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Honor the Goddess of the Sun, Respect the Goddess of the Night, Love the Goddess of Hearts, and Bow to the Queen of Darkness. Oh, and give Twilight a noogie.



It is such a long, long way.

This world, it is an alien one, filled with colorful pastel...ponies. Very adorable and very annoying ponies. However, she seeks a way home, and she learns the ponies are ruled by a goddess who might have the means for Rachnera to return to her own world.

So... in order to find a way home, she must first save a village, solve a mystery of missing children, find a way to defeat an army of hostile bug... ponies...whatever, and earn a trip to some faraway city to petition the goddess for directions?

It is not exactly an ideal proposition.

Her only companions are a runaway chatterbox colt who is a bit too curious for his own good and an old, grumpy minotaur that thinks she would make a great trophy on his wall.

Challenge accepted.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 133 )

Oh, I am going to be watching this eagerly! Rachnera is my favorite of the musume girls and you have characterized her so well! The writing is excellent! This, along with the Cerea one are definitely going to be fun!

This was a great start to a story. If Estee inspired you to write this, it's a good thing. And you definitely wrote a good thing. I wonder why you needed the mature tag, but maybe that's intended for future chapters. I'm watching this.

Youre stuck writing thisnnow. Dont leave me blue balled

As I said before, you definitely know how to write my favorite spider. Speaking of, I agree with her, that colt does seem to have an itsy bitsy tail to tell.(yes I know what I did there, no I'm not apologizing:trollestia:)

Tracking and waiting eagerly for more.

So when you say into the wall, did the colt koolaid man it or ghost it?

He's not a ghost. He just knows all the nooks and crannies of the old house.

Ah, so there was a hole in the wall then.

Now this is interesting. Always good to see someone who knows how to sit a while and think, rather than just go screaming off into the hills.

You must not have found a lot of those huh? Every citizen in movies, TV shows, or video games always runs for the hills as soon as a big bad shows up. Well, except the toads. They just run in circles, panicking and getting frozen solid.

Teen works. Though definitely, considering Rachnera's personality, it might get a little... strained...

...especially when she introduces Shibari to the ponies~.

a demoness that had vowed vengeance for the treatment of her little sister.

Well, that demoness is just the worst type of Kink Shamer, isn't she?

You sir, have my attention. Looking forward to the next installment!

I'm going to allow this. Looks fancy.

When I first read the blog, you had my interest. Now you have my erection. (Takahata ftw!) Please keep going. I NEED to read more of this!

Oh man, more stories from Monster Musume? Lovin it. Really liked the series and you portray Rachnera well. Super happy you didn't put all the puns in from the Seven Seas manga releases. All the changes they did just drove me off their releases.

Interesting premise. Rachnera might not be making the best decisions here, but she hardly comes off as stupid. I always liked her character.

Now ponies probably haven't seen an Arachnae before, but I'd eat my hat if there wasn't giant spiders in one cave or another, somewhere native.

So, without further adeu, enjoy!


Arms crossed under her breasts of her top human half,


them, the Arachne noted

arachne [As it is the name of the specie it should not be capitalized... I don't know what is the use in the manga]

The first part is quite heavy purple prose, that gets alleviated on the rest of the chapter.
It may be good to keep an eye on that for the future chapters

Adeu is wrong but typically it is spelled adieu, mostly due to English key boards not having a é key.

Nope... adieu is french for farewell.
ado is an English word meaning agitation, unrest.
It is used in the stock phrase much ado about nothing or, like here, without further ado.

The é is rather easy to type though, if you know how. (Alt+130 on the keypad. Knowing that comes from being a longtime fan of Pokémon.)



I guess I should fix that before you guys resort to grammar violence! :twilightoops:

The clash of colors had to be a crime against nature! Still, there was something adorable about the little… pony… thing. The language it spoke was odd and not at all Japanese, or any other language she could identify. The same could be said about the dogs, though their sounds were distinctly what would be expected from canines… if they had a spoken language.

Wait, are werewolves not a thing in DLWMG?

I do look forward to updates!

As someone who finds Rachnera to be my favorite of the bunch (even though I love all the girls) this story is a breath of fresh air. Seeing as this story was inspired by another, I really want Monster girls in Equestria to be an actual thing. (And not just someone dressed as a monster girl and transported to Equestria. ugh.) So far so good.

Lastly, silly Rachnera. Probably should have kept his legs bound. At least for a bit to try and reassure him. Still love this teasing mix. Even has to tease little colts~

. This story was inspired by Estee's story Daily Equestria Life with Monster Girl.

I admit I ended up not being the biggest fan of the story.
1. For the style the story had even if I could maybe overlook it a bit.
2. Her Luna, isn't to my liking and since I wasn'T really motivated I just took a quick look to convince myself that Luna isn't really sorry for what she did.
edit: Since your a fan I better tell you don't try to convince me about the other story, I have seen it being done in a different way already, so I believe it can be done and also look good or make sense.

Even if your story should try something similar, maybe you do it better in my eyes and I see at least more characters talking in your first chapter already.

Okay I think I'm a fan of this one, I really like the first impression it made on me.

I admit I like the idea of her accidently adopting him because he really lived there or something like that even if she should not see him as her child yet.
That and no matter what you want her to do in the story, maybe she can be stuck in that world in the end? I like the possibility of a sequel often enough even if it's to early to ask for that.

edit: Oh and just because something like this rarely happens, should she meet with Celestia at some point, I would actually like her to be able to suprise her no matter if she wants to harm or to tease her.
I don't believe that she is that perfect and just for the sake of it to have it happen at least once, I would like to see Celestia actually get overhelmed or suprised by a situation/attack.

I wish fimfiction would make a Monster Musume tag. Heck, they have one for friggin Hey Arnold!

Eh, Celestia getting surprised/overwhelmed is honestly so common it's a cliche. I'd think she'd know and find Rachnera's tricks hilarious. Her sister is the opposite.

so uh
next update when

I haven't seen that myself yet very often, in that chase I only got bad examples.

I'd think she'd know and find Rachnera's tricks hilarious. Her sister is the opposite.

Especially that part is what often seems to be the chase, so I can only claim the opposite would be the chase, but I believe you that you had a different experience with her.


One of the few things that weren't, if memory serves.

When time, work, and obligations allow. It is the only story I am focusing on. The next chapter is being worked on. Soon-ish.

a'kay m8
i ask because it's an interesting story and i like it

I'm curious to see how things go

you have me. quick little guy. and i like rachnera and driders in general. ^^

I don't usually enjoy crossover fics, but by god is this thing ever a work of art. I eagerly await more.

To sum this up in the words of Pokémon.

A wild Rando-colt has appeared, Go Rachnera!

Rachnera used spider web

Super Effective!

Rando-colt cannot move!

Rachnera used charm

It was not very effective

the wild Rando-colt fled.

A good first chapter, and I hope for more.
But to grasp Rachnera in her fullest read the 18+ manga, because the PG-13 anime shows just a sliver of her personality.

I wanted to ask how do you usually write your stories? Do you have a set schedule or just write and upload it when you feel like it Scarheart?

Yes, MonMusume crossover!

Very well written! I think you've done a great job capturing Rachnera's character. I'm curious to see how things progress from here.

I just write and upload when the chapters are done. I have an idea of where I want the story to go and more or less stick to it.

You watched monster Musume anime haven't you

:rainbowkiss:so what do you think. Do you like the show

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