• Published 14th Aug 2016
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Sage of Harmony (Season 1) - Eon Seb

The Tree of Harmony has sat dormant for years it's power stolen by the well-meaning Princesses. So it has decided to choose some champions to help spread Harmony across the world, this is their story.

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26. The Gala & Confrontations

The time had come. After months of planning, they were ready. Celestia had awoken the previous day and the nobles finally understood what their elders had told them about her, the first time they saw her. Gone was the regal Princess and in her place stood a pony that could only be described as divine. Her mane and tail shone like chromatic fires her eyes full of light and life for the first time in a millennia. She seemed to shine with an inner light that could pierce the blackest shadows.

Seated beside her sister, who seemed to make even the greatest darkness seem bright, they had all the grace and form of deities. Some of the weaker nobility felt the urge to bow just from seeing them. This was the true form of the Alicorn, a being of raw magic and abstract concepts to try and kill one was the very definition of insanity.

Celestia was fully aware of the plan her sister (and her sister's date) had concocted and she could not wait for the fire works to start. The ground work had been set. Even the traditional meet and greet had been cancelled for this evening due to the large number of announcements that were going to be taking place. This was, at one point, the purpose of the gala; not a party for the rich and influential to strut around like peacocks but a social gathering to announce all new additions to the upper classes of society and congratulate ponies on what they had earned with hard work from the previous year. Due to several changes that had been slipped in during her infrequent naps, there had been no changes in to noble structure of any real value. That stopped now.

All relevant records had been brought out each noble family was up for revision and harmony help them if they had failed at their duties. Because she was not going to put up with it any more.

The girls were all ready. Their dresses had been made and adapted for the party, the younger members of their group were ready to go and they were on the train. Granted there had been some complications, such as Spike's suit (which had to be made on the fly by Rarity as she had never had a biped customer before). Convincing Gilda to wear a dress had been an uphill battle. Scootaloo and Shy had to use their combined cuteness to make her agree to a dress based on ceremonial griffin garb.

Applejack had brought a cart of food that was going to be served along side the regular fair with none the wiser of where it came from (until after the announcement of course).

Pinkie had taken a step back and decided to let Pinkamena run the show during the Gala "I like more subdued parties, and I'll be less likely to fly off the handle or try to 'spice up' the party". Thus, Rarity had to change the dress to fit that side of Pinkie, which was very much appreciated by their new friend.

Now here, they were ready for the show to begin, even had a spontaneous heart song about it. "Okay girls time to get this party started."

The Gala was progressing as usual, when the herald made an introduction that caught everyone's attention. "Announcing as a guest of Princess Nightmare, Lady Twilight Sparkle" The faces on most of the younger nobility were nothing short of trout slapped. How was this elegant mare in a dress which seemed to be woven from deep shadows and starlight, the same brat who thought they could get in to a magic school based on theory? What happened next caused several of them to black out. Twilight walked straight up to Nightmare and hugged her before nuzzling her "Hello, dear."

Nightmare smiled kindly and wrapped Twilight in her wings "It's good to see you, my dear."

While the Nobility was undergoing a major brain reboot, AJ Rarity and Pinkamena took the chance to join the party as they were not important enough (to the nobles) to warrant an introduction. The younger girls took advantage of the confusion to rush to the area that had been set up with their age group in mind.


In the section for the younger guests, the girls were mostly on their own. No one wanted to bring foals to this event anymore. The only other child there was an odd filly who looked like DT with Pinkie's mane and swirly eyes. "Screwball? They let you come to the Gala?" Diamond was quite surprised to see her estranged twin. They had visited on occasion, but, due to her being an in-effect life patient in the sanatorium, Silver was the only one she had told about the fact that she even had a sister.

The smile she got in response was just as upsetting as usual "I'm allowed to go out to 'special functions' with supervision. So, who are your friends? I haven't got to see you in awhile, sis. "

"You have a sister!?" Diamond winced at the outburst of her friends. but before she could even start explaining.

"It's okay. Mom doesn't like anyone talking about me. I'm used to it."

The girls started to back away from Spectrum as she began to growl "Diamond, explain."

DT sat down and began to explain as best she could "I honestly had no idea how to tell you all about her. Like she said, mom acts like she doesn't exist and, until recently, I was too afraid to even talk about her in private. I love my sister but I, I just had no idea what to do." By the end of her explanation, Diamond was near tears. This is what she hated most; having to admit she had no idea about something.

Before any tears could fall, she was pulled into a hug by Spectrum "I'm sorry. I wasn't mad at you. This is just one more thing your mother has to answer for." The girls spent the rest of the time waiting for the announcements getting to know Screwball.


The next introduction caused several ponies to faint "Introducing her grace, Queen Fluttershy of the Changeling tribe and her mates Madams Gilda and Dash."

The nobility were floundering. How was that strange bug creature considered a queen!?

While those 3 were dealing with a large group assault (of questions), Applejack had taken up a place watching the food tables to see which items were being picked most. Pinkie had been pulled into a conversation with a unicorn mare who looked oddly familiar. But Rarity was too focused on looking for her prince to pay much attention to the others.

He wasn't hard to find, he was off in the corner taking advantage of the confusion to make out with a pair of mares who looked like their combined brainpower would have trouble running a light bulb. Rarity was crushed, this was not how a proper stallion was supposed to act! She wondered over to the buffet, hoping to drown her aching heart in sweets.

AJ had just watched the destruction (consumption) of a pie, a full pie by a single pony. She thought the only one who could do that was a depressed Rarity. Speakin' of which, the mare had just arrived at the table and looked like someone just killed her cat.

Before she could so much as say one word to her friend, however, they heard a loud voice boom throughout the hall.


Nightmare stepped up to where everyone could see her

"Thank you sister. Now I have several announcements to make and boons to hand out. All questions, and complaints, will be addressed after I am finished." -Here she paused before bringing out a scroll-

"Applejack, Rarity Belle, Pinkamena Pie, step forward" The girls were confused. This had not been explained to them. When they were standing before the lunar diarch, she continued "I have a contract for each of you,"

"Miss Belle, you show some of the most honest practices and produce outfits of the highest quality. Would you join us as the official seamstress of our court?"

Rarity's brain just went from the depths of despair to the highest levels of euphoria. She barely managed to say yes and sign the contract before losing her balance with a smile on her face that looked like a botched attempt at plastic surgery. Nightmare showed no reaction despite laughing her withers off internally

"Miss Apple, I have a contract here for your family to be the produce supplier for all functions for the Lunar Court." She smirked at this point-" Based on the reactions to your provided cuisine, I don't see anyone complaining about that arrangement."

Several of the lesser nobility turned pale at the realization that they had eaten 'common food' while one of the Wonderbolts had to be restrained from throwing himself before the mare to beg for access to more pie.

AJ was too surprised to notice that display, thankfully. She signed the contract after reading it for a moment. What Nightmare said next caught her off the hop however. "In accordance with the laws of settlement, we bestow upon the Apple Clan the title of Baron. Why this was not done after they founded 2 successful towns is currently under investigation."

Some of the nobility wanted to protest the appointment on principle, but after hearing the reason, only the dumbest and most stubborn of their numbers still disagreed with the boon. AJ had been helping Rarity stand when the Princess made that proclamation. She was able to pull Rarity over to the side and support her while making it look like she was not actually using Rarity to stay upright herself.

"Miss Pie, the contract we have for you is a role as the official organizer of all events sponsored by the Lunar Court."

Pinkie took a moment to process what was being offered and for once was grateful for her blunted emotions. "I would be honored to work for you in this manner your majesty." She signed to contract and quickly joined Jackie and Rarity in the side line, so she could watch what was coming next.

"Queen Fluttershy, you have expressed a desire to join the ranks of our society fully. To do so ,you will need to join or start your own family by our laws. Due to the fact that you have 2 mates with you, and have filled out the proper paper work in all forms you are now the official head of the house of Clover - the first in over 800 years."

Blueblood looked about ready to suffer a stroke. The house of Clover was one of the rare marque houses. This led to issues as they had set a very specific requirement to take up the title, and this creature had some how met that?

He was so distracted, he didn't even notice when she thanked the Princess and disappeared out back to see the animals. The others turned their eyes back to Nightmare wondering when the next bomb would drop.

"Madams Dash and De Lis step forward please" After both mares had taken their place before the Princess she continued

"Both of you have shown both the great skill and the drive needed for the guard. Fleur De Lis of the house of Fancy, do you accept the post as Captain of the Night guard?'

