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The Night's Veil - P3RROHAMBRE

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Chapter 1

The Night's Veil

Her Request

Twilight immediately opened her eyes, gasping for air. She lifted herself up, looking around desperately for Princess Luna, but she was nowhere to be seen. She looked over to the window and was met with another one of Celestia’s beautiful sunrise that she saw every morning. The dark night that she had just seen moments ago vanished. She threw herself back onto her bed, throwing her foreleg over her head in frustration as the realization sank in.

It was a dream?! I'm having dreams now?!

She really couldn't believe it. Twilight figured she must have fallen asleep, still under the impression that she was awake, and dreamt Luna had shown up in her room. It was already bad enough for this poor mare that she couldn't even gain a bit of relaxation without thinking about Luna; but now even her once peaceful sleep was being consumed by her?

Twilight groaned, uttering curses that most would be shocked to hear from her mouth. She was so confused. How would Luna show up in her room in the middle of the night, all the way from Canterlot? Why would she dream such a thing? She had more important things to do than see and think about a dull unicorn like her. Twilight flailed her arms in complete and utter disarray; she looked like a small foal throwing a tantrum.

"Ugh! Why is this happening to me?! I have feelings for her, fine, I admit it! But why in the name of Celestia can't I just have one day without thinking about her?! Just one?!"

Twilight immediately threw her hoof into her mouth, slowly turning her head. She had completely forgot that there was another resident that slumbered in the same room with her, and she basically just spewed out her secret for any pony to hear. She turned her head more, expecting a baby dragon with his mouth agape, or holding back uncontrollable laughter, but she was met with neither. She was actually met with nothing. Spike's bed lay bare; blankets folded and pillow nice and fluffed as if it never had been slept in.

If Spike’s not sleeping in his bed, then where . . . ?

Her motherly instinct kicked in, making her forget for a moment about her inner troubles. She was now wondering where her Spike was. She could tell from the sun's position that it was still very early morning, and it was not of Spike's nature to be up this early; especially for one who valued his sleep like Filthy Rich values his bits.

Twilight got out of bed and made her way to a mirror that was placed adjacent from her bed, inspecting her mane. It was frizzy and random strands of her purple mane stuck out. She would fix it later; currently she was more concerned by the whereabouts of her baby dragon.

She made her way to the door of her bedroom. Thoughts of the apparent dream tried to pry their way through her mind, but she ignored them. Her hoof pushed the door open and a very pleasant aroma filled her nostrils. It smelled of hot oats with what seemed like a hint of berries.

Is Spike actually cooking breakfast? And it actually smells good? I guess I’m still dreaming.

She descended down the stairs; the wonderful, mouth watering scent teasing her nostrils and mind. It was welcomed, giving her some relief from her prior intruding thoughts about a certain alicorn that she would not name for the sake of her sanity. It was also pretty surprising that: one, her assistant was up so early, and two, he was cooking a breakfast that actually smelled quite appetizing.

Wow, I wonder what got Spike going today? Must be a meeting with Rarity or something.

That was usually the only time he actually started doing things like cooking breakfast, but this was pleasantly different. Usually when the dragon would cook his confections or whatever they were, it always ended with the home filled with smoke and smelling like burnt wood. This actually smelled like . . . recognizable food for once.

She trotted to the kitchen, closing her eyes and taking a good big whiff of the food that filled the kitchen. Such a wonderfully delectable smell it was. Twilight would really have to thank Spike for this... if it was actually him who made it. Twilight opened her eyes, expecting to see some amazing dragon at the small stove cooking away, but this was not so. Spike was sitting at the round oak table that stood in the middle of the kitchen, shoveling spoonfuls of oats into his mouth.

"Oh hey Twilight!" the dragon exclaimed, taking notice of her, "You gotta try this stuff! I don't eat oats much, but this is is amazing!" He failed to notice her mouth hanging open in complete bafflement.

"Spike!” Twilight exclaimed. “Did you make that?"

"Heck no!” he said, taking in another spoonful of the brown goo, with spotted in red and blue from the berries she smelled earlier. “I couldn't cook to save my own tail, you know that."

