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why no link to the previous story?

8096330 thank you for responding to my question

Everything about this seems meta. You are trying to show what is really like trying to force the "methods" of the Equestrians on the villains and on a hapless person?

I mean Cadance is petty.

And Twilight just reverted back to her former self.

Let's not even get to the fact that it's surprisingly meta.

I can't really laugh when you take into account that all of this is because of how blatantly irresponsible and childish the ponies are. It's like reading the words of the Greek Gods if they had access to fucking Twitter.

8096693 I really don't want to give too much away. I pretty much spent a lot of time while writing the prologue and the first chapter how to make the characters and their actions more believable. As the story progresses, I hope to convince the reader what they read in the first story was exaggerated.

If what I write works, I'll be happy. As long as the general reader feels as though their time reading this is well spent, that's all I need. If it fails, well, I'll take it for what it is, learn from the experience, and move on. I don't mind risking failure if the rewards are greater.

So is anything positive going to happen to Scott at some point or is he going to continue being constantly screwed over?

8096784 It's not all bad. He'll have some fun along the way. He just has to deal with the fact his wife is a bitch.

You forget to add megalomaniacal before bitch. :rainbowlaugh:


@Zues Don't stick your dick in that!


8096821 Amen. Amen. It's not that I don't find the concept amusing. But the first one to me felt like a Flanderized Crak Fic and I found it hilarious because of that.

But once this story started taking the concept seriously in a way. Well... I couldn't really laugh.

If I was in this guys position I would go to the ends of the Earth to try and get my revenge on Cadance, hell I would tell Crysalis all about how I feel of my situation and try to convince her that revenge is the best option. Hell I would gladly help her take over the world if it means that I can eventually have Cadance's head on a fucking PIKE.

You can argue that the whole point of this is that you cant change a bitch. OK, but what about someone with a temper to match? Making me the unwitting Guinea Pig on some Orwellian experiment to try and make emotions grow in a sociopath? YEAH....

Sorry, but forget the whole trying to make the whole marriage work, I would spend every waking moment trying to make Cadance's life a living hell, and if she is going to kill me the moment I try, fine, let her do it.

In fact, If the idea is that she is going to bestow upon me a greater and greater fate every single time I defy her, I will still do it. I will not give her the satisfaction of being right!

8096858 I think you'll enjoy the journey. There is a lot of influence from Greek mythology in concerning the alicorns. I do want more silliness and there will be more silliness. It's readers like you that I take the time to read their comments and take into consideration what is going into the story. This is because I know you care about what is going on and you have invested some interest in it.

The most important thing to me is entertaining my readers. The second thing (and it is a very close second) is that I enjoy guiding the reader along on the journey.

The next chapter will have to do with Baba Yaga.

8096875 OK I gave you a favorite because you said Baba Yaga, and as a man that reads his legends from around the world, you just gave me a nerd tease that has already gotten me at half mast. :rainbowderp:

>. She's also an egotistical pain in the ass with a heart as cold as the heart of a glacier.
you are already downvoted.

8096905 I've seen worse reasons to downvote a story. Thank you for your thoughts and I hope you find something that tickles your fancy!

Scott has a magic ring protecting him from being murdered by Chryalis, but what's stopping her from killing Starlight Glimmer?

8097321 Right now, Starlight Glimmer has better control and access to her magic than Chrysalis does to hers. The story will go into detail in later chapters. In short, Starlight is more than capable of defending herself.

Even if Chryssie is a bitch, she's one bitch we love.

All this does is make me want even more for Chryssie to make the entire thing go tits up and foil any and all of their plans, especially Cadance's.

And for Chryssie to sock Starlight in the face. Better magic civil be dammed, she's stronger and faster.


“I really wish you’d reconsider this taking over the world thing you have going on. It didn’t work for Hitler. It didn’t work for Cobra. It didn’t work for a whole bunch of other people who had the same idea.”

This Killed me... that's Twice now Cobra has Killed me...


