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We have all lost something or someone special in our lives. Some move on faster than others, and some never move on, as their life comes to a stand still. Could you smile at such loss, and continue smiling through your life, knowing that the special someone was gone forever?

First attempt at sad fic.

Inspired by cover pic.

Also inspired by the song 'The Crow and The Butterfly' by Shinedown.

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Looks interesting, this will be put on the pile of fan-fiction.

This story hit me....hard:fluttercry::raritycry: I love it, you put thought and feeling into this story and i bucking love it:pinkiesmile:

For a first sad fic, that was amazing! One of the best I've ever read.

You really, really should write more of these.

Cried. Cried like crazy.

:pinkiehappy: - ... that's sort of the opposite of smiling, but that's okay.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Other than that along with a few other grammatical errors, I don't how I didn't shed a man tear.

LOL everyones lesbian but twilight:twilightsmile:

Gosh darnit now you made me all sappy.. :fluttercry: Great story!

Well-written and adorably heartwarming. But just out of curiosity... diabetes, right?

:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: 5/5 Moustache good sir.

When I read the description I was expecting something sad, so I pulled on a tough face and began to read.

*Unknown amount of time later...*

Me::fluttercry: "...shit."

Nice fic, very sad but the moral and the execution is perfect. Thank you for posting this.

Right in the HNNNNNNNNNNNG. :fluttercry::applecry::raritycry:

I saw this pic yesterday too and now I see it on here with a story lol. A few grammar mistakes and other than that I loved this story, it was very sad and I surprisingly didn't shed a tear even when I wanted too, maybe it was because I read so many sad fics on here lol. Overall I loved it and I hope to see more.

For the whole story i was like: WHAT. THE. F**K.
It's a good story to be your first one of this type, but jeeeez! You just almost destroyed my God (Dashie) D:
I... I can't even rate it, i don't know! I mean, it's really well written, the idea is original, but the story itself seems, no, IS pretty strange, i mean, Rarity an Fluttershy MARRIED!? Everypony is lesbian but Twilight? Pinkie Pie had a blood issue that slowly kill her?
I'm not crying, i'm very confused...
Still a pretty good story! Keep it up like so, but next time, don't make everypony lesbian, ok? That freaks me out!


I'm happy you all enjoyed it, or at least read it. When I saw this pic, it hit me, and made me recall a personal experience of mine, and along with some music I was listening to during the time, this spawned. Also, I know I have some grammar issues, and I will fix this in the future. Grammar is not my best suit unfortuanatly, but I'm trying to improve, and my editor will be going through this some time also.


I apologize that it was strange for you being that most characters were lesbians. Now, I don't recall ever implying if Twilight was a lesbian or not, but maybe I did. I purposefully didn't mention Twilight's relationship status. So, sorry for that, just the male:female ratio in that universe is very low, so lesbianism is common, but that's in my head :twilightsheepish:

Oh lord here come the waterworks.


That's fine I have issues with my grammar as well since it's not my best strong point lol. I'm hoping my fic will be as good as this or as the other stories on here lol.

A part of me wants to hate this story for making me feel the feel it made me feel.:applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:
But seriously, this was a great, heart-wrenching story and i loved it. Keep writing sir, you have my attention.:moustache:

If anything, shoot me a pm. I'll go through and edit/proofread almost any story if you just ask me. :raritywink:

I looked at the cover image and immediately started to tear up... PIIIIIINKIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!! :fluttershbad:

I actually am crying, as I just finished this. It was so beautiful and sad! :raritycry:

Have a like, man, have a like.

Wasn't the saddest thing I've read here, but if was enough to make me teary eyed at the end there so good job.:pinkiesad2:

This was well written, had good grammar and good execution... so why didn't I like it nor cry? :unsuresweetie:


I don't know, but your entitled to your opinion. Thank you for reading.

That was a very enjoyable read, even though I was reading it through my tears. Well done for making me cry my eyes out. :pinkiesad2:


I almost forgot to mention something! I noticed you had a few punctuation/grammar errors (too many commas for example) and you mentioned grammar isn't your strong suit. Might I suggest giving this guide a quick glance? It was a bit helpful with comma usage when I went over it, so maybe you'd be able to utilize this as well.

Right then, I wish you luck with future projects!


Thank you! I will be sure to utilize this as much as possible. :twilightsmile:

this story was beautiful and I've never said that before this story was amazing and it made me cry:raritycry:and this deserves 2000 likes in my opinion it was really well done and you should make more story's like th

Really well done story.


She... She was a model friend to the end...

Join me! In saluting Pinkie Pie!

A flight of Wonderbolts, led by Rainbow Dash, soars over Pinkie's grave as a sonic rainboom thunders overhead right as they pass by it. A tribute to her lost friend. A friend that has gotten her to where she is today. The world may have forgotten but that timeless sonic rainboom that signifies the equally timeless moments that Pinkie and Rainbow shared together, will never fade away, locked in a permanent time-frame. A memory.

Her sonic rainboom a tribute to Pinkie Pie.

The sun will rise now and forever...

And now thanks to Pinkie Pie, so will Rainbow Dash's smile.

Silver out!

:pinkiesad2: This really made me cry, awesome work my friend, you really got the essence of the picture, great job :pinkiehappy:

Out of curoisty for how long did Pinkie Pie have the disease? :pinkiesad2:

You got featured...just bringing that to your attention. :pinkiesmile:

You deserve it. Good work. :twilightsmile:

Silver out!

I started to tear up just by looking at the image and what you wrote, true words friend..

It's stories like this that make me love the fandom so much. I have tears falling and I'm holding back the occasional sob.:pinkiesad2:
This is pure, beautiful art. Keep up the great work :pinkiehappy:

Many manly tears were shed.
This story is amazing. More amazing than any I'll ever write.
I tip my hat to you PerroHambre. I could really use a hug right now.

Ouch. This hurt me bad. Real, real bad.

Heart wrenching to say the least. Very deserving of featured page. :pinkiehappy:


I just saw that it went to featured ten minutes ago. My face -:pinkiegasp:

Simply amazing. :pinkiesad2: Well done.


Congrats on that by the way!

In celebration, /faved!

And again, fantastic story. :pinkiesmile:


Dude, I saw that awesome picture off of tumblr too! It's good to see that the author bothered to actually include the source too, something which happens less often than it should.

The story stirred up a few feelings, as intended. I'd just like to point out that there were a few grammar and punctuation errors. The most common one was the use of periods of ellipses (...) without a space at the end. They're just like any other punctuation mark. Anyway, those errors weren't nearly enough to be distracting, so it's no big deal.

As for the romance parts, it was questionable. You definitely could have made the fic just as good without it, but it didn't hurt the story to include it either. I do understand that it made Rainbow Dash feel a bit more "betrayed" as she mentioned, but I found those feelings to be quite abruptly presented. The same goes for her finding comfort in Applejack, as well as Fluttershy and Rarity. I'm guessing that it's all good, just that you didn't want Dash to drag her letter out.

I liked how you characterized Rainbow Dash, and gave her some more sentimentality to write for Pinkie Pie, than you'd usually see. She starts off a bit informal as usual, and writes a bit more clearly near the end, at least that's how I read it.

Anyway, the story was very well-written, and I feel you definitely deserve the feature. It was a great read, and I liked to see some writing to go along with the cover image.

I had 'Crow And The Butterfly' playing right when I found this story...
This really hits home for me...

my little dashie didnt make me cry.... :ajbemused:

this did :fluttercry:

beautiful letter :pinkiesad2:

Awesome first sad fic.

This story touched my heart! It didn't quite move me to tears, but they were definitely mounting. Have a fav and thumb up! This story has stirred my inspiration! Thank you for that! :pinkiehappy: And of course...Never Stop Smiling!!


So many manly tears goddamnit! You are a good writer:fluttershbad:

I love this story I really do and thank you righting it, I will always remember to never stop smiling know matter how sad I am so thank you for this amazing story.:fluttercry:


I thank you all for reading the story. It's nice to see that some of my stuff gets read, but really thank the artist. Without his beautiful work, I would have never made this. Again thank you, and keep smiling.:pinkiehappy:


your welcome thanks again:pinkiehappy:

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