• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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20. Da Magics come to Ponyville

Midnight was just finishing doing the library's inventory for the day when Gilda and Rainbow broke down the door (Again!). "Yes? what is it this time ladies?" She had given up trying to get them to stop breaking into her house.

Fortunately, Rainbow Dash and all related incidents were covered by all of Ponyville's home owner's insurance. Due to this and the fact that Rainbows job had her listed a civil servant, the Mayor would dock her pay for every incident reported. Midnight had agreed not to report incidents that could be fixed on their own as long as Rainbow agreed to help her fix them.

Gilda spoke up, while Dash tried to put the door back. "Rarity dragged Shy off to be her model." Now, this was nothing new (particularly after Rarity learned about Shy's ability to shift - meaning she could model any of Rarity's designs and still have them fit perfectly) "The problem is that some odd pony with a camera showed up and started gushing over her modeling skills."

Dash finished with the door and picked up the explanation "Rarity is in a bad mood because her designs were ignored. The shoot is over for now, but Shy is a nervous wreck."

Midnight felt a pit grow in her stomach. "What did this pony look like?" She hoped she was wrong.

Gilda tapped her beak in thought "Blue, long dress, purple shades white mane earth pony. Why?"

Midnight just sighed "Let me guess. She was going on and on about 'Da magics' right?"

Rainbow and Gilda both nodded.

Midnight just slumped and walked over to the wall. "I'll talk to her before it gets worse tomorrow. See you there."

After they left, she spent the next 20 minutes beating her head on the wall. Spectrum had to explain to Spike that this was normal for her to make sure she did not fly off the handle when dealing with a stubborn dummy.

Midnight managed to find Finish quite easily, (especially since she never was very quiet). "Twilight, dear. How are you?"

"I'm good, I wanted to talk to you about Fluttershy. I know how enthusiastic you get, but she is a very private pony. So I just wanted to give you a heads up. If you cause her a panic attack, we may have to save you from an angry griffin."

Photo just waved off her concerns "Come, dear. I'm not so bad. Tomorrow will be a wonderful shoot. The pictures will be going out to some of the best magazines in all of Equestria. It will be amazing!" She left without another word, too focused on her plans to notice Midnight's expression.

Midnight just started to head out "I better stock up on Iodine and get a blood pack or 2. She's going to need them".

Midnight just knew tomorrow was going to be a spectacle of epic proportions.

The next day Carousal Boutique

Rarity was helping clean up the mess from the photo shoot. She could not believe how bad it had gone. She lost her temper, Shy now had a phobia of cameras and Photo Finish got decked by Rainbow for causing Shy to have a minor heart attack ( only one stopped working). Gilda rushed Fluttershy to the hospital while Midnight applied Iodine to Finish's face and had her lay down before helping with the clean up. Once they all fixed the mess, they spoke with Finish.

Rarity was still not sure what Midnight had told Finish, but it prevented her from trying to press charges (for the punch).

This, combined with a reminder about what she had been told many times, made her calm down.

Finish was able to speak calmly after that and explained to Rarity that:

1. she would be sending both her and Shy checks for the photos based on how the magazines sold

2. that she would be putting Rarity's name on her list of top designers,

3. would be making sure it was known she now had the seal of approval from two of the biggest names in the fashion world.

Rarity was very happy with this outcome but Finish showed her true heart with her next sentence "Allow me to pay for any damages and for Ms Shy's medical bills. I may not have appreciated the hoof to the face, But I can understand. If some one caused Hoity - or, Luna forbid, Vinyl - to need the hospital I doubt I would have only hit them once."-

At their confused looks, she chuckled-"It's obvious that those 3 are together and I hurt one of them even though I was warned of what would happen. Now I hope you have a good day, ladies. I must be on my way, see ya."

Midnight and Rarity were able to find Shy, Dash and Gilda as they were leaving the hospital and explained everything to them. Shy was happy it had all been cleared up and was never going to model again if a camera was even in the room.

After everything was cleared up, they all went to see AJ as she had asked them to help with something that afternoon.

When they arrived, they found her carefully uprooting a tree with - a large bed near by? They had the feeling that this was the start of yet another adventure. When she explained that she wanted them to help her transplant a tree to the south western town of Appaloosa, they all agreed ready for another fun trip. After all, how hard could transplanting an apple tree be?