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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


This story is a sequel to Foal For A Day

(WARNING!:Like its predecessor, this is a padded pony fic, and as such it will contain diapers, diaper useage, and themes of ageplay to varying degrees! If you are uncomfortable with such subject material (or consider it outside your comfort zone),
please click elsewhere and DO NOT CONTINUE READING! You have been warned!)

(Proofread by Smity1038 on Deviant Art and proofread and edited by deadpansnarker on FiMFiction.)

It’s been quite a while since that faithful day when Spoiled Rich decided the key to bonding with her daughter, was to give her a chance to experience a proper foalhood. Since then, Diamond Tiara and Spoiled Rich have grown somewhat closer, and even Filthy Rich has to admit their parent/child relationship seems to be improving.

But now, Spoiled and Filthy have decided to take a big risk, and give their daughter a chance to have some playmates. Even if that means letting them know about Diamond’s secret.

Will Tiara be comfortable with the idea of other ponies knowing about her secret? And just who do her parents have in mind for “playmates”?

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 133 )

Uhh, what the fuck?

Anyway, Scootaloo. Cause Scootiara.

8250928 So, did you know what you were getting into? It kind of sounds like you delved right into this without knowing what it involved.

Comment posted by Douglas Granite deleted Jun 23rd, 2017

:rainbowlaugh: Love the cover art. I'll admit that the first chapter was a tad weird, but it was still enjoyable! Really looking forward to the second chapter. I wonder who will get involved in Diamond's ageplay.

I'm voting for Scootaloo.

i vote for sweetie or applebloom and nice story cant wait for more parts

8250989 Well, you can vote for any of the choices I mentioned in the first chapter.

8251258 Yeah, same here. My vote is for either Sweetie Belle or Apple Bloom.

I'm voting for Sweetie Belle.

Great start to this sequel. I vote for Sweetie Belle.

8250923>>8251677>>8251258>>8251049>>8252149>>8252117>>8252987 Voting for chapter two has closed. The votes have been talied. For votes where more than one character was voted for, the first character voted on gets a full vote and the second gets half a vote. The results are as follows:
Sweetie Belle: 4 votes
Scootaloo: 3 votes
Apple Bloom: 2 half votes (a.k.a 1 whole vote)
Silver Spoon: 0 votes.

Work on the Sweetie Belle chapter shall commence at once. Look out for it by the middle of the next week. Thank you all for voting, see you next time.

8254453 And Sweetie Belle is the winner! This makes me immensely happy! :pinkiehappy:

Glad Sweetie Belle won. Looking forward to the next chapter.:unsuresweetie:

The bit with Sweetie Belle involves a bit of personal headcanon for this fic alone, that was discussed with Smity1038 back when he had his FiMFiction account of Smity91. Those discussions will also make their way into future chapters.

Interestimg. Could I get details on this? I'm confused.:rainbowhuh:

This chapter was super cute, by the way! :twilightsmile: Looking forward to more.

8260992 Basically, we discussed what the rest of the filly five's foalhoods might have been like and when they were likely potty trained and how that would factor into their reactions to the treatment.

So, are you gonna vote for someone or no?

8260996 It's a tie between Apple Bloom and Silver Spoon.

What a great chapter! I could totally see Sweetie Belle being okay with this sort of thing.

My votes on the coolest pony ever, Scootaloo! :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

I vote Apple Bloom. If she doesn't win she'll cry. :applecry:

I Also vote for Scoots, shes so adorable in diapers. :scootangel:

8261106>>8261409>>8262289>>8262193>>8262410>>8262291 Voting for chapter three has closed. The votes have been tallied. Same voting system as last time applies. The votes are as follows:
Scootaloo: 4 votes
Apple Bloom: 2 votes
Silver Spoon: 1 half vote

Expect to see the Scootaloo chapter by Monday. Thank you all for voting, see you next time.

I must say I'm actually surprised you aren't doing Babs seed, would be nice to see her being babied.

8264870 Well, funny thing about Babs Seed actually. You'll see when I publish the next chapter.

8264850 Apple Bloom didn't win? :applecry:

8264870 Agreed.

8264917 Well, you can try again next time. Who knows? Maybe third time will be the charm.

i vote for scoots and this story is close to my life i want diapers but i have a mother and family members that say no to my offer but i want them so badly

8265255 Well, Scootaloo will be in the next chapter.

8265995 and what my comment says is true cause i want in real diapers in real life but i have a mother and family members that say no to any offer i say but i want them so badly

This chapter was adorable! Can we keep Spoiled like this? Can we? Can we? Can we? Hahahaha! Wonderful chapter

8271298 And on the possibility of chapters for Filthy, Babs, and Gabby?

and I like the idea of chapters including Filthy, Babs, and Gabby

First abdl story I commented on.... Hope this doesn't bite me in the ass

My vote is Applebloom for next chapter. As for the Babs, Gabby and Filthy chapters, personally love the idea.

Pretty good story

i vote for bloom and poor scoots on wet her diaper i would like to see what face scoots would made if he found out he did 2

It would be interesting to see AppleBloom diapered, considering DT originally bulled her first, when she was still a bully.

Once again I vote Apple Bloom.

Odd request but could it be possible for Rainbow Dash to join in on this playdate stuff, it'd be adorable, perhaps as a bonus chapter?

8273638 No, the leaps of logic necessary for Rainbow Dash to join in would be too much.

8264917>>8271681>>8271298>>8271840>>8272417>>8272788 Voting for the next chapter has closed. The results have been tallied, and it's unanimous! The results are as follows:
Apple Bloom: 5 Votes
Silver Spoon: 0 Votes

Thank you all for voting, the Apple Bloom chapter should be out by late Thursday. Obviously, Silver Spoon will be next as she is the only one left to vote for. But you'll be surprised at the offer I'll make when the Apple Bloom chapter comes out.

8275103 Eh, that's tricky because I don't think we've seen any kind of interactions between Diamond and Spike. I might possibly consider a chapter for him if I ever did a third installment of this, but that's a big if at the moment.

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