**Sad Hulk music plays as the hairy beast rolls himself down the road in his shitty cost-saving wheelchair**

Well, this would explain otherwise OOC behavior: These are not the ponies we're used to.

8098277 No, they're not. I do hope to entertain.

Wow, and here I though I couldn't be any more pissed off at those arseholes, then they show me that they can be even bigger cunts.

Sooooo wanna see Chryssie pound on Starlight until she stops moving. That government guy too. Maybe cram that pendant into her throat.

She'd look Sexy in a witch's hat, though.

“—but had to be put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. It was revived ten years ago and contact was re-established between Earth and Equus. Celestia avoided appearing as she did before; a goddess who tried to guide Humanity away from evil and showing the ways of Harmony. Humans, she discovered over time, were violent and resistant to changes. She had some followers, but ultimately, she did not want to interfere with human cultural development.”

Fuck you too Cadance. Fuck you too. And Celestia, your easily scared quadruped furies, aren't exactly any better than us, you just got lucky with them there.

Starlight Glimmer moved, her expression grim. With one hand, she pointed at the table. It froze in midair and stayed there, bathed in her aura. With the other, she clawed her fingers in the air. Scott was also engulfed in her aura. With the hand channeling the magic keeping him in place, she guided him to a couch while righting the table with her other hand. Releasing him, he plopped onto the couch, his arms and legs splaying as he yelped.

“Oh, please, Mr. Bronson,” she told him, crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m sorry this is a huge inconvenience to you, but there weren’t enough candidates who had a higher rating than you. The ones that did would not have been a good match at all for Chrysalis. Too domineering. This was a choice based on a matter of scientific analysis and a hunch from Princess Cadence. You will be compensated and outrageously so. You’ll have so much money you won’t know what to do with it. All of your debts; car loan, mortgage, insurance, medical bills have been taken care of. Your roommate will not have to move. Everything is taken care of.”

This feels like a personal slight against me. Because when Starlight speaks of "too domineering" she means someone that would be smart enough to talk Chrysalis into playing along long enough to be able to get away with a proper vengeance scheme and a chance at freedom.

And all of this is part of some elaborate technology assisted ritual to try and bring magic back to Earth, thank you. Because that is no different than the Nazi's from Hellboy trying Project Rag-Na-Rok while being led on by Rasputin to try and bring in enough power to win the war.

Thank you UN, thank you governments of the world, your thirst for the nefarious force that is magic and your 1984 tactics at doing so further plant that all of you deserve to be conquered and be roughly raped, and turned into the sexual play things of Chrysalis.

So in the end the whole plot revolves around Scott's inability to make "Lemonade from Lemons" metaphorically speaking.

Sigh. Well let's watch as this blows up horribly on everyone's face.

Hmmm... I wonder if Scott will be proactive enough to at least learn enough magic to get some sweet extra justified vengeance.

Never kill that which you can keep alive forever....

Wow, poor Scott must be so messed up by all of this.

You know what...I kinda hope this ends with all four princesses being dumped, magicless and naked, in the middle of Antarctica, and I'm willing to keep reading til the end just on the hope that they get some sort of comeuppance. Especially Cadance.

Yeah, it's gonna be one of those kinds of stories...

8100472 Well, Starlight is pretty arrogant for now.

If only you knew how big this was, you’d shut up and thank your lucky stars you are in the position you are now.

But right now, this moment, you are probably one of the most important figures in history. You are becoming part of history. Please remember that.

Nope, I'm already looking forward to seeing Chryssy screw the UN over. I'm pretty sure Neil Armstrong didn't have to be shanghaied to go to the moon. Oh wait, maybe in the world of this pony-run shadow government, he did.

She had some followers, but ultimately, she did not want to interfere with human cultural development.

This is why, misused as it may be, Star Trek has a Prime Directive. Also, WTF would you call THIS? I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING going on here counts as interfering in human cultural development.

