• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.9 Confrontations & Curses

Nightmare strolled down the street (under the illusion of a unicorn) with Spectrum by her side. Midnight (who would have been with them had it not been for an incident currently going on at the market) had managed to talk her out of killing the pretentious mare for the years of mental abuse she heaped on her own daughter. But she could still scare the crap out of her. Nightmare, before her Ascension, had always loved foals, and would protect them with a vengeance. This trait had only been amplified when she became a princess and had lost any chance of having her own (or so she thought at the time) due to the laws and customs of the time. She had been mortified the first time she heard the rumors of her eating foals! (This was actually one of the major factors in her change from Luna to Nightmare). She had taken many foals away from bad homes during the old days, and while she was happy to say that this was not as common now, it was still needed from time to time. She hoped to avoid that route as she could still respect that Filthy Rich was doing his best to be a good father. Thus, this visit was to serve as a warning, and if Mr. Rich agreed, would bring Diamond under the protection of the Lunar throne.

Knock, Knock

After reaching the home of the Rich family, and gaining permission to enter, they set the plan in motion. Nightmare went to meet with Mr. & Mrs. Rich about "Business" and Spectrum was lead to a room to "play" with Diamond Tiara Once the door closed, Diamond spoke up "What are you doing here, blank flank? Only important ponies get the honor to visit us."

Spectrum just rolled her eyes "My mom wanted to talk with your parents about getting you a seat in a class with one of the best professors from Canterlot all about politics, though if you keep that attitude up the offer won't last long" Spectrum smiled when she saw Diamond perk up. She had been ignoring an idea that popped into her head after seeing Diamond's dream. But seeing her happy just brought it back tenfold, for some reason "And I shall call her snuggles."

Diamond suddenly paled "Heh, no hard feelings about that blank flank comment. Right?"

Spectrum blinked as she brought her mind back to the task at hoof before she could answer however, Diamond asked another question "Do you happen to know any of the details about the agreement your mother is trying to make?"

Spectrum kept her cool "I don't know a lot. But I can tell you that your opinion will count quite a bit, so be honest when asked about the lessons."

Diamond continued " Okay. First, how important is your mom, Does your dad hold any high political ranking, and finally why are you here if your family has connections in Canterlot?!"

Spectrum answered each question in order " My mother is one of the highest ranking mares in Equestria, my father is a respected researcher from a noble house, and I live here to avoid most of the grandstanding the nobles do till I'm older." Spectrum had to contain her giggles at the fish-slapped look on the other girls face .

Before the gaping girl could gather her wits beyond closing her mouth, the door opened and the adults came in. Mr. Rich spoke first "Diamond, honey, this nice mare has an offer for you."
"Miss Tiara, would you be interested in learning the arts of politics and finances with one of the best teachers in Canterlot?"

Diamond did not need to think. This was her chance, but before she could open her mouth "I see no reason for my daughter to attend such classes. She will learn everything she needs to know right here."

Diamond was crushed this was her chance, and she was not going to let her mother take it from her "I would be honored to be part of these classes ma'am."

One look at Spoiled showed what she thought about this answer "No, Diamond. I forbid you to join this class. A proper lady has not need to know such things." Diamond was to conditioned to speak up a second time. "There, you have your answer now kindly leave us alone."

"Now dear-" One look from his wife was all it took to shut Filthy up. After a moment he just shuffled out of the room , claiming he had some documents to check.

Nightmare was livid "I shall inform the instructor than." Spoiled gave a brisk nod believing the matter settled.
Spectrum would not let this stand "Diamond gave her answer and it was a resounding yes. That was her choice. What reason do you have to keep her from it!?"

Spoiled was not going to let this blank flank freak bad mouth her in her own home. "You little abomination! No one asked for your opinion, or are you too dim to understand that blank flanks like you should be seen and not heard?" Spectrum burst into tears at the verbal assault (She may be 1000 years old, but she is still mentally a child ) With a bright flash of magic Nightmare regained her full form, and She Was Mad! Spoiled shrank under the gaze of her monarch, as Diamond hid behind Spectrum (who had regained control but was sniffling) "It's still Diamond's choice, you heartless crab apple!"

