• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.3 Explanations and Revelations (edited)

Both Princesses were staring at her slack jawed. Celestia struggled to regain her composure before asking "What do you mean you put them where they belong, miss?"

Twilight smiled before she answered, "I think it would be better to show you. Come on everypony!" With some confusion, the group followed Twilight. After a short walk, she had led them to what most would say was the most beautiful tree they had ever seen. Upon closer inspection, several facts became obvious. The tree had six glowing jewels attached to it and a large number of strong black roots surrounding it. "This, is the Tree of Harmony," Twilight said, with no small amount of reverence, "The core of the forest and the strongest source of magic in the world. I am ready to answer any questions, but please, one at a time." Twilight sat before the others calm and at peace.

Rainbow was the first the speak up. "Thanks for all the warnings. You helped stop three catastrophe level storms before they could get going. But I have to ask, why did I keep seeing you following me during your first year here?" The others shared Rainbow’s question, they had all noticed her tailing them during that first confusing year.

"The answer for that is quite simple," Twilight looked quite happy "You five represent five of the Elements of Harmony while I represent number six. I was following you, collecting small amounts of magic from each of you to revive the Elements before returning them to the tree."

This prompted Applejack's question, "What the hay do you mean 'collecting magic'? Did you do something to us?!" Her eyebrow was raised and her body tense waiting for an answer.

Twilight blushed lightly and stared at her hooves. "Well I, that is to say, I." Before Twilight could embarrass herself further, Sunburst spoke up .

"Twilight and her family have the ability to absorb magic. Twilight was the first earth pony born in her family, so her ability works different than that of her unicorn relatives." After that explanation the others, including the Princesses, looked to Twilight for confirmation.

"Yes, I passively absorb small amounts of magic from the area, and ponies, around me." Upon seeing the concerned faces around her, she quickly continued, "I only take ambient magic or magic released naturally. I would never pull magic from another pony, unless they were trying to hurt me." The others visibly relaxed. "So, to answer your question Applejack, I was following all of you around to absorb the excess magic you released, and then pushed that into the elements to revive them." AJ backed down with a satisfied nod.
Luna spoke up next, "Why did you return the elements to the tree if you knew who the bearers were?" Twilight could tell Luna was not angry, just honestly curious.
"Because when you took the Elements to beat Discord, you weakened the tree. It had almost gone dormant when I found it." Both Princesses' eyes widened after hearing that. "The tree helped me understand my role in Equestria; even activating my cutie mark." Everyone glanced at her flank to see a bright blue crystal star with a ring of countless smaller stars surrounding it." the tree wants to help protect Equestria, and will give power to those who represent the Elements to aid in that regard but-"

" I can speak for myself, Midnight. " everyone jolted as they heard a voice, soft but powerful, in their minds. "Do not be alarmed. I am the Tree of Harmony, though young Spectrum has taken to calling me Herman, but enough of that. I grant to you, who represent my elements, the power to spread Harmony throughout the land. " the tree glowed brightly and the five citizens of Ponyville were suddenly shrouded in magic. After several moments had passed the magic dispersed. Each of the girls had grown slightly, though the most obvious change was Fluttershy.

Her body was black with a yellow barrel, her mane and tail were translucent pink, and her eyes, once they opened, where a bright yellow. "Oh my," she was in obvious distress as she tried to shrink into the ground.
Rainbow was by her side and hugging her protectively in an instant. "Hey, it's okay Shy. Nopony is going to hurt you," Rainbow said in a caring tone.

The others were all staring at them in confusion. "What did that tree do to Fluttershy?!!" Pinkie yelled loud enough to wake a dragon, the others all shared similar thoughts.

"Th-this is how I always look," Fluttershy said. The others stopped to hear what she said properly "I-I am what is known as a changeling. We feed off ambient emotions, and can change our form to blend in. I use that ability to look normal so I don't scare anyone. I only feed off my animal friends, that's why I live so far out of town, so no one could find out my secret. I-I just wanted to fit in!" at this point she was nearly in tears.

