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Twily is best pony.


Hiatus... ENGAGE! · 6:08pm Aug 14th, 2012

Sorry, but I have to get some reading done before the school year starts. Then I'll get back to work.

Pinkie promise.


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Hey again! Thanks for the Fave of The Talk!:twilightsmile:

55577 I'm glad you liked it!

55559 No problem!

The story was very touching, and being told from the perspective of Dinky adds on to the emotion.

Thank you for making a great story! :twilightsmile:

Thank you kindly for watching From the Mouths of Fillies!

52195 I almost feel like I'm doing too much!

I hope your notification page isn't a mess due to all the attention I have been sending your way. :twilightblush:

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