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Twilight Sparkle and Sombra are married. They rule a kingdom together and raise their two kids. They are the royal family.

But how did this family come to be? Better question, how the hell did Twilight end up with a stallion like him?

Read and find out more about this family and their everyday triumphs and trials and find out how these two unlikely lovers came to be and the things that were done to make it so.

*Really it was just an excuse for me to do a crack ship.*

Also inspired by the Ask Twibra blog by Bluntwhiskey. Yes, it's nsfw blog so you been warned.

It's great though. It tickles my pickles.

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Everyone has their dark secrets or obsessions that they keep from the world, afraid that if anyone were to find out that they would be condemned and damned by society.

But what if your dark secret was one that involved taking lives?

Say hello to Twilight Sparkle, Equestria's favorite serial killer. Living by the code that her mentor devised for her, she takes the lives of those that destroy others and takes care of any who falls through the cracks of the justice system.

Life is good and it couldn't be better, at least until she is sent to Ponyville in an attempt for a normal life. She will make friends, enemies, and possibly find one that she may care for while satiating her dark urges.

But can she maintain a normal life without revealing her true nature? Or will she be caught and destroy the ones she will come to care about?

Can she have it all?

An adaptation of the Showtime Series 'Dexter'. Rated T for moderate language, violence and description, and some sexual themes

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Basically a story poking fun at the ridiculous discussion of the superior console. Do you get the story? ‘Cause I don’t.

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How many tears can you spill for a lost brother?

A one shot fic for myself.

Dedicated to Edward, my brother, and my best friend. R.I.P. little man.

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Princess Luna and Derpy Hooves are best of friends and share a love of gaming. They play, they own, and they dominate in the online gaming world. They're just freakin' awesome alright? Gaming is what brought these two together as friends but as time goes on (and Princess Celestia's antics) will this love of gaming bring them something more than they expected? Will they become More than Gamers?

Wrote this while I was blasted and drunk so if you hate it... I don't blame you at all. It's going to be a chapter fic so yeah, deal with it.

Based off the Ask Princess Molestia tumblr but a bit more tame... I think?

Rated T for alcohol, minor language, and a whole lot of sexual themes and what not. C'mon, if it's based off a Princess Molestia tumblr and you really don't expect sexual shit, then you need to be sent to the moon.

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It's been a week since Nightmare Night, and Twilight can't seem to free her mind of Luna ever since their unique farewell. Her starry flowing mane, her pristine teal eyes, her gleaming dark sapphire coat. It's only going to get worse for our studious mare when one night Luna shows up and has a request.

A date. Comedy, Romance, and even some drama heading your way.

Proof-readers :MasterJedi and DJ GarV the Expert

Criticism is always welcomed.

Teen rating for alcohol and adult themes.

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We have all lost something or someone special in our lives. Some move on faster than others, and some never move on, as their life comes to a stand still. Could you smile at such loss, and continue smiling through your life, knowing that the special someone was gone forever?

First attempt at sad fic.

Inspired by cover pic.

Also inspired by the song 'The Crow and The Butterfly' by Shinedown.

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