This Fae would have to endure the inherent dangers and find a way to convince the creatures encountered to help restore the magic lost to human antiquity.

And maybe also convince them that ponies are dicks and should, at the least, be permanently exiled from Earth.

It has proven in the past that tapping into the magic of this world by beings from Equus causes mental and physical trauma.”

“Nightmare Moon?” Scott guessed.

...Well, if THAT'S not a grade A indicator of what a bad idea this is, I dunno what would be. Yet in typical government hardheadedness, they've decided that a thousand year hiccup wasn't enough and to go ahead and try again!

Mr. Smith spoke up, “Then you’ll be imprisoned on this world at a location of choosing by the United Nations. There, you will be subjected to experimentation as you are not human and are therefore not afforded the rights granted to humans. You are a magical creature and therefore do not exist. No one will care if an imaginary fairy was dissected in a secret location. All you have going for you right now is your natural physical strength, but other than that, you have no other means to protect yourself. Humanity can be ruthless and without remorse, Queen Chrysalis. I suggest you play ball with us. It will make your life so much easier. In the end, you’ll be able to live in the lap of luxury, pursue your carnal desires to your heart’s content. Within reason, of course. You will be constantly under close observation.” His smile was small and terrifying. “And the name of the project is Baba Yaga. The Russian President insisted on the name.”

This is the kind of thing that has me terrified we'll actually make first contact with an alien race, extraterrestrial or other-dimensional, because you know some government bigwig would be stupid enough to pull the 'not human so we can do whatever the hell we want to them' card and have an alien ambassador dissected. Then we'd be on the receiving end of a justified version of Independence Day, only without the deus ex machina computer virus to save our sorry butts.

*Sigh* Yep. I want to see them go through this. I want them to actually fall in love, and go around recruiting the ancient magical creatures of Earth for this project, and succeed in everything. ...And then I want it revealed that they're screwing both the UN and Equestria over royally, and there's nothing they can do about it. I almost feel sorry for Starlight, since apparently Scott will eventually consider her a friend, but if she doesn't like it, I hope they steal her amulet and drop her out of a plane without a chute...

“How the hell do you know about Yoda?” Scott demanded.

Truly the most import question brought up in this story.

Alright. It's almost 3 in the morning. Let's get some sleep... Oh look another story I can read. :pinkiecrazy:

I hope Queen Chrysalis helps our MC to harden his heart against the Equestrian Menace.

8101510 There are a lot of illusions to be shattered.

...you damned, dirty apes!

Heh, there's something you don't see every day.

A plutonic friend.”


There might be gagging, outrage, and disbelieving laughter.

...all at the same time!

Next chapter: Russian food, a waiting game, and Chrysalis discovers My Little Pony.

*bounces in seat*

8106079 Hey, even people misquote. Done on purpose. XD

This is going well.

Huh, people still use vials with insulin? I've only ever seen insulin pens.

Best bughorse is on an entirely different level. And Oooooh boy, the fact that she can still sense emotions and shout pheromones makes her quite dangerous when without magic.

'It had been planted by and reinforced Cadence' - It had been planted and reinforced by Cadence

She chuckled again, holding him down. “I’m playing with my food.” She was a lot stronger than him. He had once told her she had the strength of ten retarded chimpanzees, which was a borderline superhero.

Yeaah... not too fond of the use of the R word right there. Maybe it has something to do with the majority of the world considering it derogatory and vulgar towards groups of individuals. Just a thought.

8109958 He was quoting a joke by Daniel Tosh.

Agreed. At this point I kinda want Scott to say stuff it and fuck the bitchiness out of Chrysalis.

8110324 But...there are rules! There is character development to deal with! Outside interference! Dastardly evil doers who may or may not be more evil than Chrysalis! And what about condoms? She might be allergic to latex! The horror!

Admittedly, I find a weird humor in the idea of Chrysalis having to deal with all the 'fun' parts of having a kid.

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