Nightmare felt pride swell in her chest but stayed focused on the task at hand "Well said my daughter. Now what should I do with you for making my child cry?" Spoiled was in denial; there was no way one of the Princesses had just seen her at her worst. This was bad. "Now allow me to educate you on the proper treatment of foals!"

After Nightmare encased herself and her victim in a cone of silence, Diamond came out from behind Spectrum, staring at her with wide confused eyes. "Y-your the daughter of Princess Nightmare!?" Diamond was scared out of her mind, she had insulted Royalty. Multiple times! She sunk to the ground in front of Spectrum "Your Highness, please forgive me! I swear I'll never bully you or your friends again!" Diamond waited for an answer, when none came she dared to looked up, and felt tears form in her eyes when Spectrum leaned towards her, fangs visible, her hooves reaching to crush Diamonds neck "Is this how I die?!"

Spectrum pecked Diamond on the nose before pulling her into a kind hug "I forgive you, but I am going to hold you to that promise." Diamond began crying in relief, she was safe. Once Diamond cried herself out Spectrum continued "Do you remember your dream from last night?"

Diamond thought for a moment before her eyes widened. she had been having a rather frequent bad dream recently but the previous night, before it could really get going she heard a voice yell "GO AWAY!" and it changed to one of her favorite dreams. She thought she imagined the voice at the time but now. "Did, did you stop my nightmare?" Diamond was not sure what answer she wanted.

"Yes I was practicing my duties as a dream guardian and found you, I knew that dream was bad the moment it started, and no matter how you act, no one deserves a bad night's sleep. Now the offer mom has for you is real, but there is one catch. Would you, Diamond Tiara, of the family of Rich accept the post of my lady in waiting?"

Spectrum was so glad for both her black coat and her fathers training no emotion showed as she waited for an answer.

Diamond's world view had been shattered " S-she saved me. Even though I bullied her, she's still willing to help me" She had only one answer to give "YES! Hem, I mean if it pleases you, my lady, than I graciously accept this duty."

Spectrum giggled, then, in a posh tone, stated "Welcome, Miss Tiara, to the Junior court of the moon."

Several hours later

Spectrum was so excited, she had no idea how she was going to sleep. She could not wait for Monday, then they should be able to clear up everything and the Crusaders could grow from 4 to 6 (AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH). She had spoken at length with Diamond about who she could tell and how they should act in public. They both agreed that Silver should be let in on the secret and that, outside of joking around with friends, her status would remain private till an official announcement. Nightmare had finished her lecturing of Spoiled just as Filthy returned to check up on them, after everything had been explained he was quite proud of his daughter for getting a place in the royal court ( even if it was only with the heir) He also hoped this would stop some of his wife's worst behavior.

Spectrum woke up to the sound of laughter. When she got down stairs she found her dad rolling around laughing, with Spike right beside her. After a quick glance around the room (and seeing the blue spots on Pinkie's tongue). She joined them in laughing as she realized what happened. Rainbow finally lost it "What's so funny? That witch cursed us!"

Spectrum regained her wits enough to respond "Did you girls run through a bunch of blue flowers?"

After each of them nodded, she resumed laughing.

Fortunately Midnight had recovered "Ha, Ha, sorry girls. I snick know what's wrong and it was not Zecora who cursed you." The resounding cry of what made her ears ring "Ow, yeah. The flowers you ran into have very strong wild magic. They cause random effects that seem like cruel jokes thus the name Poison Joke." Here she looks at each of the girls with narrowed eyes "Now I know how to make the cure. But due to the reason you got hit, I'm going to go get help from my friend Zecora, and when we get done I want each of you to apologize for the way you've been treating her" Before the girls could protest she continued "I know Zecora. I've worked with her on many projects and she's even watched Spectrum for me on occasion. The way this town reacts to new ponies honestly makes me sick! Its no wonder Shy won't reveal her true self. The town would probably panic, or start a mob."

One by one, the girls hung their heads in shame. They had treated Midnight much the same way and she still helped them. Once they all made it to Zecora's hut (which made Rarity gasp) and spent some time with her, they realized just how wrong they were. Even when she realized that Fluttershy was in disguise, she accepted it (after making sure the others were aware of the fact and that she had not been replaced). After they had been cured, the girls marched into town with Zecora and cleared up the mass panic that had been growing. The entire town got a lesson in proper behavior and not jumping to conclusions. Midnight felt it had been a very good day.