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Cancel Sanity

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A drunk, sadistic masochist just like any other author out there.

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Updated: August 29 2015

The Equestrian
HiE, Adventure. One year after passage between Earth and Equestria opened up, the Peace Corps sends in David Roark. His mission? Explore Equestria, establish positive relations between the two worlds, document his travels, and make fart jokes. He took the liberty to add that last one.

The Stratagem of Friendship
OC, Slice of Life. Equestria loves its honey, or at least it used to. A decline in profit and a treacherous scam from two brothers forces Honey Sweet to lose his beekeeping business. Now on a path of vengeance, Mr. Sweet recruits a rag-tag team of shady individuals. Together, they'll lie, befriend, and betry by any means necessary to get the farm back.

Planned stories in the future

Updated: August 29 2015

Carquestria 2: Overdrift Destiny
Comedy, Random, HiE. A direct sequel that should never exist. More details later.

Future Reworks

Updated: August 29 2015

Sentinel of Peace
HiE, Slice of Life. The bearers of harmony, and a few colorful background characters, work together to raise a small, human child in Equestria. However, when they discover that more of its kind are on the way, can the child grow into the ambassador Equestria needs?

Pinkie Pie Kills the Brony Universe (Graphic Novel)
Tragedy, Dark. Pinkie Pie always felt a special connection with those beyond the fourth wall. However, she begins to feel ethereal beings tweak her free will. She attempts to fix the matter in a civil manner, but after a tragic incident, she soon seeks revenge against the very forces that "control" her.

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Hi Cancel. I'm just wondering why there are no chapters on the sentinel of peace story?

And thanks for the re-fave!

Hey there. This is Kildeez. I noticed you faved my story, "Swarm's War: The Equestrian Front." You should know I have chosen to resubmit this story with a new beginning under the title "The Equestrian Front."

Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/103437/the-equestrian-front

Go ahead and read the beginning once the story is submitted. Thank you for faving!

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