Twilight raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Then who?"

"Oh, hello Twilight,” said a voice behind her. “I was wondering when you would wake."

At the sound of her voice, her body stiffened noticeably, freezing it in place. She knew that wonderful - and now terrifying - voice from anywhere. Reluctantly, Twilight slowly turned around, praying to Celestia it wasn't who she thought it was.

Holy horseshi-

A pair of teal eyes stared into Twilight’s with a gentle smile, as she was suddenly picked up by Luna and embraced tightly, flailing her from one side of her her shoulder to the next. Twilight could feel an intense heat rise within her face. Luna hugged her tightly, crying out in joyful banter. "Oh how I missed thee Twilight Sparkle!” she cried out joyfully, hugging her tightly. “You have no idea how much we-I mean I- have wanted to see you!"

Twilight was lost within her own world right now, now only feeling Luna's dark, soft fur against hers, making her heart race faster than a sonic rainboom. After a few more moments of Luna hugging her and telling her how much she missed her, she finally released the extremely blushing mare.

Luna quickly took notice of the dark shade of lavender and crimson on Twilight’s cheeks. "Are you alright, Twilight?"

"I... uh... wha... bluh?" Convoluted words was all she could sputter out. Her mind was now in shambles and pieces, failing to comprehend what was happening.

"Twilight? What new language is this you speak?" Luna asked, wondering what new type of lingo she had to learn now.

She had to get out of here. Anywhere but here in front of Luna. Her eyes darted around, thinking and looking for somewhere to go, somewhere to just think about what was all going on.

Back to the room! The shower! Yes! Go! Go!

"I..uh.. err...Igottatakeashowerpleaseexcuseme." Twilight said, slurring her words together quickly as she sped back upstairs with speed that would put Rainbow Dash to shame.

Luna watched as her sister's student ran back upstairs, hearing the door slam above. She turned to Spike, wondering if this was normal for her friend. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked, tilting her head in confusion.

Spike waved his claw nonchalantly at her. "Yeah, she'll be alright, it's just Twilight being Twilight."

Luna looked back in the direction that Twilight had so hastily taken off to mere seconds ago. She wasn't so sure if that was Twilight just being Twilight, but she didn't know how her sister's student acted on a daily basis. She decided just to take Spike's word for it.

"Hey, um Princess, if it's not too much trouble, you think I could get some more of those awesome oats you made?" Spike asked, holding out his bowl with a sheepish smile.

Luna turned around once more, returning Spike's smile with her own. "Of course, dear Spike. Would you like blueberries, raspberries, or both?”

"Both please!"

"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Twilight repeated to herself as beads of hot water from the shower head splashed against her equine body.

For the past twenty minutes, Twilight had sat on the floor of her shower, scolding and scorning herself. She couldn't believe what she had just done, running away from Luna like that. Her feelings and fear had took hold of her again; and she hated it. She didn't mean to just flee from her, and potentially make her feel awful, but she couldn't risk having Luna figuring out the truth with her extreme blushing she did earlier.

But why? Why am I running away from this?

The answer to that question was simple. The fear of rejection and unworthiness. Luna was a princess, a goddess of the night. What was she? A simple unicorn who had been lucky enough to become a student of Princess Celestia and an Element of Harmony. She was not beautiful, majestic, and regal like Luna. She was out of her league, and she rather save herself from the inevitable pain that would surely come of her confessing her feelings to Luna, or Luna figuring them out herself. Either way spelled out heartbreak in the end, and Twilight didn't know if that was something she was willing to experience.

The very thought of Luna rejecting her wrenched her heart, tying it in a knot. She could never have Luna, and if it meant containing and burying her emotions for the mare, then she would do it.

The hot water continued pelting against her now hung head. At least this could take her mind off such a depressing truth. Twilight did always enjoy a hot shower. It seemed to calm her in times of extreme stress and anxiety, but also gave her a clear mind to think, a time she was now taking advantage of.

I can't keep going on like this. I have to tell some pony or I'm going to go crazy!

But what pony knew the most about this kind of stuff? It had to be one of her friends no doubt, but who? She went through a mental list.

Let's see, Applejack?

Applejack was by far the most honest pony she knew, testament to her being the very element of it, but what did she know of feelings such as hers for Luna? She had never seen Applejack with a special some pony or even speak about one. It was always about her orchard and business. Applejack had no time to dabble in such things. Twilight crossed her off, simply seeing that Applejack wouldn't have a lick of an idea of how to go about this.

Rainbow Dash?

Now there had been rumours of her pegasus friend in Ponyville, ones that made her sound very...promiscuous. She didn't know if this was true or not, but knowing Rainbow, she probably would just laugh at her, telling her how sappy it was to like the alicorn. She crossed her off the mental checklist.


She was a good candidate, but she would probably be too nervous and flustered if she even mentioned the fact that she fancied Luna.

How about Pinkie? Wait, why would I even consider that option?

Pinkie barely made sense to her as is. Talking to her about Luna was not something that would work at all. She checked her pink friend off immediately, leaving only one left.


The answer was so obvious! Rarity seemed to have an affinity for romance and would always talk about her dream stallion, despite what happened at the Gala with Prince Blueblood. Maybe Rarity could listen to her and give her some advice on how to bury these emotions, or better yet, be rid of them. Twilight made a mental note in her mind to visit her white unicorn friend today.

Knock! Knock! "Hey Twilight, you okay in there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine!" she called out to the muffled voice of the dragon outside the restroom door, "I'll be out in a minute! Is the princess still here?"

"Yeah, she's downstairs reading. I was just making sure you’re not having one of your episodes again."

Twilight grimaced, not wanting a certain memory coming back and reminding her of her moments of insanity over such a small issue.

But was this any different?

Was Twilight making something so trivial as liking Luna into something much bigger than it was? She suspected so, and she knew it needed to be fixed, and it began with apologizing to Luna for so rudely leaving her. She was still her friend, and she wasn't going to let her pesky feelings get in the way of that. Twilight had defeated Nightmare Moon and even the god of chaos, Discord. She could surely overcome her infatuation to spend time with a friend that was the very cause of it.


With new found confidence and determination, Twilight lifted herself from the wet floor of her shower, turning the faucet off and ceasing the soothing hot water that had soaked her body earlier. She climbed out and levitated a towel towards her and dried her fur off. Next, she summoned a brush towards her, combing and straightening out her mane and tail. She was a bit embarrassed that Luna had seen earlier how unkempt she was, now that she was seeing for herself what a mess she had looked like. Twilight finished grooming herself, looking in the mirror one last time to make sure she looked presentable.

Okay Twilight, let's just go down there and see why our FRIEND is here. Just stay calm.

Twilight smiled at her visage.

She could do this.


Stepping off the final stair, Twilight Sparkle was back again in the living area, and as Spike said before, there was Princess Luna, laying on the floor reading a book she surely must've taken from her library. Twilight couldn't help but admire how beautiful Luna appeared with the early morning sun's rays that poured through her window and onto Luna's dark coat. It gave it a glossy look, and with her sparkling mane and tail, it seemed to just compliment her overall perfection.

Okay, focus. Just act- be- her friend.

"Hello Princess Luna," Twilight greeted, calm as ever.

The alicorn turned her head and smiled seeing her friend again. Her long horn lit up and closed the book in front of her. "Hello Twilight,” she greeted. “Did you have a pleasant shower?"

It was an awkward start to such a conversation, but Twilight understood that Luna was still fairly new at this, though her speech had greatly improved in just a week's time. There seemed to be virtually no more of Luna speaking in a third-person aspect.

"Heh, yeah it was fine." She figured she might as well just come out and apologize from the get go. "Sorry about running away so quickly to do so. I just never expected to you to be here is all. I'm not used to ponies seeing me so unruly."

Luna put her silver hoof to her mouth, chuckling a bit. "Of course Twilight. I was afraid that I've frightened you off, but Spike said this was-” she paused, cocking her head, “-normal behavior of yours?"

Twilight deadpanned inside. She could only imagine what Spike had told her, probably making her look like some dysfunctional, insane unicorn. "Well, not exactly princess,” she chuckled nervously. “Just having a rough morning, I suppose."