Fleur was shocked. She had been on the reserve roster ever since Shining had been appointed captain. Now, here was the same role being dropped in her lap. What else could she say but? "Yes your Highness. Whom will I be working with?"

"I will tell you in private, captain. Now then, Rainbow Dash of the revived house of Clover, will you accept the post of captain of my new flying squad, the Shadowbolts?"

Rainbow's response was immediate and obvious "YES! Thank you thank you thank you! I won't let you down." Rainbow had soared into the air at her proclamation but had finally come down at the end of her answer.

Nightmare chuckled lightly 'I'm sure you won't. Spitfire will be in contact with you soon to set up your training."

Rainbow made an incomprehensible noise as she walked over to the others.

"Now then, Twilight dear, would you bring the last individual here please"

The nobles stared when she came up the side of the stage with a young pony on her back, When she had just left. They looked in confusion at the kind smile that grew on their Princess's face as she picked up the foal with her magic. "Ponies, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my daughter and heir Spectrum Shadow."

The hall was so quiet, you could have heard a mouse fart. The next moment, it was full of so much noise, a statue in the garden was mentally swearing "Keep it down, some of us are trying to sleep. So rude"

One voice was heard above all the others " First you somehow beguile the Princess and now we learn you some how procreated with her. You really are a blight. You magic stealing mudpony." Blueblood stamped forward from the crowd, but something was wrong. He seemed to have grown in height. His eyes were full of malice and his horn, once a pristine white, was now curved with a pale green hue. "I challenge the Lunar throne to a duel for the current holder is clearly compromised, Who among your court will face me?"

This was perfect. He could see it in the faces of all present with the loss of his illusion. His full power was brought to bare. While it did not match the beauty of the elder Princesses, his aura was at least as strong as that of Cadence. No unicorn was crazy enough to fight someone with that much magic, and no pony was dumb enough to enter a magic duel without a horn.

Nightmare was ready to pop this insolent snot's head and she could tell by her sister's expression she would not intervene if that is what happened. Before she could get involved, however, Twilight stepped forward. "You have insulted my honor, my heritage, my integrity, and my Princesses. I hope you have an active will." in the next instant Twilight disappeared in a flash of magic. Standing in place of the regal pony was a creature from legend. Her body was made of a strange black plant. Her mane was now a set of vines, Her hooves seemed to be made of turquoise and her eyes glowed a solid violet. "I am Midnight Sparkle, harmony appointed Caretaker of the Everfree Forest. Hope your ready to lose."

Blueblood could only stare at the Timber pony before him and just laughed. "You just revealed how much of a monster you are. You're not a pony. You're just a creature from the wild places. This will be over in seconds.' Saying no more he blasted her with a raw magic attack that could have taken out several walls and even a few support beams. Midnight, however, just calmly opened her mouth and let the magic be drawn in. She swallowed the attack like it was a hayburger.

The faces the nobles made must have hurt considering their jaws were closer to the ground than their heads. Blueblood, however, took the cake. His face would go down in history as one of the top 3 best shock faces ever seen by pony kind. "Blech, well if your goal was to get me to throw up, it worked. I've never tasted anything that foul."

She looked at the faces around her, "What? I can eat magic. Did you really think that was going to work?" The duel continued much in the same vein; every spell he cast was either deflected or absorbed by Midnight, depending on what type of spell it was. As a final act of desperation, he cast a spell which released a thin drill like beam, aimed at Spectrum. Midnight jumped in front of it, absorbing the power only to double over in pain as her core felt like it was splintering.

Celestia and Nightmare intervened, however, smacking Blueblood with their wings. This caused him to cascade into a wall and drop out cold. Celestia looked at the remaining guests. "The duel is over. Midnight won. Her opponent used a spell has been outlawed for 600 years and, thus, he is disqualified." They all heard a gasp and turned to see Midnight had wrapped herself in her hair vines. In the next moment, a blast of raw magic shot into the sky, practically forming a new star and the vines fell showing a pile of charred wood and ash.

Author's Note:

for those wondering Look up Enel shock face from One piece for an idea of how Blue blood looked.

also Cliff hanger, I Know I'm evil