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Just your average guy in a mid life crisis.

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My life in a nutshell sadly

Is it just me, or does Isaiah look like a child in that picture?

My “art” skills aren’t all that great, I am going to look into making/getting better cover art though.

Dude, best start ever!

Keep up this level of writing and keep a semi schedule, this will be great!!!

Thank you for the feedback, and I will see what I can do about a schedule. For now it's by weekly, if not a day or 2 later

Thanks for the info about the schedule, and keep it going!
It's fine to take a break for at least one week or less so don't rush!

Oh my lord! I can’t wait!!!!

Keep up the work!!!

I've made the new cover art that I said I was eventually going to do. Hope you guys like the change :heart:

Hmmm... let's see where this goes, shall we?

ooohhhh yeaaaa!~

Keep up the work!

Can't wait for lyra to find him

Im curious why Valkyrie is so scared of zale. Is she a new recruit?

Oh shoot!!!! This is bad!!!

Keep up the work on the chapters!!!

Do other My Little Pony Movie characters appear in this story?

I do have plans to include other characters from the movie, yes. Far into the future as the story builds up. Anytime soon, probably not

This.... feels way too relatable... *adds to favourites*

Intresting, your story is one of those long ones, at least for me. So I will be a little slow on completing them. However, so far I think I like it.

Though you see Discord is Chaotic and has the element of surprise by his side, look at the scene in aladin meets genie for the first time. He changes form and shape almost every second. And that's what we expect from discord! To be surperising, not just once not twice but much more. Like I really wished he jumped from being a phycologist to an interviwer or a host. Snapping and changing this black void with wierd stuff!

oh shit, something is coming from his phone!
Hope it will be a good guy trying to help!

Keep up the work!!!


Jokes aside, I wonder if its going to be a baddy or the mysterious stranger from before that's trying to contact him.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see :trixieshiftright:

Really liking the look of this story so far, character interactions etc. Looking forward to more.

great chapter!

Val is being suspicious though. The new Harmony might be a good device though!

Great history, good job...👍👏

Valkyrie...do they even exist in this world? Just asking since it would be unusual for a pony to have a name base on something that ponykind doesn't even know is a thing.

Called it...

Although to be fair her true identity was a shock, and is cause for alarm.

If our mastermind can do that to her of all people, making her that desperate, then Zale might be hitting out of his league.

I love how Crystalis is going to be nice!

Keep up the story!!

That's how you redeme Chrysalis evercreature. This story is fantastic, I am really ready for the next chapter. Hope it will be up soon! Also thank you for making such a fantastic story I can't wait to see what happens next. Have a great day/night!

Yay, great chapter!!

Let’s hope they stay together Through thick and thin!

So I don't usually go for HiE stories, but I'm gonna give this one a shot. it doesn't hurt that your opening few paragraphs aren't bad at all. Let's see what else you've got...

Of course I always drank it with plenty of cream and sugar, I only drank straight black a few times to stay awake on an overnight project on something, even then the bitterness didn't bother me much.

Heresy! Rank and blatant heresy! *makes angry coffee snob noises*

On the plus side, I would give it infinite battery life, access to most sites, and you would keep most apps.

Is it just me, or does this feel too powerful? Hmm... I guess it depends on how it gets used.

Okay, color me intrigued. I'm in.

Glad you took an interest towards my story! Hope you enjoy it with plenty more chapters on the way.

I forget, who got kidnapped?

I think Luna and Starlight.
Tell me if I am wrong!


I have just finished my review of the first eleven chapters for the My Little Reviews and Feedback group.

Find it here!

Here we go... time for the truth to unfold!!

Keep up the great chapters

I just finished reading these fourteen chapters, and honestly, it's one of the good HiE stories that I've read. The inclusion of Tempest (Fizzlepop) was a good addition to the story that is set after the movie (does this take place before Season Eight?)

I am excited to read the fifteenth chapter, and I hope you intend on finishing this story--there are a number of unfinished Human in Equestria stories that is sad to see incomplete, or on hiatus. My hopes will be this one does get finished.

Anyway, good chapter. Can't wait to read the rest, Zale. Keep up the good work! You're doing great!

Oh no! A message from starlight! I hope it’s a good one!
Great chapter btw!!

This reminds me of in another world with my smartphone

I've never read the manga/saw the show, but I'll put it on my list to watch in the future!

Good start but one nitpick how does he know he in another world with his amnesia

Yay another chapter with Magic!!!

Keep it up!

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Comment posted by BandzZovin deleted May 5th, 2021

Wait, who's Zale? Isn't your username Zinnia?

Zale is the name Isaiah prefers when being addressed. A nick name, but a few characters call him Isaiah, his real name. My username is Zinnia on this site, yes.

Isaiah is actually a biblical name and is mentioned and/or speaks in The Bible.

Did you know that?

Yes actually, that's why my mother named me as such. It's a nice name, and I'd say it suits me for who I am.

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