• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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Ch.7 Dragon vs Queen, or a Day in the Life of Fluttershy

Fluttershy clicked her teeth as she woke up to the sight of a wall of feathers, “Gilda always did love holding me.” She carefully extracted her self from Gilda's embrace and buzzed over Rainbow to get to the door.

Scootaloo woke up to the smell of fresh pancakes, as she ran downstairs and into the kitchen, she noticed that mama (Fluttershy) was not wearing her illusion. Scootaloo had been filled with joy when mama adopted her. The first time she saw her mother's true form, she had understandably freaked out, but she calmed down quickly when she realized that mama was just as scared as her. After they both calmed down, the situation was explained to her, and she had been assured that no she was not just a food source. Scootaloo was glad to keep her mama's secret, still.

“Mama your disguise dropped again.” With a start, Fluttershy regained her normal appearance Gilda and Rainbow came stumbling in as Shy finished setting the table “Morning mom (Gilda), Mommy. (Rainbow)”

“Morning, squirt.” Gilda said as she took her seat, and her coffee

“Good morning, Scoot” Rainbow was eating on autopilot with her eyes drooping.

Fluttershy took her place at the table “Rainbow, I know you want to do some stunt practice today but I checked the schedule. Please remember to organize today's rain shower before you practice, dear."

Rainbow just nodded, but Shy could tell she was listening. After breakfast, the family split. Scootaloo and Fluttershy headed to school while Rainbow and Gilda headed to their jobs as weather manager and a baker respectively.

Shy hummed a happy song as she went about her daily chores in the light rain. “Let's see: eggs, and honey for the market, assorted venoms for the hospital, and young critters for the pet store, done” Fluttershy finished dropping off her deliveries on the way to Sugarcube Corner, “I wonder how Gilda's doing?

“Welcome to Sugarcube Corner! Oh hey Shy, how's your day going?” Gilda was the main cashier for the bakery. The Cakes had been a bit wary of hiring her, but after she proved her baking skills, they were happy to let her join the team. Plus no pony was dumb enough to try and short change a gryphon.

“Good I J-just came by to see you dear. Um would you mind bringing some fresh buns home for after dinner?”

Gilda laughed “Yeah, yeah. I'll get them, it's Rainbows turn to pick up the squirt today, right?”

After Fluttershy nodded, she continued “Okay see you at dinner.”
With that, Fluttershy continued on her way back to serve lunch to the animals. “Ha, How that mare can handle bears, snakes and bees, but still be afraid of other ponies is beyond me. Better make sure to grab those buns.”

Gilda had been a little wary of working at the local bakery when she remembered that the "pink mare of doom" works (and, as it turns out, lives) there. But, after she applied and got her apology cake, she found that working with the mare was quite fun (though frequently headache inducing). Gilda had managed to integrate into town with ease once everypony got used her blunt manner, and she could say with absolute sincerity she had never been happier.

Several days later.

Fluttershy trailed behind the others as they headed up the mountain. Why, oh why, had she agreed to face a dragon? She did not want to be a BBQ'ed bug! Each of the girls tried their hoof at convincing the dragon to leave, with mixed results. Rainbow finally became fed up with being polite and charged in "Rainbow, I love you, but why must you give me heart attacks?" Shy was well aware that if she had not been born with 2 hearts, then Rainbow's stunts would have caused her to die from worry years ago. When the dragon came out of the cave filled with rage, Flutters hid behind a rock, till she saw her friends get blown away by its breath. In that moment, her instincts as a Queen surfaced.
The next instant the dragon was staring cross-eyed at the strange insect pony on his snot. Fluttershy proceeded to chew the dragon out in a rage fueled rant "Why you big, dumb meanie! Apologize right now or I swear to Celestia I will {censored} {censored} {censored in buffalo}!"
She continued on in this fashion for about five to six minutes. The end result of which saw the dragon taking the bulk of his hoard and leaving for a new cave in the north (though he left a small amount as an apology for the unintended crisis his snores had been causing). With the source of the smog gone, the weather team was able to quickly clear the sky. The girls celebrated having avoided yet another disaster and took note to never anger their shy friend under any circumstance. Unnoticed, two figures flew off to inform their masters of what they had seen.

In Canterlot

"Sir, we have found the lost Queen, she appears to be one of the Elements. What should we do"
After a moment the leader answered "Carry on for now, but pay special attention to her, look for any weaknesses to exploit, we can't afford any loose ends." After the spy left he continued "So you hid away in some slum,. No matter where you go, or where you hide, I will find you, my pet."

In an undisclosed location

" You're sure this is accurate?" A soft mixture of buzzing a clicks was her answer. "Good, good, you have done well." The figure returned to her throne as she pondered "You thought you could escape your fate, my child. Though the fact that she could stop a dragon is worrisome. No matter. Soon, there will be nothing that can stand in my way, even the mighty Celestia will bow to me." "Enjoy your freedom while you can, Shyrosa, because one way or another you will fall. I am the only true Queen!"

Author's Note:

Things are heating up, also RUN shy RUN :fluttercry: