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Dr Atlas

"When I get old, I am going to be: Rice. Frisco style." - Ed 2004


She would rather stay in a cave,
she would rather blend into their society,
she would rather find a box and live in it,
she would rather be ANYWHERE but there,
but she knew he could help; that he could aid her in her plans of revenge.
If only he wasn't such an idiot...a stupid, lazy, adorable idiot.

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As adorable an idiot as Ed.

Against an even dirtier opponent.

I wish I could see 'Sombrero'.

I have a feeling these two aren't leaving the apartment for a while. Plus, seriously? He's living in the Crystal Empire?

That was both hilarious and d'awwww worthy. It's one of my favourite pairings. I do would like to see them team up.

“You’re alias is Sombrero?”


Also, that should be 'your'.

This was so cute. Would love to see more if you decide to continue or make a sequel.

Holy shart these two are thick-headed. The only thing they'd need to do in order to be redeemed and fit in to pony society, happy and fulfilled, is love each other and edge off the psychosis. They are literally at the doorstep of becoming good people and it confuses them so much they just turn to burning everything down instead of learning from their mistakes.

Oh my goodness this was amazing. Sombra and Chrysalis are almost redeemed by themselves, but someone just needs to curb their psychotic tendencies. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that they amplify one another.

Sombra kinda became good in the "Siege of the Crystal Empire" comics, but it's up to you whether that's canon or not.

Sombra almost had her! But she's too stubborn. Oh well.
Keep going! ;)

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