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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Blueblood was dragged from the hall in chains, as the girls and Princesses gather around the remains of their fallen friend. Some of the nobles were hiding the fact that they thought this was a good thing. After all why should an immortal Princess bother with a mortal creature. No one was dumb enough to voice that opinion however.

They had just finished the clearing of the hall, when Spectrum noticed something moving among the ashes. She drew the attention of the others just as a strange plant sprouted from the ground and spat something out before withering. The slime covered, but sweet smelling, thing rolled over and groaned "Dear, remind me to kick who ever was pulling that cart."

She may have looked like a drowned rat but her voice was unmistakable. "TWILIGHT!"

The following hug tackle resulted in a pony pile where several ponies got poked in the eye or less appropriate places and all the girls got covered in the gunk that Twilight was coated in. Not that they cared right now. Even Rarity was too relieved about her friend being alive and well to be concerned about the gunk until much later, which is really saying something.

"Dad, your okay, how?" Spectrum asked.

Midnight may have been sleepy, but she was not going to leave this till later "I'm the hamadryad for the Everfree"-when she saw the others uncomprehending looks she elaborated "I'm tied to all the trees and plants that exist in the forest and all plants grown from them. Basically, as long as one tree from the forest still lives, I can't die."

The girls looked at her in confusion before her vision was obscured by black wings. Nightmare wrapped her now public mare friend in her wings. "Dear, never scare me like that again. I, I though I'd lost you." Midnight just held on to her mare as best she could and they all enjoyed the feeling of relief that a tragic event had been averted.

Nightmare stepped out of the embrace after a moment "Now then, there is something I wanted to offer each of you this has no bearing on anything else we already agreed upon but, if you should choose, I can make you a member of the night tribes."

She paused when she felt a rush of air turning to see a shacking pot with a pink tail. she turned to address the plant "Miss Shy there is no need to fear. As I said this is your choice."

"Um Princesses, I'm over here." Nightmare turned to see Flutters waving next to Gilda.

She turned back to the pot with a look of confusion. "Miss Pie?"- The plant quivered for a moment and a head popped out, they were surprised to see it was still the flat-maned Pinkie. "So I take it your answer is no?"

She just nodded and came out of hiding "Sorry I kinda have a fear of vamponies. I know most of them won't intentionally hurt me and I'm working on it, but when you made that offer, I just over-reacted."

Nightmare slumped " No problem Pinkie, now do any of you wish to become members of the night tribes?"

After several minutes of talking and asking questions. Dash decided to accept the change after being told that the magic would not mess up her speed. The normal process for this spell was long and painful but with an alicorn casting the spell it was as easy as breathing. Dash felt great but had no idea if anything had changed. "How do I look. I feel awesome but, that's just me"

Rarity pulled a mirror out of somewhere and let Dash get a look at her new self.

(made by magister39)

Rainbow started to gush about how she was now 200% cooler.

Celestia noticed that Midnight was coming around (They had cleaned her off with magic and sat her in a chair) "Midnight, could you explain to us how you reformed here?" The girls stopped when they heard the question and turned to look at Midnight, they wanted to know too.

"Normally I would have been spat out in a random part of the forest, fortunately and unfortunately. This was the first time I've had to do that OUTSIDE the forest. As for HOW I did it, that's why I carry a flower from the forest with me all the time. The seeds from the flower allowed me to reform where my body died so I can be back where I'm needed, and help calm everyone down. On an unrelated note, You need to send some ponies to investigate Blueblood's home. I felt blood magic when I ate his spells. I think this was a long time coming."

Both Princesses looked like they had been kicked in the teeth. "Night, you stay here make sure the area is defended. I'm going to tear blue manor apart till I get to the bottom of this."

Celestia disappeared in a flash of light and for the next 3 hours the sounds of a falling building could be heard throughout Canterlot. While this was going on, Nightmare and Midnight explained the nature of each of the girls new jobs and apologized for not telling them ahead of time. When Celestia returned She was carrying a pony in her magic who looked like she had been through Tartarus "Bluebell? What happened to you?"

The broken mare just looked at Midnight for a moment before breaking down "I'm sorry. I hate acting like an ass to every-pony, but I knew what he was planning. He wanted to trap you and Fleur, and any other mare he could get to increase his power. When I found out, he swore me to secrecy so I started acting horrid, trying to drive any mare he'd be interested in away. I know there's a bigger plan going on, but I don't have any real information. Please forgive me."

Midnight was shell shocked, this mare had risked her own life (and paid quite the price if her appearance was anything to go by) to stop her brother's scheme. "I forgive you. I should be thanking you. Your brother bet everything on a duel, but I can sense you're not like him. As the last remaining member of the house of Blue, I return to you all titles held by your ancestors."

"Thank you, By the power vested in me as an archduchess I swear loyalty to the diarchy of Equestria. Long may our Princesses reign." Despite not have her horn any more the Princesses could feel the magic of the oath binding her.

As one they responded "We, the Princesses, accept your oath Bluebell.'

They all sat to absorb what they had learned. Something big was coming. They needed to be ready. Celestia stood up and cast a Spell to project her voice "Twilight Sparkle, For services to the crown and your actions this day, we dub you Lady of the Everfree forest by legal and magical right. The forest is yours to control and govern as you see fit. So we have spoken, so it shall be."

Midnight looked ready to hyperventilate. but pulled herself together "Thank you your majesty. I swear to stand by Equestria and all it's allies for as long as I live."

Something big was coming indeed, but they would be ready for it. They and all the races that stood with them as one, together. They would stand, or fall.

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Once again, great job on this chapter. The exchanges, emotional content, season wrap-up and future season set-up are all well done in all the right places. :-D

So... When's season 2?

7644988 Well, yeah. I know that NOW. I just didn't think of him at the time I wrote that because I'm used to thinking of him as a jerk, but NOT a villain. Of course, that was thinking of the CANON version, and I neglected that this IS an alternate universe.


7644891 Most likely some time late next month. I need to do a lot more of it from scratch so updates may be spotty.

Ok, final verdict. ^_^ very good idea still feel you rush it too much, but otherwise it is a good story. If you ever feel like it you should totally do a prequel.

Long my our Princesses reign.


Dark tag added for themes introduced in chapter 22 and prevalent in 23

What kind of themes?

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