• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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24. Party of One Plus One

If She was honest with herself, this was bound to happen eventually. It took a lot longer here, but it happened. Her crazy parties had finally driven her friends away. The shock was so bad, Pinkie had retreated into their shared mind leaving her to pick up the pieces, again. Not that she minded; it was nice to be the one in charge from time to time.

"Lets see, Stalliongrad and Trottingham are out; they still give us weird looks. We can't set one hoof in Fillydelphia without the guards/cops watching our every move."

This fact still pissed her off ,that no matter what evidence they found, no one believed she was innocent. So what if the shithead called her parties stupid? She was not the one who stabbed him 37 times in a back-alley.

"Not like we can leave anyway. Still got work to do, sigh. It's a good thing my talent still involves baking" She looked back to admire the light grey rock flanked by a muffin and cupcake on her flank. Why they had 2 different cutie marks was yet another source of annoyance for her. Far as she could tell, puff ball Pinkie held most of their odd abilities and the magic that they used while she, Pinkamina Diane Pie held more of their earth magic; making her stronger, and more tied to the laws of physics.

They had tried looking up the phenomenon, but found no information on it.

Cotton candy had wanted to ask Midnight about it. She shoot that down faster than Rainbow could crash.

They were not going back to the doctors, who tried to seal her away. They never believed that she was the original and she would not allow them to seal off her fun side, even if they had.

She knew she was broken. She figured that out the first time she crushed a rat on the farm and felt nothing over it. But her fun side could feel things 'correctly'. She could live a normal life, and woe to anything that tried to stop that or truly tried to hurt her. "May Celestia have mercy on them, for I have none to give."

Now, she could try going to speak with Pinkie's friends but the last time she tried that, it just made them have to leave town faster. So she would just keep baking and wait till she could go back and sleep like normal "Not like they'd want to hang out with me anyway. Who'd want to be friends with a near-sociopath?"


It had taken some fast thinking and even faster talking, but they had the party for Pinkie's birthday all set up. It had not been easy. In fact, they had all (including Spike and Gilda) had to rush here to literally get away from an interrogation from Pinkie. now they just had to wait for Rainbow to bring her and they could get this party started.

Rainbow had been waiting here for five minutes and been flat out ignored by the pink mare. Well enough was enough! She charged into the kitchen, only to stop short at the sight of the dull pink mare with a flat mane who was doing the baking. Her response upon seeing Rainbow was, different.

"What do you want?" Her tone was clipped and her voice cold, so cold in fact it made Rainbow want to curl into a ball. But she had a job to do and nothing was going to make her back down, after ten minutes of pointless yelling and arguing RD just flew under Pinkie, picked her up and rushed back to the barn.

After realizing that her friends had actually tried to throw HER a party for the first time in her memory, Pinkie had to avoid crying."See? No need to cry now they still love you. Heck, they love you more then most other groups of 'friends' you've had."

Giggling was not the response she expected. "Silly. This is YOUR birthday. *I* was born when we saw the Rainboom"

"Your point? This is your party so come out here and be with them, or something" She was near panic now, no one could learn their secret.

"Hum, nope. I wanted to introduce you to them for months now, so get used to it Mena. They're YOUR friends now too."

With that, Pinkie cut the connection and left her grumpy counterpart to meet her friends, hopping nothing went wrong.

With a heavy sigh, Pinkamena spoke to her counterpart's friends "Girls, there's something about me you should know."

She proceeded to tell them in detail about how they were split and how their childhood went because of it, leaving out nothing. If they were going to know the secret she was going to get it all over with. "If you don't want me around, I understand. Just, please, don't treat her any different. It would"-

Whatever she was going to say next was drowned out as she was buried under a group hug. "We aren't going to abandon you dear, and you don't need to hide when we're around."

"Darn straight. You're just a new friend for us. This may take some getting used to but I'll manage."

"I-it's nice to meet you. Um do you have a name or are you just Pinkie?"

This caught her off guard for a moment "I normally just use our full name so just call me Pinkamena or Diane. If that works better, I don't mind." this was better than she ever dared to dream. They not only accepted that she was a part of their friend but they wanted to be her friends as well. The rest of the party went off without a problem, and they all had an enjoyable time getting to know the new side of Pinkie.