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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.



(Story originally written by Matt11. Transferred and rewritten with permission.) (WARNING!:This is a padded pony fic, and as such it will contain diapers, diaper useage, and themes of ageplay! If you are uncomfortable with such subject matter, please click elsewhere and do not continue reading! You have been warned!)

(Takes Place immediately after Crusaders of the Lost Mark. Proofread by Smitty91, chapters 2+ edited by deadpansnarker.)

Diamond Tiara, with the help of her new friends, gets the courage to tell her father everything that her mother has been doing.

Diamond Tiara truly just wants a better relationship with her mother, but she fears nothing will change. However, a change is coming in Diamond Tiara's life, and not necessarily in the way that she expected.

When Spoiled Rich is given a second chance to prove herself, will she be able to form a genuine bond with her daughter, or have the years of torment and suffering left too harsh of a wound to heal?

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 69 )

mother should go the same treatment!

Love it, alot better then my chapter I originally had.

7323512 Your first chapter was alright, but really rushed.

7323468 Now that's an idea worth exploring in a possible sequel.

7323654 I probably will, eventually. I try to space out my padded pony fics, even if I like writing them. They aren't what I want to be known the most for.

7323657 little to later on last part. sorry

kinda nice seeing diamond this way. wanting to see how far she regresses

7358878 Agreed. There needs to be more stories of Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, the CMC, and spike being diapered and babied.

7358878 Well, regression isn't going to be the focus here. If she does regress, it'll only be a little.

Nice fake-out opening :twilightsmile:

7366595 Yeah, well I'm nowhere near sadistic enough to inflict such torture on Diamond Tiara.

The only thing that confuses me is why they're debating what their name should be, especially since they yelled, "Cutie Mark Crusaders forever!" when they got their cutie marks. The name simply fits since it identifies what their special talent as a group is.

7375325 Eh, I think that was just a bit of an emotional high, and they never really gave thought to the idea at the time. I think they still ultimately decided to call themselves the CMC simply because they were so used to it.

7375369 That, and it fits.

7375371 Either way, I take it you're enjoying this fic so far, correct?

7375376 Yes. Makes me sad that the story will be ending soon and that I have to wait a full year for the sequel.

7375382 I know, waiting is the hardest part. But I want to make sure to space out my padded pony works, they aren't what I initially joined the site to write and they aren't what I want to be best known for. There are plenty of padded pony exclusive writers on the site, and while I enjoy writing these padded pony works I know not everyone likes them. I prefer to have a variety, and a good deal of time between padded works if possible.

7375387 Yeah, it's a good idea to 'pad' them out a bit. BA BOOM TISH! :pinkiehappy:

Wait what's the thing that scoots does at home that she can't tell friends

7381698 I leave that up to your imagination, but keep it PG.

I legit thought this was turning into a forced age regression story, even Tiara wouldn't deserve that type of torture but lest it didn't happen.

I think Spoiled Rich will have some serious explaining to do.

The "Special Tea" joke comes from an optional sidequest in "Batman: Arkham City". Late into the game, if you select the appropriate quest, Batman is attacked and brainwashed by the Mad Hatter, and before you have the boss fight against him me makes that joke (he has trapped Batman in the fantasy of a tea party).

I haven't played this game yet. I've heard it's really good.

I should mention that Spoiled isn't going to be completely reformed and changed for the better, simply because doing so would remove the only source of conflict in Diamond Tiara's life. But her change of heart shown here is legit.

Considering she's going to let the CMC and Silver Spoon be Diamond's playmates, I'd say she's changed for the better, and she did let Diamond spend time with them.

As for Filthy, rest assured that I will explain in the next and final chapter why he's back home already. And he's not going to have the typical "Angry because he disapproves of ageplay" routine, though he will still be a bit "peeved" by what he's seen.

Honestly, I'd be surprised by that reaction. Randolph didn't seem to have a problem with it, so why should Filthy? I don't see why he should. After all, all he wants is for his little Diamond to be happy, and if this makes her happy, why not allow it?

7383589 I'm just hoping Filthy -- we, I mean, Mr. Rich -- takes it well. Hopefully he won't flip out. I'm surprised he hasn't done this sort of thing himself already.

7384270 What sort of thing? And yes, "Arkham City" is really good, it remains the best Batman game and the high point for the Arkham franchise.

7384272 Diapering and babying Diamond Tiara. :pinkiehappy:

7384293 He was too busy to even consider such a thing, and until recently he had no idea how abusive his wife had been to his daughter. Had he known sooner about her behavior, and what she did, he might have attempted to diaper and baby Diamond Tiara himself, assuming he found the time.

7384301 I like to think that Silver Spoon is into this kind of stuff and that's why Diamond Tiara was always over at her house. That's just my headcanon, at least.

7384336 Eh, I don't think Silver Spoon was into foaling around. But I think she'd like it if she tried it.

7384353 I could see her being into it. She'd look so cute in her thick, padded diapers with a pacifier in her mouth. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry I know that I'm not part of the intended demographic and frankly I never really understood this ... diaper fetish :rainbowhuh: it's not for me and I don't want to spoil the fun but as someone who has to change diapers on a daily basis, our whole flat smells like used diapers and my disgust after getting peed on is at an all time low all I can think is 'I can consider myself lucky I only was covered in pee and nothing else'

I just wanted to say that I fail to see the appeal... sorry

7393100 Then why are you reading? No one's forcing you to.


it's not for me

clops not for me either but you dont see me commenting what you said on every clop story on the site, word of advice avoid what you hate, its that simple.

I enjoyed this last chapter.

Oddly enough oneday I want to try a dark forced regression fic were Spoiled Rich tricks Scootaloo into being her foal as a form of revenge for embarrassing her.

7393100 Now I'm not the biggest fan of this genre either, but it was still a pleasure working on it. This isn't even one of the more graphic examples out there, so honestly you're complaining about nothing. Still, when you've gotta comment...

I would like to see a part 2

7395230 That'll come in due time, I assure you.

Not my cup of tea, but good story :twilightsmile:

After wiping, flushing, and washing her hooves, the filly was quick to undo the tabs holding her diaper up and let it fall to her knees.

She would have had to take the diaper off to go to the bathroom so this paragraph makes no sense.

7522144 It wasn't taken off all the way, just partially.

and rolled her onto her stomach.

If her mother is going to zurbert her tummy then Diamond would have to be rolled onto her back.

7522311 Oh, thanks for clearing that up.

7358914 spike couldn't certsinlycbr the easyiest maybe.

7381750 dresses up in pretty dresses and her moms jewelry hehe

7381750 Maybe "normal" girly stuff for her age. Do remember that Scoots is kinda bit of a tomboy…

Raise your hoof if you want more!!!! /)

“I can’t help but feel like whatever Diamond Tiara’s going through at home is something she’s too embarrassed to admit to,” Scootaloo concluded. “I know how that feels. There are things I do at home I don’t think I’d ever be comfortable admitting to in front of other ponies. Even you girls.”

Just what does Scootaloo get up to at home when nopony's around? :rainbowhuh: Maybe we'll find out in the sequel?

7393247 How did Scootaloo embarrass Spoiled Rich? :rainbowhuh:

8060978 Because of what she did to Spoiled's daughter (a.k.a encouraging her to stand up for herself and tell Spoiled off).

8060978 Scratch that Idea I said there, It's actually to dark for me, maybe someone else could try working on something like that.

8061523 Count me in! I'd like to do a story like that.

8061100 But it seems odd that Spoiled would target Scootaloo specifically. Why not try to get revenge against all three of the Crusaders instead of just Scootaloo? And there was a story that already kind of did that: Aftermath by RarityEQM.

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