"As we all do, at times."

Twilight let out an embarrassed laugh and decided it was time to change the subject. "So Princess-"

She was stopped as a silver booted hoof was lifted. "Please Twilight, just call me Luna.” She gave a small weak smile. “We are friends, and as such, you have no need to address me with such formality."

Twilight's heart did a little leap. It wasn't much, but for Luna to give her permission to just use her name without her royal title was simply... nice. To her it was like an unspoken gift from her secret beloved alicorn.

"Okay, then. So what brings you here? I don't recall Princess Celestia telling me anything of you visiting - I mean, not that I mind, but was just wondering was all."

Luna stood up from her resting position and walked towards the shelves of books, putting the one she was reading back in its respective place.

"Of course my friend. It's true that I didn't give any forewarning when I came here last night, but I seemed to have forgotten that ponies don't usually stay up as late as I do."

Last night? She was here last night?! So that wasn't a dream!

Good thing that Luna was turned around looking for a new book, or she might have seen Twilight's jaw dropping to the floor.

"You... you were here last night?!"

"Yes, I was,” Luna continued nonchalantly, looking through more books. “Now that I think of it, I probably should have knocked first." Luna turned around to face the surprised unicorn. "Twilight, are you alright?"

Twilight quickly closed her gaping mouth, making herself appear a bit more weird once again within less than an hour. "Uh, yeah, I'm perfectly fine,” she said, trying to clear her head. “I just didn't know you came last night. Have you been here since?"

“Yes,” Luna answered, quickly nodding her head. "I wanted to speak to you last night, so I went up to your room and found you lying on your bed complimenting my night, which was not something I hear a lot. I thanked you and asked how art thou...ugh...forgive me Twilight. I been practicing modern lingo but I still get a bit mixed up in the old way."

Twilight was shocked on realizing that she actually saw what she thought was a dream earlier. Still, she was actually quite impressed with how quickly Luna had adapted to modern language, even through the small slip ups. "It's okay Prince- I mean Luna. You actually made a lot of my progress in my opinion."

Luna gave a cheerful smile, appreciating the comment. "Thank you Twilight. It means a lot to hear that from our dearest friend."

... dearest friend.

The phrase triggered the accursed scene of Luna kissing her once more in her mind, teasing Twilight with its wonderful past reality. Quickly, she pushed it out of her mind, determined not to look any more eerie that she had already displayed this morning.

"Heh,” she chuckled nervously. “It's, uh, no problem Luna."

"Once I asked how you were, you seemed to have fallen under a sudden slumber,” Luna continued. “I tried waking you, but I figured that you were simply exhausted. So since then I have waited down here reading most of your wonderful texts. I even took the liberty of making breakfast for your young assistant and you, well, until you had saw the need for a shower."

"You mean to tell me that I fainted?"

"I think so Twilight. You must have been very tired," Luna said with a strange smile that Twilight couldn't explain what for. Of course, she knew it wasn’t because she was tired but from sheer shock. She decided against telling Luna the real reason why she apparently fainted, letting Luna believe that she was simply tired.

At least that explained why she had thought it was a dream, but now another question had to be asked by the knowledgeable student. "I guess so, but then why were you here in the first place, Luna? Did something happen in Canterlot?"

Twilight could only think that be the only reason why such a regal such as herself would bother coming all the way from Canterlot. Was there an accident or some type of underlying evil that required the elements once more?

Luna beamed, seemingly like she had been waiting for the question to arise. "No, my sister has everything under control and Equestria is safe. I have come here on my own accord, having a request to ask of you - if, of course, it's not too much trouble."

"Of course Luna,” Twilight quickly answered, always willing to help a friend, especially for Luna. “You can ask me anything you want."


Luna paused as if she was searching for something within her mind, while Twilight's curiosity filled with anticipation of whatever the alicorn wanted to ask her.

"Yes Luna?" She stretched her neck a bit, the suspense now overtaking her.

Princess Luna looked straight into Twilight’s eyes and finally made her request.

"I ask of thee to go on a date with me."