Rarity was the first to speak as she went to comfort her friend, "I wish you had trusted me enough to tell me about this dear, but I understand why you would keep this secret. Never fear, you are my friend. No matter how I may overreact, I will not abandon you." Rarity then turned to the side, "On that note." She promptly fainted onto her convenient couch.

Applejack approached next, "I don't appreciate you lying to me, but I can understand the reason, so you will have no problem from me."

Pinkie bounced forward, "You still love my parties, right?" at Fluttershy's nod Pinkie smiled and settle into a loving embrace, "I'm all good."

Celestia and Luna spoke quietly for a moment before they faced the girls. Fluttershy waited nervously for their reaction. Rainbow released her embrace, turning to defend her oldest friend should the need arise. Celestia finally said "Well, since you have been living here peacefully, and have shown no desire to harm others, we see no reason to change anything at this time," by that point both princesses were smiling. After hearing that Fluttershy stood up and, with a flash of pink fire, regained her normal appearance.

At that moment Spectrum spoke up, "Come on guys. We still need to show everypony that the Princesses made up, then we can have a real Summer Sun Celebration!" she was practically vibrating in place with joy.

With a small chuckle Midnight agreed, "Okay, everypony. Let’s go home."

As the group exited the forest, they could see a crowd of concerned townsfolk. Celestia amplified her voice to heard over the worry and avoid a panic. "Fear not, my little ponies, we will be continuing the celebration after a brief but important announcement." After everyone had been gathered back in the town hall she continued, "Citizens of Ponyville, it brings me great pleasure to introduce to you, returning from her thousand year seclusion, my sister, Princess Luna." Here she paused before smirking, "Who was apparently too eager to wait for her introduction, and made a dramatic entrance." Luna was very happy her fur made it hard to see her blush.
The announcement seemed to help calm everyone down, but some of the younger crowd were still worried. One orange filly bravely spoke up, "Are you really Nightmare Moon, or was that a joke?" she then went back to huddling with the other children when she noticed Nightmare watching her.

With a sigh, Luna took the stage, "I am Luna, Princess of the moon, but most will know me by another name. I am also Nightmare Moon, Princess of dreams and darkness." She smiled brightly, showcasing her fangs, causing the children to gasp, "and I promise not to try and eat anypony, okay?" this seemed to end the last of the townsfolk fear as they all chuckled at Nightmare's promise. "Now let us welcome the new day." With a brilliant light show, the first day of summer finally began.

After a delightful party, the Princess and the royal overseers began the trip back to Canterlot, with one exception. It took the endorsement of all five of the girls, both overseers, and Luna, but Twilight finally got her job as the local librarian. Spike volunteered to stay with her to get to know his old friend again, allow for easy communication with home, and put his skills as an archivist to use in a new library. Spectrum stayed as well, due to Luna having many duties to reclaim, and to avoid rocking the boat even more than Luna's return was going to anyway.

Twilight had informed the Princesses as to why a member of the respected house of Sparkle was living in one of the most dangerous places in the country. Needless to say, both were quite shocked. Celestia promised to check the records, because she had no memory of any orders involving banishment or imprisonment passing her desk. Normally, that would not be needed, but any order involving Tartarus required her seal of approval to be carried out. Luna intended to speak with the family of her daughter’s caretaker to see if she had truly been kicked out of the family or not. Luna only had one final question before leaving "Spectrum dear, why do you call Midnight your father, and how should I introduce you if the topic is brought up when talking with her parents?"

Spectrum giggled before elaborating, "Because she used part of her magic to make me go from a specter to a flesh and blood pony, so I'm made of half your magic and half her magic, that's why she's Papa and you’re Mama. So I'd be introduced as her daughter. Right?" no one could find an argument for that explanation, even after they had picked their jaws up off the floor.

As the new family of three settled down in the library for the night after a long day of paperwork, explanations, and goodbyes, they could not think of anyway the day could have had a better ending.

Author's Note:

Next chapter will include Spectrum's introduction to the newly formed CMC and Diamond tiara :rainbowlaugh: hilarity soon to follow and the investigation of what happened to Twilight.

Good night Everypony :moustache: