like anthro pones who have hooves instead of hands and feet instead of hooves and non-digitigrade legs :/

8238497 All this trouble because you believe in a fable.

Stop feeding the troll. You've been baited and are reacting exactly how he wants you to.

If you don't like it, then stop complaining and just don't read it, no need to waste your words or your time complaining about a story that others like. With that said, turn on your adult content filter so you don't see it, or gtfo.

8240351 The comment section is a blaze with this dude as it is. Just one comment and done.

Well that's your problem if you have no self control isn't it? It ain't our fault you can't practice what you preach.

I assume this means a possible sequel with the escapades of the other two in the other room.

I can, you slobbering sinner. I am merely trying to convey how this story could easily sway lesser people like yourself to acts of pedobeastiality.

8243177 lol thats funny cus its you that had the time to look for this AND comment on this and have a conversation with sompony about it:rainbowderp: ha:rainbowwild:

I usually hate anthro, but you killed it. Well done, thumbs up!

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